The glorious and exciting Mayfair II

When visiting different areas around Mayfair it allowed me to adapt to the area and compare it/ contrast it to other areas I had visited such as Hoxton/Shoreditch, West and Bermondsey. Furthermore when visiting the White Cube it allowed me to see that it is placed in a very artistic and creative environment. This is because when travelling to the White Cube you pass so many different types of art galleries on both the right and left side of the roads situated around the area of Mason’s Yard.

IMG_20141024_122854143_HDR IMG_20141024_124907027 IMG_20141024_124917491 IMG_20141024_125123313 IMG_20141024_122857279 IMG_20141024_123129500

People to me as a developing artist are encouraged to become more engaged with the environment where the White Cube is. This is because they can suddenly be encouraged to respond and have a feel as to why and how certain artworks are created to respond to the area of Mayfair.  Many landmarks are found within the surroundings such as areas like Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street and many other shopping areas. This allows the public to become more involved with the area so they get to see how the various types of landmarks engage with each other to demonstrate to the public new and exciting life changing experiences.

IMG_20141024_123650032 IMG_20141024_124034163 IMG_20141024_124336779

In addition by seeing David Hammons work at the White Cube it inspired me to experiment more with different mixed media materials and become more explorative within the way that I use them.  The gallery is shaped like an office/ studio  because at the main central part you have the people working at the desk then as you go down and up they are suddenly changed into studios with the various displays of the artist’s work.  By the building being transformed into so many different ways it allows the public to become more intrigued with the area and see what lies below the main central area of the building.

Also before entering the building the White Cube is like the central stage performer because it is placed right in the middle of a hideaway area where there is a pub and other offices. In a way if you think about it after entering the White Cube gallery you can go for a drink with your friends/ work mates and have a chat about what you think about the area and your thoughts and feelings towards the White Cube.  Here are some videos about the public’s/ artists emotions and feeling towards the White Cube, Mason’s Yard.

By demonstrating other people’s impressions of the area of Mayfair it reveals to other members of the public as to what they can expect or see when travelling to the area.  Furthermore by visiting the area of Mayfair and the galleries around there like the White Cube you instantly get a positive impression of the area. This is due to the idea of how vibrant and diverse London can be no matter what time of the day it is there’s always something to look forward to.

Furthermore by visiting different areas around Mayfair such as the White Cube,  it allowed me to respond to the area through my own artwork/practice. This is done by creating a range of different art pieces based on my condition and engaging the idea towards David Hammons work. These are some examples of the works that I have created responding to the way he creates art.

1010487_10205333950337722_4470862446351111971_n (1) 1470074_10205333988338672_5079817164959354170_n 1380641_10205333951897761_1387803585524825219_n 1622859_10205333543847560_7456198570183182798_n 1966869_10205333949017689_2355365400514217000_n 10407709_10205333541727507_2630514262822414703_n 10421377_10205333948577678_1174467666461417805_n 10711024_10205333543167543_8381204198865257717_n 10665682_10205333541127492_418766418606238673_n1380641_10205333951897761_1387803585524825219_n1798497_10205333951057740_5980669562395421962_n10291070_10205334198863935_7045163162562278457_n

10247408_10205340605744103_2462102532089042783_n 10299108_10205340608064161_8552969058655380283_n 10710619_10205340606544123_1374997593383060702_n 10653464_10205340600143963_967349542799973374_n 10336612_10205340607344143_642016298239061224_n 10339784_10205340599463946_455641879783715045_n

10406818_10205354387808646_4147015472435860354_n 10665753_10205354271805746_9020877151237278256_n 1376642_10205354272445762_3619474754030695810_n 10406818_10205354387808646_4147015472435860354_n 10635749_10205354274725819_8688304189360670313_n 10646676_10205354582413511_8392979797773725481_n


I have created a variety of different works responding to David Hammons work and the art practice that I am currently working on. This is because I have decided to use my ideas of abstraction to help me to develop my practice further which involves how I communicate my idea of my epileptic condition towards the audience. Furthermore by looking and analysing the landmarks around Mayfair such as the White Cube it has allowed me to see how I can connect some of my work to the area and see how the audience will react and act towards the various pieces I have made. In addition by looking further into Hammons work it has allowed me to see how he uses a variety of different materials on large scale canvases to adapt and communicate his lifestyle towards the audience. By doing this it can help to resemble as to why the artist has decided to exhibit his work within this institution which is situated within an artistic gallery feel atmosphere filled with loads of other art galleries in the area.

Entering the world of west london

When visiting the west side of London you start to gain a new and exciting experience due to the way that the buildings are placed in many different ways.  By visiting the Serpentine Gallery you suddenly become more encouraged to visit the space due to the way that the cafe is placed like an egg which makes you feel curious about what’s inside the building. When going inside the Serpentine Gallery it is structured like a house which makes you feel that you are entering a new home and you suddenly become intrigued to see how each section of the gallery suddenly changes due to the artwork such as Trisha Donnelly (17 September-9 November 2014) that has been placed within the area.

103_0845 103_0848 103_0855

103_0849 103_0853 103_0862


By responding to the artist works I decided to  create more chaotic and expressive pieces responding to the way that the whole canvas or large projection pieces are created. Furthermore by creating a variety of works responding to the artist it allowed me to see how I can respond to the why people are encouraged to react to a certain area through emotional, personal, symbolic and many other responses. Here are some examples of my work.

1622726_10205333595088841_1456630665108583664_n 10351653_10205333948137667_853097429874969605_n 10711024_10205333543167543_8381204198865257717_n 1798497_10205333951057740_5980669562395421962_n 10363882_10205333594808834_3494812544224298730_n 10635749_10205354274725819_8688304189360670313_n (1) 10486042_10205333542407524_1111949873028404485_n 10350530_10205333592368773_9190948333826529684_n 10351653_10205333948137667_853097429874969605_n

Furthermore when visiting places within the west side of London you start to compare areas to one another and see the similarities and differences into the way of how certain galleries like the Serpentine Gallery and the WhiteChapel gallery has been placed.  Having landmarks such as Hyde Park Corner which has the Speakers corner within it you suddenly see how more of the west side of London engages and communicates with people of all different cultures. The speakers corner allows people to communicate there ideas of speech, music etc towards many members of the public whether it’s at weekends or in the week.  In addition by going to these talks it allows people to become more inspired by other people’s stories of what they have to say about the west side of London and how they see it within there own perspective. Also by people being able to communicate there talks towards other members of the public, it allows people to participate their views towards the speaker of the conversation.

Furthermore due to the location of where the Serpentine Gallery is it makes you become more involved with the area because of how close it is to speakers corner.  This is a very good aspect for the public because it allows people to see what kinds of debates happen around this area. Also by the Speakers Corner being located so close to the Serpentine Gallery it allows the public to see how engaged they can become with both the artwork and the surroundings within the area of West London.  People become more encouraged with the space because of the way that you can follow a trail within the gallery and then come back into the public area and engage yourself within natural and organic surroundings of Hyde Park Corner.

103_0868 103_0846 103_0852 103_0857 103_0873 103_0865

Hoxton/Shoreditch – Welcome to the East End of London and What a lovely place to visit

Hoxton/ Shoreditch area of East London is a lovely place to visit because of the way you have art galleries such as, the Whitechapel Gallery, Carl Freedman and SCP east. On the other hand you have exciting and life-changing food places such as, brick lane. Together these areas and where they are located for example, Whitechapel (Aldgate), Brick lane not far from Spitialfields market. It allows people to get sucked into and been committed to artistic and open-minded experiences. When starting of at Hoxton station it allowed me to see how the area is quite open and spacious which gave me the idea to look around at how the stairs and lifts were placed within the station and then create a range of drawings symbolising what I felt whilst being in that particular station.


IMG_20141025_160249481 IMG_20141025_160517504 10310603_10205296441920035_7469864880975555408_n

Furthermore by visiting the East End of London it allows me to have a new experience of how London is developing over time and comparing/ contrasting other areas to one another.  By doing workshops at the WhiteChapel gallery for young people that I recently did which was called the ‘Imagining the East End’ with Heather McDonough and Rod Morris.By doing that workshop it allowed me to see how both the WhiteChapel gallery connected with the street life of people around brick lane and outside the gallery and seeing in what ways people communicate around the area.

1962691_10205268137132433_5702708313059295514_n 10006404_10205268134732373_7701647781114229834_n 10553594_10205268098531468_8838724483420995588_n

10685611_10205268124852126_1855119196627963742_n 10703950_10205268131772299_2179640680016212909_n10704188_10205268128172209_1103465512107394863_n

1962691_10205268137132433_5702708313059295514_n 1620630_10205268102771574_4235860502158856566_n 10686815_10205268122692072_9029632181183801256_n

This is seeing what types of expressions people would provide depending on what they are in and where the location of the portrait photoshoot would be taken. Also by looking at the different landmarks around the area of WhiteChapel it allowed me to see how WhiteChapel gallery can be seen as an art college because at the bottom it is seen as an art gallery but then when you look towards the top it suddenly changes and has the impression of having art studios and practices towards the 1st and 2nd floor.


By work collaboratively with a group of young people aged 14-21 it allowed me as a developing art to see what different areas people come from for example, Tottenham, Ilford, WhiteChapel etc. This allowed me to see how they would adapt to the area and see how ideas of portraiture could be shown within the areas of East London. Furthermore by doing this workshop it allowed us a group to see how people would communicate with us and asking people one by one to see how if they would be part of our one day project. These are the results that we got.

IMG_2815 IMG_2811 IMG_2813

IMG_2819 IMG_2814IMG_2802



Furthermore by taking some videos whilst doing the WhiteChapel workshop it allowed me to get more of a sense of what the WhiteChapel gallery is like. There are many ways to describe the gallery, its quite diverse, different and you gain a sense of organic elements within the gallery and also outside the gallery.

People thoughts on what they think of the Hoxton/Shoreditch area and how they adapt to it.  Here are some videos to represent the idea.

From various landmarks such as Brick Lane the artwork continues through spray painting and seeing how different life forms are being used around the brick lane area. When looking closely at the artwork on brick lane it allows the viewer to gain a sense of how contemporary the area is and in some ways it shows the idea of old vs new and new vs old. This idea of old vs new and new vs old can also be represented when looking at artworks from the Carl Freedman Gallery.

IMG_20141015_134611583 IMG_20141015_134559369 (1)IMG_20141015_134605799

IMG_20141015_134559369IMG_20141015_134538698IMG_20141015_134547564 (1)

People around the East End of London are encouraged to visit certain areas within Hoxton/Shoreditch because there are always loads of events happening both inside and outside the WhiteChapel Gallery and the East End is always encouraging people of different areas/ cultures to be encouraged to participate within the area. This can be introduced within the idea of artwork such as many different spray painting tehniques as you look closely around the brick lane area. This gives people may different inspirations as you travel around the Brick Lane area, SCP East, CA4LA (Japanese hat shop). Furthermore whilst seeing the artwork around these areas it also encourages people to try different cultural foods around the area and be part of the making of food. These foods can involve, Caribbean, Spanish, italian and many different types of street food.

IMG_20141015_121439637 IMG_20141015_121342975 IMG_20141015_121451818

IMG_20141015_121403778IMG_20141015_125248550 IMG_20141015_133419385_HDR

1912484_10205247345932666_4298093382233894988_n10291721_10205247347012693_8001323513650934539_n 10593057_10205247343932616_2230176353236801160_n


In addition going around the East End of london is like an adventure because everywhere you look there’s something new and exciting happening and it makes you feel like you want to join in. Furthermore when visiting smaller galleries which are just of brick lane you get to have a new experience of different artworks that may in some ways surprise you, inspire you and create a new experience for you.  This is an example of artwork by Sandra Menant at the Brick Lane Gallery.  By visiting this artist’s work it allowed me to be encouraged to act happy and inspired by the way the artist presented and produced the work.  This is through the different paints and watercolours that the artist uses and how she perfectly leaves a crisp texture to the abstract pieces she produces. YOU MUST CHECK OUT HER WORK!


Furthermore when visiting Hoxton/ Shoreditch it allows people to see other landmarks which have a high impact on galleries such as the WhiteChapel Gallery, Carl Freedman and The Brick Lane Gallery.  Having these galleries placed in these areas of the East End of London it allows the public to see how diverse and organic this side of London is. This is introduced by the idea of having markets and street food situated close to where the WhiteChapel and The Brick Lane Gallery is. When the public go around these areas it makes them act interested, intrigued and inspired about how this side of London is full of different mystery’s, clues and new ideas. This is especially seen through the market areas as you walk deeper into the Brick Lane area.


In addition having visited the area also during the summer holidays when I did a project with the WhiteChapel Youth Forum it allowed me to visit other areas of the gallery is especially the top of gallery which suddenly changes into a studio area. When I visit this area it allows me to see how the East side of London has glorious views which allows you to see different types of churches and flats which surround the area. It makes me act interested to see how the area has themes such as old vs new, new vs old and see how they interact with one another. Having done workshops in the summer holidays at the WhiteChapel gallery it allows me to see how my work can respond to the area and how I see it in my own eyes. I worked with Duchamp and Sons and here’s examples of the collaborative work we did as a group.

Furthermore having worked with a collaborative group of young people aged 14-21 and working with artist Bart Lodewijks it allowed us to create a magazine/ book which would demonstrate to the public how we see the area of WhiteChapel and how we can communicate our ideas physically, mentally, socially and visually.   Also by working with the youth group it allowed me to become more social with other people and get to gain other people experiences of what the idea of art means to them and how they like presenting it towards the public. By doing this it allows us to go on adventures such as the day trip to Portsmouth and compare and contrast the area of Hoxton/Shoreditch to the fascinating and magical area of Portsmouth (Love it!!!). Here are some examples of places we went and discovered on our day trip.

Here’s an example of a piece of my work which I did on one of the cafe windows on WhiteChapel high street. It demonstrates the idea of us as a group been assigned different assignments (34 in total) and see how we would respond to them within the groups that we worked in.


Also by working with other art students within group 3, Ellie and Steffy it allowed me to engage and share ideas among each other. By working with these lovely girls it allowed me to see how we would react and respond to the area of the East End by visiting areas such as the WhiteChapel Gallery, SCP East, Brick Lane, Beigel Bake and many other glorious areas. We really enjoyed visiting vintage book areas because it allowed us to connect to other artists, photographers and see how we would change into an old yet fascinating environment.

IMG_20141017_182303374~2 IMG_20141015_133746285 IMG_20141015_123929705 IMG_20141015_130419645 IMG_20141015_133736182 IMG_20141015_124245601

In addition by visiting the East End of London it allowed us to become part of the vintage society and respond to the area using a variety of photographs, poses and well just having fun. Here are some examples.

65530_10205247342732586_7931309114038084929_n 1011207_10205247720102020_5050035558099278856_n 10291721_10205247347012693_8001323513650934539_n (1) 1795173_10205247773703360_1012951601316324763_o 10407819_10205247355452904_3723404678286230457_n 10624661_10205247719101995_6372967531494190866_n

In my opinion by using some of friends to create different pieces of artworks within different environments it has allowed me to expand my photography skills. Furthermore by doing this it allows the audience to see how different people respond to the environment they are placed in. For instance looking at different people’s emotions such as happy, jolly, sad, upset etc. Here are some more examples of ideas responding to how people are encouraged to react/ act within an area or institution.

10689796_10205247343172597_6760783966220082607_n 10153876_10205268134372364_3145875884718433902_n 10403430_10205268104251611_2232899011685169269_n 10422181_10205247719702010_6981690435665274594_n 10599424_10205268130812275_555989151874801754_n 10646641_10205247703981617_7563995692636567613_n

Borough Market within the diverse experience of London/ Bermondsey


Entering Borough Market on October 11th 2014 at 12pm in such a diverse and interesting environment. People walking up and down around different areas on the Market. Seeing happy and jolly faces. Looking at people grinning and smiling on a lovely autumn’s day and having the cold wind blowing through your hair whilst waiting, being curious about what next is to come. Looking at the different traditional foods around the different sections of the Borough Market. From fruits, vegetables, wines, sangria, ciders such as chimay. By the market doing this it makes me as both an artist, explorer and traveller ready to explore anything and be part of different cultures such as italian, spanish, english and many more other types of cultures. Here are some thoughts about what the public think about the Bermondsey area and how they adapt/ gain from it.

103_0919 103_0920 103_0915

103_0908 103_0931 103_0934

103_0940 103_0950103_0905

103_0923 103_0906 103_0917

103_0971 103_0936 103_0930

Busy atmospheres within Borough Market and seeing how people adapt to the area no matter where they have come from. These are displayed within the videos.

My videos from my youtube channel

Other videos from youtube

By visiting the famous and glorious Borough Market you get a sense of diversity, change and new experiences when visiting this market which is around the Bermondsey area. When I visit this around during different seasons of the year this specific landmark helps to explain and give you the idea that it is quite an explorative area. This is because it allows you to visit galleries such as The Drawing Room.  Furthermore when going through the area of Bermondsey it allows the artists, tourists and many other travellers within London to gain a sense of how different lifestyles and cultures can be displayed. When visiting the drawing room you get a completely new change because of the way that it is hidden in its own specific located away from the busy high street areas.  When I visited the area I was quite intrigued about where it was placed because its kinda in a warehouse area which is quite old yet contemporary at the same time.

103_0963 103_0965103_0955


When visiting the Naked’s exhibition in The    Drawing Room it gave me a sense of seeing the human form within a different perspective because of the way how each artist has given a certain space towards each figure. When looking closely within the image it also allows the viewer (me) to see how simple the painting of a human figure can be and at the same time it allowed me to see the organic yet symbolic features each image had. Thinking about the area of Bermondsey closely it allows people to become more interested, intrigued and more curious about the area especially the way The Drawing Room has been placed in such a quiet and less busy area. In contrast to Borough Market which has been placed in a busy and vibrant area which allows people to gain a new experience when walking through each section of Borough Market.

IMG_20141017_162634634 IMG_20141017_162439697 IMG_20141017_162530436


Also by doing quick sketches and artwork towards The Nakeds exhibition that I visited at The Drawing Room it allowed me connect directly to the pieces of artwork that was displayed from a range of artists such as, David Austen, Fiona Banner,  Joseph Beuys and many other types of artists. By connecting and responding to the artist’s works that is presented within The Drawing Room it allowed me to connect my condition of epilepsy.  This is due to the idea of focusing on the space and originality used within the artworks and see how I could represent my condition due to the different types of spaces that I would feel when having a seizure and how the human form would react. Here are some examples of my artwork.

1619220_10205281055735390_6891724048409083103_n 1610814_10205281024054598_1049278728666742426_n 10388651_10205281056095399_8900738185154882119_n

10641212_10205281719151975_114877512342592519_n 10685473_10205281263660588_2112710135526209816_n 10696408_10205281113776841_8036698649781364928_n


image (1) image (2) image

485533_10205281217219427_1358511512172559881_n 1457683_10205296491561276_2359730635821393827_n10310603_10205296441920035_7469864880975555408_n

10514577_10205281288461208_2120282799953890829_n 10501979_10205281152577811_2115583312932952269_n 10599718_10205281630349755_6801425230614068989_n


IMG_20141023_114333110 IMG_20141023_114354252 IMG_20141023_114417727

In addition by going to the Harry Potter muggles tour which involved visiting different areas where the Harry Potter movies were filmed. It allowed me to gain a real sense of the Bermondsey area and see how it both changes within the day and night and see how it provides different enhances the public in many ways. This could involve the idea of excitement, joy and wonder into what may happen next.  By going to the Harry Potter Muggles tour it allowed me to gain a sense that the area of Bermondsey which holds The Drawing Room wants to capture the public’s attention and leave them wondering what will happen next no matter how long it will take.  An example of this is a video that I recorded at the Harry Potter Muggles Tour which engages the viewer in the story telling that the speaker is expressing towards the public in the same way that The Drawing Room does.

One of my videos

1919636_10205284534382354_6118356328534006768_n 10155829_10205285178278451_8062360689855230313_n 10710734_10205284422699562_5202443785551986342_n

1555506_10205284938312452_7877963154004767796_n 10376843_10205284420619510_3744874141938047787_n 10336704_10205285131717287_2029860480296488066_n

10599544_10205284939472481_1137164240161289058_n 10711043_10205284705546633_3081920998256202647_n 10710977_10205284424299602_8173173295728223505_n

532891_10205286414789363_1734917706420407373_n 1919636_10205284534382354_6118356328534006768_n 10353713_10205284530902267_6836964894070798474_n

1394424_10205285259080471_845420475358954735_n 10553889_10205286365988143_1162399880544743402_o 10711043_10205284705546633_3081920998256202647_n