Borough Market within the diverse experience of London/ Bermondsey


Entering Borough Market on October 11th 2014 at 12pm in such a diverse and interesting environment. People walking up and down around different areas on the Market. Seeing happy and jolly faces. Looking at people grinning and smiling on a lovely autumn’s day and having the cold wind blowing through your hair whilst waiting, being curious about what next is to come. Looking at the different traditional foods around the different sections of the Borough Market. From fruits, vegetables, wines, sangria, ciders such as chimay. By the market doing this it makes me as both an artist, explorer and traveller ready to explore anything and be part of different cultures such as italian, spanish, english and many more other types of cultures. Here are some thoughts about what the public think about the Bermondsey area and how they adapt/ gain from it.

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Busy atmospheres within Borough Market and seeing how people adapt to the area no matter where they have come from. These are displayed within the videos.

My videos from my youtube channel

Other videos from youtube

By visiting the famous and glorious Borough Market you get a sense of diversity, change and new experiences when visiting this market which is around the Bermondsey area. When I visit this around during different seasons of the year this specific landmark helps to explain and give you the idea that it is quite an explorative area. This is because it allows you to visit galleries such as The Drawing Room.  Furthermore when going through the area of Bermondsey it allows the artists, tourists and many other travellers within London to gain a sense of how different lifestyles and cultures can be displayed. When visiting the drawing room you get a completely new change because of the way that it is hidden in its own specific located away from the busy high street areas.  When I visited the area I was quite intrigued about where it was placed because its kinda in a warehouse area which is quite old yet contemporary at the same time.

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When visiting the Naked’s exhibition in The    Drawing Room it gave me a sense of seeing the human form within a different perspective because of the way how each artist has given a certain space towards each figure. When looking closely within the image it also allows the viewer (me) to see how simple the painting of a human figure can be and at the same time it allowed me to see the organic yet symbolic features each image had. Thinking about the area of Bermondsey closely it allows people to become more interested, intrigued and more curious about the area especially the way The Drawing Room has been placed in such a quiet and less busy area. In contrast to Borough Market which has been placed in a busy and vibrant area which allows people to gain a new experience when walking through each section of Borough Market.

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Also by doing quick sketches and artwork towards The Nakeds exhibition that I visited at The Drawing Room it allowed me connect directly to the pieces of artwork that was displayed from a range of artists such as, David Austen, Fiona Banner,  Joseph Beuys and many other types of artists. By connecting and responding to the artist’s works that is presented within The Drawing Room it allowed me to connect my condition of epilepsy.  This is due to the idea of focusing on the space and originality used within the artworks and see how I could represent my condition due to the different types of spaces that I would feel when having a seizure and how the human form would react. Here are some examples of my artwork.

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In addition by going to the Harry Potter muggles tour which involved visiting different areas where the Harry Potter movies were filmed. It allowed me to gain a real sense of the Bermondsey area and see how it both changes within the day and night and see how it provides different enhances the public in many ways. This could involve the idea of excitement, joy and wonder into what may happen next.  By going to the Harry Potter Muggles tour it allowed me to gain a sense that the area of Bermondsey which holds The Drawing Room wants to capture the public’s attention and leave them wondering what will happen next no matter how long it will take.  An example of this is a video that I recorded at the Harry Potter Muggles Tour which engages the viewer in the story telling that the speaker is expressing towards the public in the same way that The Drawing Room does.

One of my videos

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