Entering the world of west london

When visiting the west side of London you start to gain a new and exciting experience due to the way that the buildings are placed in many different ways.  By visiting the Serpentine Gallery you suddenly become more encouraged to visit the space due to the way that the cafe is placed like an egg which makes you feel curious about what’s inside the building. When going inside the Serpentine Gallery it is structured like a house which makes you feel that you are entering a new home and you suddenly become intrigued to see how each section of the gallery suddenly changes due to the artwork such as Trisha Donnelly (17 September-9 November 2014) that has been placed within the area.

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By responding to the artist works I decided to  create more chaotic and expressive pieces responding to the way that the whole canvas or large projection pieces are created. Furthermore by creating a variety of works responding to the artist it allowed me to see how I can respond to the why people are encouraged to react to a certain area through emotional, personal, symbolic and many other responses. Here are some examples of my work.

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Furthermore when visiting places within the west side of London you start to compare areas to one another and see the similarities and differences into the way of how certain galleries like the Serpentine Gallery and the WhiteChapel gallery has been placed.  Having landmarks such as Hyde Park Corner which has the Speakers corner within it you suddenly see how more of the west side of London engages and communicates with people of all different cultures. The speakers corner allows people to communicate there ideas of speech, music etc towards many members of the public whether it’s at weekends or in the week.  In addition by going to these talks it allows people to become more inspired by other people’s stories of what they have to say about the west side of London and how they see it within there own perspective. Also by people being able to communicate there talks towards other members of the public, it allows people to participate their views towards the speaker of the conversation.



Furthermore due to the location of where the Serpentine Gallery is it makes you become more involved with the area because of how close it is to speakers corner.  This is a very good aspect for the public because it allows people to see what kinds of debates happen around this area. Also by the Speakers Corner being located so close to the Serpentine Gallery it allows the public to see how engaged they can become with both the artwork and the surroundings within the area of West London.  People become more encouraged with the space because of the way that you can follow a trail within the gallery and then come back into the public area and engage yourself within natural and organic surroundings of Hyde Park Corner.

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