The glorious and exciting Mayfair II

When visiting different areas around Mayfair it allowed me to adapt to the area and compare it/ contrast it to other areas I had visited such as Hoxton/Shoreditch, West and Bermondsey. Furthermore when visiting the White Cube it allowed me to see that it is placed in a very artistic and creative environment. This is because when travelling to the White Cube you pass so many different types of art galleries on both the right and left side of the roads situated around the area of Mason’s Yard.

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People to me as a developing artist are encouraged to become more engaged with the environment where the White Cube is. This is because they can suddenly be encouraged to respond and have a feel as to why and how certain artworks are created to respond to the area of Mayfair.  Many landmarks are found within the surroundings such as areas like Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street and many other shopping areas. This allows the public to become more involved with the area so they get to see how the various types of landmarks engage with each other to demonstrate to the public new and exciting life changing experiences.

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In addition by seeing David Hammons work at the White Cube it inspired me to experiment more with different mixed media materials and become more explorative within the way that I use them.  The gallery is shaped like an office/ studio  because at the main central part you have the people working at the desk then as you go down and up they are suddenly changed into studios with the various displays of the artist’s work.  By the building being transformed into so many different ways it allows the public to become more intrigued with the area and see what lies below the main central area of the building.

Also before entering the building the White Cube is like the central stage performer because it is placed right in the middle of a hideaway area where there is a pub and other offices. In a way if you think about it after entering the White Cube gallery you can go for a drink with your friends/ work mates and have a chat about what you think about the area and your thoughts and feelings towards the White Cube.  Here are some videos about the public’s/ artists emotions and feeling towards the White Cube, Mason’s Yard.

By demonstrating other people’s impressions of the area of Mayfair it reveals to other members of the public as to what they can expect or see when travelling to the area.  Furthermore by visiting the area of Mayfair and the galleries around there like the White Cube you instantly get a positive impression of the area. This is due to the idea of how vibrant and diverse London can be no matter what time of the day it is there’s always something to look forward to.

Furthermore by visiting different areas around Mayfair such as the White Cube,  it allowed me to respond to the area through my own artwork/practice. This is done by creating a range of different art pieces based on my condition and engaging the idea towards David Hammons work. These are some examples of the works that I have created responding to the way he creates art.

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I have created a variety of different works responding to David Hammons work and the art practice that I am currently working on. This is because I have decided to use my ideas of abstraction to help me to develop my practice further which involves how I communicate my idea of my epileptic condition towards the audience. Furthermore by looking and analysing the landmarks around Mayfair such as the White Cube it has allowed me to see how I can connect some of my work to the area and see how the audience will react and act towards the various pieces I have made. In addition by looking further into Hammons work it has allowed me to see how he uses a variety of different materials on large scale canvases to adapt and communicate his lifestyle towards the audience. By doing this it can help to resemble as to why the artist has decided to exhibit his work within this institution which is situated within an artistic gallery feel atmosphere filled with loads of other art galleries in the area.

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