Developments, processes and experiments of my work

Throughout the last month that I have been working on my idea relating to make people more aware about the process of an epileptic seizure and how I feel towards it. I have been able to do a range of experiments to display my feelings towards my condition. This has involved the use of spray paint, paint, charcoal, pens and pencils. By making these decisions on the types of materials I want to use within my work it has allowed me to see in what ways it helps my work to develop and encountering any problems along the way.  Furthermore by combining and experimenting with these different materials it has allowed me to see how much of a risk taker I want to be when developing my work. This involved me ripping certain pieces of paper and see in what way they would create a story towards the audience and how they would respond to it. Here are some examples of that.

10679_10205253391323797_2055001652222982665_n 1782066_10205296943932585_7174550252891039971_n IMG_20141023_114417727

1653919_10205253565728157_559445246446596194_n 10456262_10205253420044515_8589542437081965916_n 10685473_10205281263660588_2112710135526209816_n

Furthermore before creating these ideas I had to gain an understanding of the studio space and how I could adapt to it. In my view it allowed me to see how certain ideas could develop and what I would do to change it. This could involve working in the wood workshops and see how I could create hands out of wood and see in what ways I could make them. I know that I love painting because I have been painting for quite a long time and attend workshops at the National Portrait Gallery and the WhiteChapel Gallery. In my view I would like to expand my artistic skills and techniques. This could involve exploring the use of ceramics, wood work machinery and other elements within the artistic society.

10486307_10205192194233908_6519133215403718073_o 10575119_10205192196953976_1860613651631217567_o 10694469_10205192198834023_7154407308943649683_o

Doing an introduction week at Chelsea really helped me to see in what ways I could use the studio and raising questions. These questions involved, what problems would I encounter?,  how would my ideas adapt to the environment that I am going to be working in? Within the first week of term I had a very good description of how to work and adapt to the studio space. By getting introduced into how the studio space works and what to gain from it whilst developing ideas. This allowed me to develop my ideas due to the fact of communicating with other students within the group and seeing how or why I am creating that specific idea (s). In addition by gaining knowledge of the studio space it had allowed me to see and engage my mind into what styles I want to produce to not only the space and students around me but to the whole environment.

1518150_10205192195073929_6351379164442612336_o 1921239_10205192200794072_815768637745221759_o 1891425_10205192191553841_1886443317866556672_o

By creating these studio spaces it allowed all art studio to respond to other students needs and requests within the studio space. Furthermore by working as a collaborative environment. it allowed us as students to become more social and artistic towards one another. In addition by creating the studio space it helped me as a developing artist to see what ideas I can create and allowing me to formulate more around the collaborative environments and also around quiet and busy environments.


In my view by going to art talks on Tuesdays it really helps me to see where my ideas could go next , seeing what works and what does work, how I feel about my work, what I have learnt about the materials and processes and discovering processes I may what to explore again and why. I really enjoyed the talk by Louisa Fairclough because it allowed me to connect my problem of epilepsy towards her work. This is due to the way she connected herself towards her sister’s illness within her work. This involved words from her sister’s sketchbook which involved, lines of tension, lines of emotions, self conscious, highs and lows, grief and tension and the remarkable language to describe them. Louisa used “relaxed, awkward, relaxed, awkward, relaxed, awkward, relaxed, awkward, relaxed, awkward” at different time periods. This would represent as to how her sister was feeling at the time and the way it was spoken either very loudly or quietly.

Furthermore by looking at the different linear qualities and words her sister wrote with her sketchbook it allowed me to connect instantly with the medical condition she had which was epilepsy. It also allowed me to let out thoughts and feelings out such as uncomfortable, pain, regret, grief, isolation, entrapment, loneliness and no sense of moving forward. Also by looking more into Louisa’s work it allowed me to formulate my condition around projection, the use of overlapping within the use of tape and double sided tape. This would help me to project my feelings towards the medical condition that I have and let people can a sense of the struggles I face which I believe is a very personal matter towards me which makes me feel quite upset at times. Here are some examples of how I work with paints to show my emotions about my condition.

10153272_10205332862150518_4293759372666025337_n 10509604_10205282207324179_7473607308178008704_n 10632622_10205340567143138_3075301732915522443_n

Sometimes I create works when I instantly put on paper relating towards the idea of the actions of epilepsy because I have so many feelings stored up all at once that it can feel very heart-breaking. In a way by doing this idea it works because it allows me to become more open-minded about things and not feel nervous or anxious about how I feel when facing seizures. Sometimes I do encounter problems for example I may have worked into something too much and find it hard to find a solution towards it. What I tend to do is step back away from the painting and see how could I develop it or in what way if I started it again from scratch which way should I go.  These are some examples of how I tend to work when revealing my emotions towards how I may be feeling on a particular day. This involves the use of oil paint.

1009965_10205334032699781_6553279244467090112_n (1) 1457683_10205296491561276_2359730635821393827_n 1619220_10205281055735390_6891724048409083103_n

It been great having one to one tutorials with my tutor Amanda Walker because it helped me to both engage and inform my tutor what my work is about. and how I should develop it. Furthermore by talking to my tutor it has now helped me to become more chaotic, expressive and imaginative with my work. Here are some examples.

1381222_10205354240564965_6346823197243046886_n 1459082_10205340590023710_2629504773973648343_n 1794780_10205332940512477_4460939367345748823_n

This has allowed me to take more risks within my work.  I have decided to focus more on my epileptic condition and allow it to communicate to the human figure.  It can be within the idea of ripping paper, tearing materials and transform it into the human mind. My main aim is to communicate and engage the audience with my epileptic condition with the human figure. This could involve how the human figure reacts to epileptic seizures, the electrical nerves being under pressure and the chaotic reactions that happens both within the human body and outside the human body. This involves the ideas of entrapment, isolation, communication, chaotic, expressive, danger and not responding. These are some of examples of how I decided to become more expressive and chaotic with my work with the use of paint, charcoal pencil, spray paint, pens. I decided to let myself out more rather than leaving myself feeling enclosed and being scared of trying something new.

14584_10205386565333064_7100379163530473182_n 63964_10205333359682956_3501047390217214016_n 544931_10205333590848735_2128777965011452918_n

934874_10205333544207569_7457767785300758195_n 1010487_10205333950337722_4470862446351111971_n (1) 1376352_10205332873710807_3289339291503953463_n

1510370_10205406880200923_8397523785370613483_n 1654454_10205340608304167_3127952699404922032_n 1920156_10205387157547869_7480516576752178434_n

1779739_10205386563893028_8660179096906005197_n 1620927_10205297281701029_1615110104417171021_n 1926877_10205354281845997_8709527162718136546_n

Furthermore by going to seminars such as “Around Painting” it allowed me to gain a further understanding as to how painting can be seen, how it can represent, how it connects to formalism, minimalism and dematerialisation (lectures that I have previously had). By going to these seminars it has allowed me to see how I connect my ideas to painting and how I can correspond certain aspects of painting within my work. These are some more examples of my work, the idea of manipulation and the way that I decided to explore and play around with the shapes that I chose to use.

10733991_10205379745522573_3419962854852681987_n 644369_10205386085561070_5164691593722815204_n

These involved the idea that Katrine explained that Hubert Damisch said, “it is not enough. In order for their to be painting, that the painter take up his brushes again”. This demonstrates that people still paint, painting is still brought, it is self evident and it is also a relevant medium. Also she explained how different artists express there idea of painting within different ways no matter in what form it is in, it is still a painting. Some examples of this are,  Angela De La Cruz- the reference of painting is no-longer relevant/ necessary. Jessica Stockholder- abstract paintings- colourful room, Katharina Grosse- paints onto walls- abstract expressionist. Natasha Kidd- painting machine evacuate, through painting we impart something. No intention, the beautiful lines just happen (white paper)- things attached to colour.

Having looked at into what painting is and how it can be seen as. By going to the Art seminars based on around painting it has helped me to look into a variety of themes which could represent my work. These themes could involve the idea of frame, mirror, event, time, portraiture, representation, symbolic elements, landscape, human form, historical and traditional, declaration, intention and vulnerable emotion. By looking into these other elements of painting it helps us as a group within the seminar to question is painting  enough? is it valid?

In my view by going to these art seminars with Katrine it has been very helpful and useful. This is because it helps to have a discussion and evaluate how we talk about painting. It also allows us to look at artists within frame such as, Jacques Derrida, Katharina Groose, Alexis Harding. We also looked at artists with the themes of event such as the Wallace collection, Yves Klein, Bernhard Frieze. In addition we looked into themes such as, time- Gerhard Richter (September 11th Twin Towers), Anselm Kiefer and Barren Landscape. By looking at these different themes it has allowed me to look further into the different ideas behind painting and see how I can blend and combine them with my current project I am working on.  This contextual research has helped me to develop my ideas and see in what ways I would like to share these ideas towards the public. In my view by going to the ICA exhibition beware paint it allowed me to see how a range of different artists explained their ideas towards the public. This involved using the idea of painting but expressing it in different ways using a range of materials such as, spray paint, burnt images, cartoon (manga characters) etc. Here are some examples.

1450257_10205394379568415_6499647571321430512_n 10176136_10205394380328434_5085774251364056426_n 10373635_10205394381008451_2191099301454757349_n

Having developed my idea further by demonstrating the emotions and processes of the epileptic seizures. This has allowed me to develop how I feel towards having epileptic seizures such as the idea of isolation, entrapment, chaotic etc. By experimenting materials such as, charcoal, spray paint, pens etc. It allows me to release all of the emotions that I feel before and after having a seizure. I’m going to carry on using this theme of torn, isolated and entrapped emotions. Themes I can look into are interactions, culture conflict that obstructs the treatment, mistrust, misunderstanding and miscommunications, imprisoned. I can also look into, transforming and transferring into something worse, awareness, capture, independence, precautions, controlled, trigger for seizures and challenges. Here are some examples.

IMG_20141023_114333110 63964_10205333359682956_3501047390217214016_n (1) 559515_10205296657405422_1248078316083249282_n

1009969_10205296283236068_6039007800189643293_n 1489134_10205281436384906_2604555720400764230_n 1507896_10205332705586604_5415033846209299328_n

Furthermore by looking more into these themes it allowed me to look at famous quotes which relate to the idea of epileptic conditions. “paintbrush is a powerful communication tool for experiences that are hard to explain in word” ( “Art is a way of making sense of the huge impact that recurring seizures can have on your life. Art can help a person develop greater self awareness and come to terms with the uncertainties of epilepsy” (Quentin Bruckland, art therapist, epilepsy society). “It has often been said that Van Gogh’s use of yellow was a result of his suffering from xanthopsia, a condition that causes the person to see everything as though a yellow filter. Xanthopsia was a side effect of digtalis, often used to treat epilepsy.

By going to exhibitions such as, the Marine exhibtion (Mall Galleries). This involved artists such as, David Curtis, Trevor Chamberlain, Richard Stimson, Gabrielle Moove, Edman O’Aivazian and many more fantastic artists.  Also visiting the William Morris (Anarchy & beauty) which demonstrated how the artist, socialist, carpenter focused on many different aspects that were happening in the society he was living in and how it changed/ impacted on him. It has allowed me to look at a range of aspects towards the making of art and how it can be developed further especially during the subject matter of epilepsy.  This is due to the use of vibrant colours, the way things are placed, how natural and original you can be towards the idea (s) that you are producing.  To me art is like a developing world expanding to the way history responds to you as a person. These are some examples of the work that I saw at both the Mall Galleries and the National Portrait Gallery.

1512501_10205317563368058_3259219957966247389_n 1654454_10205317545807619_7229522430056130814_n 1899991_10205317562928047_3972470384764686411_n

10150544_10205317545287606_7082869957845953585_n 10372166_10205317560447985_454852356307175485_n 10426774_10205317561928022_8921811830590663950_n

10653488_10205317547767668_4858867815107049661_n 10689769_10205317559647965_6848381684653669369_n 10710900_10205317560847995_7279978689676082599_n


Furthermore whilst developing my work I received some very encouraging words from a very close friend who is like a sister towards me. This is because she understands how I feel when facing the condition I currently have and the emotions that strike me all at once. This has allowed me work to develop because by receiving words of encouragement and motivation it has allowed me to push my work forward and try out new opportunities for example, having a closer connection with the work I produce. This has allowed me to make decisions towards my work because it has allowed me to question, how should I express my use of paint, how far should I extend the scale and in what other ways should I communicate my idea. What I have learnt from the words Olga Van de Veen is not to give up on becoming better, keep on moving forward and keep on showing how I feel towards the public so, that I can have a better communication with people around me.  Here are some examples of the words I received.


“You can reach the things you want christina, I’m sure and you can do it your way, a way that suits you and the epilepsy. I know it’s hard sometimes to find a way in living with a condition as you are affected by it. But there’s still a way to make things possible and reach what you want. You’re someone who knows a side of life many other’s don’t especially people of your age. That makes you special and even a sample. You’re showing people a different way of seeing for instance, with the art works about epilepsy. That’s such a strength”. (Olga Van de Veen).

“All those things you’re doing Christina are very powerful. The way you look at yourself and try to make things work for you are more than amazing” (Olga Van de Veen)

“That’s so important in life Christina….so many people are rushing so much that they forget to look at themselves and their lives. Or they feel they don’t need to. It’s such a strength when you allow yourself to be the purest version of you. You’re doing that.” (Olga Van de Veen)

“Its how many people live I suppose. Unfortunately a kind of fake life, within in they often runaway from difficulties. Many people seem to feel any hard emotions (is understandable)  or be around that makes them more vulnerable, also things they don’t know how to react on” (Olga Van de Veen).

“If there’s something you really would like to reach, you have the ability to do so”. (Olga Van de Veen).

“It is hard working to live a realistic life and be the true you but it is also the best way of living with the purest happiness as possible. It touches me to talk about this and see how much it means to you to live this way. it has been quite hard to me here in Holland you know. It’s a long story as I have gone through a lot during my childhood. in my environment here I have never been accepted and allowed to be my true self. Except by my mum talking about this empowers me to do, live from my heart and be my pure self” (Olga Van de Veen).

By starting the weeks with experimental and expressive colours to represent my emotions and feelings towards epilepsy. By experimenting with different materials such as spray paint, pens, cardboard and oil paint. It has allowed me to broaden my idea of epilepsy further. This is due to the idea of expressing different emotions I have towards it through vibrant and dark colours. This will allow the viewer to have a better communication in how epilepsy has a big change on my life and how I  can show the idea through different pieces of art I create and the style I do in it. By focusing on epilepsy it can allow me convey the idea through the colours of paints I choose to use. Also it can help me to use different techniques such as pulling the paint, tissue and charcoal across the canvas. These are some of examples of the different processes I choose to use.

544931_10205333590848735_2128777965011452918_n (1) 934874_10205333544207569_7457767785300758195_n 1010487_10205333950337722_4470862446351111971_n (1)

1380641_10205333951897761_1387803585524825219_n (1) 1470074_10205333988338672_5079817164959354170_n (1) 1622726_10205333595088841_1456630665108583664_n

1622859_10205333543847560_7456198570183182798_n 1798497_10205333951057740_5980669562395421962_n (1) 1798497_10205333951057740_5980669562395421962_n

1966869_10205333949017689_2355365400514217000_n (1) 10301414_10205333594168818_4878037820979206931_n 10350530_10205333592368773_9190948333826529684_n

Also I decided to become more expressive with my work due to the fact that I wanted to let myself go more and become more open-minded towards things that I experience whilst having this condition. I feel that my idea has developed because I have decided to work more intensely and passionately within the paintings I have produced. This is to communicate the pain and horror I face when facing the horrific seizures which can make me become very exhausted and hurt. This tends to make me hide away in the class and not feeling like communicating with other members in the class. This is because if they see this type of seizure I often feel that it’s going to freak them out and they might feel scared to communicate with me because it may happen at any second within the day. These are some examples of how I decided to become more emotional with my work.

1240375_10205387638879902_2214469309652683178_n 1380329_10205387218749399_6968175842253567221_n 1510370_10205406880200923_8397523785370613483_n

1526833_10205387634679797_6683159795733084032_n (1) 1240375_10205387638879902_2214469309652683178_n 1900175_10205332651225245_8817754176040852940_n

1910604_10205387280430941_5782834371641406074_n (1) 1920156_10205387157547869_7480516576752178434_n 10245321_10205386564293038_3900994992123160673_n

10313657_10205406880480930_8720758937721346389_n 10353585_10205387570438191_8268848103789996561_n (1) 10411057_10205386784538544_1323373019237349292_n

10500517_10205386697456367_8868878124944597578_n (1) 10421448_10205387600358939_1107641699200487795_n 10422362_10205386302726499_6717361381478711455_n

Furthermore by getting inspired by the wood machinery workshop it inspired me to create drawings of hands that I would create out of either wood, ceramics or plaster. By doing this it would allow me to try a new technique and see how explorative and playful I can be when displaying my idea of my condition through using these methods. What I have learnt about these materials is the way of how playful, dramatic, symbolic and creative you can be when you manipulate and abstract these certain materials. I got so inspired to do this because it would take me in a new direction and see in what ways I could develop my idea even further through using these processes.  These are some ideas of hands I would like to twist and manipulate using wood, ceramics, metal. I have learnt to become more playful and explorative with materials such as these and see in what ways I could connect it to my condition.

10304695_10205401015494309_2039988295928444893_n 10801997_10205401104616537_5807211175414804524_n 10343017_10205407433414753_7360597273568519420_n

10354895_10205407106566582_4011815340594671847_n 10419424_10205400304916545_8517331345128749124_n 10420290_10205400439839918_8529501945288537024_n

Also by doing these drawings of various types of hands it has also inspired me to look into more artists such as, Henry Moore. Looking through the detail and the expressive qualities of the artist’s drawings is truly fascinating. Love the way he uses different positions of the hands as I have just demonstrated and see how intense and harsh he can be when drawing hands. This has allowed my idea to develop because now I can play around with how intense or how lightly I would like to draw hands. This has also demonstrated to me how I can use and look more into different hand positions to show the problems I feel when facing my conditions which can be shown by my hand movements. This has been successful for me like my other ideas because now I can move away from painting and focus more on developing drawing techniques and practicing with other materials. By doing so it will allow me to broaden my idea towards the audience. Here are some examples of Henry Moore’s work.

Also by looking into artist’s at Chelsea College of Arts such as Daniel Goodchild (MA student). By talking to this lovely student I was so inspired by the different landscapes he painted, the elegantly of the paint used within the canvas. Furthermore the way you instantly get engaged with the use of the vibrant and organic colours the painter uses within his landscapes is perfect, excellent, has the wow factor and is beautiful. In my view when looking further into his landscapes it allows you to see how different sections of the painter connects well as you look through each section of the painting. When looking through the foreground, background and middle-ground you instantly get engaged with his work and feel like your part of the painting.  In my view by looking at the artist’s work it makes me become more  excited into how the world of painting is evolving well and changes every second. By this idea happening it allows more artist’s to become more interested and inspired to try new things. By using this contextual research it has allowed me to engage more within the paintings I do and watch and examine the elegantly and flow of the paint used. In addition it has allowed me to absorb a new experience and start to encounters other features within painting.

By watching Intersteller it really inspired me with my work because of looking through the idea of space and time and getting an idea of what loves means. The main mission of Interstellar is to find a new planet where people can live because earth is dying this was  called the Lazarus project. The main pilot’s idea (main character of the film) is to save earth and go back to his family. The represents the idea that people live through there family because they have better connections with there family rather than the other 6 billion people living on earth.

Also by looking into the concept of gravity and seeing how we respond to it as human beings and what lies beyond gravity. Furthermore by watching the film it allowed me to understand the physics behind gravity and looking through the idea of the Lazarus project.

It allowed people on earth to find out if there were other planets were people could live on because the earth was dying and there needed to be another planet were people could live on. Also by using 4 scientists to find out if there were other planets where people could live on. Here are some videos based on Intersellar and the explanations of some of the theories behind it.

The main character (the pilot- Matthew Mcconaughey) went out to see if there were other ways on the opposite side of the world where other people could live on because the earth is dying.  There is the sense of sacrifice due to the fact that Matthew Mcconaughey main character didn’t tell his daughter that the earth is stuffed. Nevertheless the daughter (Merth) works out the equation of how to save earth. When he returns he is 124 whilst his daughter is dying at the age of 90. When you look at the whole story there’s all these theories towards the idea of how time goes faster between the earth and the future. For instance they would travel to one of the planets that would take them an hour to get to where as one the other hand it would be 7 years later on earth. In my view by looking at the whole story within the film Interstellar it makes you look at different concepts relating to the different aspects of space, continuum, dimensions and time.

It also makes you think how the earth suddenly becomes messed up and their needs to be a solution into how to save the earth before destruction comes and the earth becomes destroyed. Furthermore by looking into the wormhole where they travel through explains how space and time is distorted. It is where time travels faster. In contrast on earth we all travel at the same time and it takes us 365 days to accomplish certain things we want to achieve.

In a way it makes us look at how different dimensions work and how to accept certain things for example, within the 3rd and 5th dimensions beyond our own planet.  By looking into this it allowed me to see how my medical condition can be seen within different dimensions and in what way it could be solved. This could be through physics, maths and theories and comparing and contrasting theories between each one and how to come to the final theory to solve the medical condition that I am facing.

1010491_10205414503111491_6353579266787238000_n (1)

This for instance could involve the black hole, the horizon, planets lying beyond our galaxy. Having looking at the way that the father had two leave his two kids behind to go and save the world. Looking at each aspect as to what gravity, space and time means towards human beings and how to solve certain equations and theories behind it. Furthermore by watching the film it also showed me the way of ageing and the way of how the future and the past changes and becomes more fascinating and exciting. By seeing this film it has allowed me to see the concept of ageing and the difference between space and time. This has allowed me to look further into how time of how my condition could be solved is like an equation which has so many methods to try and fix it until it finds the right procedure. Also by looking at the physics and theories behind how to solve the dying earth. It has allowed me to have a connection towards how to solve my medical condition and it what ways would be best.

14576_10205414503631504_2120086518046645728_n 1939938_10205414503951512_8838379059387775289_n 10346280_10205414502551477_3660905490884703118_n

Travelling to Borough Market over the weekend with one of my friend’s, his name is Mario (Italian) . It was a lovely experience going down there because it was great venturing different aspects of borough market and china town and seeing how a variety of traditions from Italians, French, Chinese were blending will together. This trip has allowed me to develop my idea further towards my condition because it allows me to see how I can circulate the idea around different traditions and see how they would react towards it. Also by visiting the areas of London such as Chinatown, National Portrait Gallery exhibitions such as,  William Morris (Anarchy and beauty, Grayson perry etc, visiting leicester square, trafalgar square and travelling through the jubilee line. Here are some photos of our travel.

14004_10205422835719801_2736282551104991165_n 14022_10205422826959582_354071113171365599_n 14022_10205422833119736_1955948214227026425_n

64754_10205422846560072_3822799738533646270_n 560236_10205422847160087_6315166945304701296_n 1743604_10205422820279415_718384548645644309_n

1897935_10205422849080135_430408898528033662_n 10174815_10205422836439819_8653227645095007710_n 10346223_10205422846080060_299339872426941637_n

10306737_10205422824079510_1449758998339356973_n 10367601_10205422849680150_2941903644858828971_n 10801732_10205422837559847_461442632355174888_n

10734213_10205422836999833_8541309831466651290_n 10712969_10205422844800028_184015369553229078_n 10425524_10205422835319791_3108931201863496716_n

10689568_10205422842839979_6041685409223533141_n 10408655_10205422848600123_4965902028288410257_n 10502061_10205422834439769_970917694347724981_n


image (5) image (14) image (17)

image (15) image (13) image (9)

image (8) image (7) image (3)

This helped me to see in what ways I could engage my idea more towards the public. This could be doing a documentary of my develops and struggles through epilepsy and see what people’s comments would be towards it. Going on these explorative walks has helped me to develop and inform my project. This is because by travelling along with someone who is up for venturing different areas of London it has allowed me to extend/ go beyond of the borders and become more of a risk taker. Also by listening to songs such as Sam Smith Restart and Stay With Me.

By engaging closely with that song it has allowed me to make more decisions into how I would like to engage my condition more with the audience. This can involve asking people how they feel when they see an epileptic seizure taking place. From that experience I can connect these emotions within different forms of artwork to represent anger, nervous, anxious and speechless. This could depend on how harshly I use paint and in what way I want it to become more emotional towards the audience because of this.  For example this piece which becomes very powerful because of the way I have thrown and worked so intensely into the paper.


Also it has allowed me to think about more combining of different materials such as wood, ceramics, paint and charcoal and see how they would work together. By doing more sketches of hands it has allowed me to have more of an understanding with hands and the meaning into why people put their hands in different positions.


Having explored the Green Lanes farmers market it gave me such a pleasing experience due to the way that everyone was collaborating with each other.  By walking through the famers market it allowed me to venture different aspects of food from a variety of countries such as England, France, Italy and Spain etc. In my view by doing this it has allowed me to make some more decisions towards my artwork. This involves making my work more collaborative towards the audience. In that sense it allows me to see in a range of ways how people respond to my interpretation of epilepsy and want to represent it towards people. This could involve a number of techniques and processes such as representation, abstraction, surrealism, illusion, scale, figure and context, translation and transcription. These are some images I took from the market I ventured on a lovely Autumn day.

149381_10205428677865851_4312521135588040618_n 10547468_10205428678825875_6030601144745754810_n 10805814_10205428678265861_2188379708022132827_n

10322750_10205428681385939_2478411177090960206_n 1920140_10205428679265886_4500236795545442542_n 10482195_10205428679585894_1030365752556872018_n

10801941_10205428681745948_3088308373716617995_n 10806214_10205428678505867_190190148651565390_n 10710859_10205428680385914_1884784779487878413_n

Furthermore i’m currently developing the movement of hands within my work. By using the idea of hands it helps because it is allowing me to see my reaction when I have an epileptic condition. With the use of different colours such as reds, yellows, whites and oranges and deciding to blend them together. It has allowed me to transform my personality and more about myself within the paintings that I am currently producing. Also by working on the movements and flexibility of hands it allows me to see how I can develop the communication and response the hands have towards the public. This allows the public to question things like:-

  • How does the hands respond to you as a person facing this condition?
  • In what ways does the hands show a meaning?
  • How does the connection of meaningfulness respond to your condition with the use of the hands?
  • What emotions come out of the hands?

By going to the artist talk by David Cotterrell it was very interesting listening to his talk because of the way he would use certain aspects of society like war, train developments and the transforming world. It was very inspiring into seeing how he would create a range of different structures in China for example, the smaller structures of shanghai and then create a series of them which would then reflect different areas of the city. In my view, by going to this talk it helped me to have a think about, in what ways would I like to reflect and transform how I see my condition within my artwork. His talk made me question myself into saying things for example:

  • How could I show the act of movement of hands within a painting to represent the epileptic seizure?
  • What types of movement show I use to represent my condition?
  • How could I represent the idea of sadness, depression, anxiety, nervous, not controlled within the structure of the hands?
  • What materials should I use to present this idea towards the audience?

Within listening to David Cotterrell’s art talk it inspired me to take new changes within my work for example, creating a range of different movements within my work. This involved the use of doing a range of paintings which represented my emotions towards my condition with the involvement of hands. Furthermore by using a range of different paints it allowed me to express the idea of anger, depression, happiness, sadness, pain etc. It also allowed me to question my work and demonstrate why I wanted to use these specific materials within my work. Also it helped me to demonstrate what I should focus more on for example, what helps the work to stand out more and in what ways could I make it more engaging towards the audience. I came up with questions such as,

  • In what areas does the paint within the work demonstrate my feelings and emotions towards the audience?
  • How has my work made the audience more informed with the way my condition treats me as an individual?
  • In what ways could I expand more on the condition of epilepsy?

Here are some examples of my work that I am currently developing

10636153_10205450083800986_1460895279087340102_n 10402546_10205450086441052_3418917005835018494_n 10430828_10205450085761035_6220138804801217920_n

10428620_10205450085281023_8218715884569371656_n 10616698_10205452018329348_2404946927566662682_n 10686923_10205450120721909_4925810594493004199_n

10685584_10205450083440977_9187099559385703620_n 10013971_10205450828139594_7033419300720987464_n 10429401_10205450688736109_6353716999293775040_n

The theory lectures and seminars have really helped me to develop my work further. This is because by going to the theory lectures such as, formalism, Black Arts Movement, dematerialisation and minimalism. They have made me understand art more due to the ideas of objects creating different forms and shapes, taking objects and making things organic and not lost. Also by going to the “Around Painting seminars, it has allowed me to look further into painting, analysing the richness and purity of painting. In the addition the seminars has made me look more into things such as, frame, time, skin, text, screen, form and pixel of painting. By doing this it has allowed me to question myself on aspects such as,

  • Does my artwork fit around any of the themes such as, frame, time, skin, text, screen, form and pixel of painting?
  • If so in what way or style does it do this?
  • From any of the lectures based on formalism, dematerialisation, minimalism and Black Arts Movement. Does your style of painting fall into any of these categories?
  • In what way would you transfer any of these themes within your work?

Also by going to group tutorials and discussing what we are currently working on and what ways we would like to display our ideas towards the audience. It has allowed me to have a further think into my work this is because by hearing people’s views on their work. For example, Helen talking about being interested in landscape and nature, liking images that come out wrong and talking about anonymous connections- has a meaning towards someone else. Ruby interested into the practicality, bringing objects together, pushing things together and looking into the physicality of objects.  This has allowed me to push my idea of making people more aware of condition by looking into the physically and practicality of how my condition affects my everyday lifestyle.

Here are some examples of drawings I have done representing the movement, the physically of how my hands respond when a epileptic condition is taking place.

10174910_10205445438964868_7863581321164104458_n 1235004_10205445438724862_3461049562475472794_n 10299922_10205445438404854_8818823619526389999_n

Furthermore by going to talks at the Tate Britain and the William Morris Gallery. It allowed me to have a further inspired into abstraction both with a political way and a British Pop Art way. The lecture by Eric de Chassey at the Tate Britain gallery inspired me. This is due to the fact that he was talking about Pop Artists such as Richard Smith, Robyn Denny, Sam Francis, Barnett Newman etc. This allowed me to have more of an acknowledgement about the artists and see how they allowed emerged decisively. Also have a taste of the different periods of Pop Art abstraction from figurative pop art to abstraction. Furthermore understanding the artistic freedom the artists all had, the relationship (the source of their ideas), the reprocesses and re-communications this period of artists had towards one another.

One the other hand, by going to the William Morris Gallery and going to the talk based on “Is Fashion to die for”. It was a totally different concept and response towards art. This is due to the fact of focusing on the way that Alke Schmidt represented her work through politics and wanted to show what is happening to women working in sweatshops and not gaining the justice that they deserve.

One could argue by looking at both talks abstraction gives the sense of freedom because of the way artist’s allow themselves to express there ideas widely which makes the viewer become more of a discover within the paintings. In contrast within Alke Schmidt’s work the audience gains a sense of emotion and anger qualities within the paintings because the women are not being treated fairly, they are not getting the wages they deserve. One could also argue that everyone is looking to everyone from different angles for responsibility which initially shows that the communication and social stands is very poor towards women working in sweat shops.

Here are some examples of Alke schmidt’s work:

13157_10205452361017915_2752278229125165178_n 11396_10205452359737883_4316201797228905346_n 10299524_10205452358497852_204582418787192072_n

10389011_10205452358857861_6606391890341029100_n 10410682_10205452357697832_2059870433648058442_n 984247_10205452357177819_7912713268433064400_n

I’m really inspired by at MA artist currently studying at Chelsea College of Arts. I’ve recently watched a video on his work of mark-making. I’m really intrigued by the use of the way he has become open-minded with the use of mark-making. He has done this in a very interesting and organic way. By blindfolding himself he has allowed his hands to become the movement of art. This is shown by the way he moves his hands across the wood and demonstrates his movement of the hands quite freely across the wood. In a way he has cleverly demonstrated the flexibility of free approaches towards art when using a range of materials within his work. I have learnt from the materials he has used such as, charcoal, ink and oil pastel to become more free minded with the artistic processes I use. The video has encouraged me to blend a range of different materials together such as, wood and canvas and see in what way they interact with each other.

Here is the example of his video that he has recently produced.

By visiting the Gerhard Richter exhibition at the Marian Goodman Gallery. I really enjoyed the use of colours that he uses within his paintings, the sense of movement you see within the foreground, background and middle-ground. Furthermore by going to this exhibition it has allowed me to look into a new process within my work. This can revolve around the idea of using deeper layers of colours and allowing myself to become one with the paintings I decide to produce.

1515003_10205463719741876_8223268015343595275_n 1010148_10205463717581822_7217732934175182449_n 149392_10205463718061834_2335483470597807135_n

524157_10205463713701725_4971329428990069433_n 560191_10205463712701700_4920168584014806302_n 934848_10205463714861754_8487750166452333814_n


I feel that my idea has developed because by looking at the concepts of Gerhard Richter’s work, it has allowed me to focus and become more open-minded towards the way I approach my work.  This can involve the use of looking into different textures of paint and seeing the connections it has towards another colour I may use.  I have made this decision because I want the audience to see how open and free-minded I can be about my condition and how I would like to represent it through the style of my work.

934848_10205463714861754_8487750166452333814_n 1526439_10205463715821778_1856765807757723997_n 1798615_10205463711141661_9126687220349462729_n

1907304_10205463719061859_4382965231945261965_n 1959747_10205463713101710_2876220628377344904_n 10313702_10205463712341691_649482704739923684_n


The contextual research has helped me to develop my ideas further because I like taking new approaches towards things that I am currently developing. By focusing on the style that Gerhard richter uses it has allowed me to open up my feelings more and evolve the public more into the pain and anger that I am feeling about my epileptic condition.

10387613_10205463716221788_4942286329846483473_n 10419378_10205463714021733_6337750744169377355_n 10410953_10205463710781652_6924928329110735025_n

10421227_10205463717101810_6135597743895249527_n 10426739_10205463715181762_8070219736217501641_n


These are some examples of sketches I did whilst observing Gerhard Richter’s work

1466294_10205463746502545_960554466335681890_n 10526147_10205463746822553_8035251454196888645_n 10711138_10205463745782527_5782285505297425572_n

Furthermore by going to the National Gallery to visit the Pedar Balke exhibition, I was really fascinated by the way he painted many different types of landscapes that were based on different situations around his time. By looking into the thickness of the pain he used, I really enjoyed the thickness, richness and textural aspects of his artwork. The contextual research has helped me to develop my work because it has allowed me to expand my epileptic condition into different aspects of societies for example, displaying it within a landscape and creating a narrative behind it. What I have learnt about the materials and processes he has used, is the way he has used delicate and harsh use of paint to create a variety of emotions within his artwork. This has allowed me show this within my work and see in what ways I can use harsh and delicate uses of paint within my work to display the idea of tension, pain, anger, frustration etc.  These are some examples of his work.

64784_10205463924707000_5268051169245499120_n 1377328_10205463926307040_7266937679014771516_n 1488783_10205463927027058_3647894297878527396_n

1610821_10205463928627098_464506054526073249_n 10418844_10205463927347066_3565333055904743081_n 10612983_10205463921266914_5252463480583563604_n


Also by visiting the Jonas Burgert exhibition that was really interesting the use of colour, tone, focal and textural elements he used within his paintings instantly grabbed my attention. It immediately responded to the way I could represent my epileptic condition within my artwork.  By using this contextual research it has allowed me to show more of my emotions within my artwork and not be afraid of what the public may think. The style that Jonas Burgert uses fascinates me into adding a dramatic effect within my work. This could involve the use of adding darker colours within my work to show the acts of tension, frustration, not controlled and depression that my epileptic condition puts on me. Here are some examples of his work.

1656242_10205465905676523_1428868285530056759_n 10352822_10205465907116559_1508582773611932465_n


I’ve also looked into artists such as Crystal Wagner and her use of overlapping and creating different collages using paper and cut outs from different objects.  In my view by looking into artists such as, Crystal Wagner, Pedar Balke, Jonas Burgert it has allowed me to expand more on my thoughts and feelings and see how I can that these ideas through my artwork.  What I have learnt about the materials used in these processes are the way that you don’t have to be illustrative about one particular idea or subject. You can expand and create a variety of ideas that you are currently feeling and see where it takes you. In my view be as experimentive and expressive as you want to be, its you , your the artist and to me I would like the viewer to feel as connected and engaged with the current artworks that I am producing. Here are some example’s of Crystal Wagner’s work.

By following the styles of these artists such as Crystal Wagner, Pedar Balke, Gerhard Richter and Jonas Burgert which I have recently looked into. It has allowed me to become more expansive and creative with the work that I have been producing. In my view by following in the styles of these artists it has allowed my work to develop further. When I look back on previous work that I have done, I can see how it has developed in a way that now it is open-minded, free , showing a way of possibilities that could be used, showing the emotions that I feel daily.  In addition when making decisions about my work at one point it did give me kind of a art block but then when listening to music by artists such as Sam Smith. Here are some songs by the sensational artist.

By listening to these songs it allowed me to become more free about my thoughts and feelings. When having feedback from my tutor that really helped because I felt that I had a connection with my tutor because it was really good to have conversations with Amanda and express my feelings in many different ways. In a way I found it quite relaxing because I went for how I was feeling and thinking, didn’t plan it too much and didn’t follow a specific structure, just went with the flow. Furthermore by having a conversation with my tutor it allowed me to see that  I don’t have to be illustrative about my condition, I can go for what  I am feeling and seeing at the time. Also I can let the audience become more engaged with my work and see what my responses are to the the pieces that I have created.  In a way by looking through the processes and materials I have used to create these pieces of works, it has allowed me to see that I have changed a direction and could say I have taken a leap. By doing this it has allowed me to take as many directions within fine art, keep on keep and keep, never stop and see where your artwork takes you.

These are some examples of my current work

553257_10205491329352099_3268408331346683791_n 604130_10205489942477428_4273779484936397603_n 988423_10205490581773410_12215983901622369_n

1491613_10205491328112068_4655389157346601552_n 1896907_10205490582973440_2222542198603316285_n 10342934_10205491319831861_6920030655235695247_n


Within developing these ideas it has allowed me to become more free minded into the way I would like to express my ideas towards the public. I would like the public to be engaged and express what they are feeling at the time towards my work and see what meanings or ideas they get from the pieces of work that I decide to produce has a final piece (s).  To me the things that stand out most in this project are, the use of space I have used within certain parts of the piece (s) i’ve created. Also the colour red tends to stand out a lot because it can represent the idea of pain but at the same time it can also represent ideas such as, new change,  confusion, freedom etc.

Furthermore by going to the talk by Andrea Francke it grabbed my attention instantly because I enjoyed the way she worked on getting certain nurseries to stay open, fought for what she thought was right and getting the public involved. This relates to my work in a way due to the idea that I am trying to make my artworks interact with the public and see how they can relate to it in their own way whether it’s personally, emotionally, politically etc. Here are some example of Andrea Francke’s work:

in addition by working collaboratively with other students within the UAL universities it has allowed me to become both collaborative and independent at the same time. By working with one of the students from LCF Iwa Christianna on her project which is based on an editorial which is based on childhood and incorporating art doodles into the final editorial images. I was really happy when she involved me in her project because this allowed me to become more open-minded and gain credit about what I could create in response to her idea. These are some example of what I created.

IMG_20141116_182501927 IMG_20141116_182559274


Also by relating to previous projects that I have taken part in with other young people at the William Morris Gallery. It has helped me to build up my confidence when talking to people in public. Having the group tutorials where we can express our thoughts and feelings within the sub-conscious and conscious mind. It has allowed me as a young artist to keep on going, keep on pushing myself forward into the development of our ideas. In addition by having the group tutorials, one to one tutorials and the visiting tutorials. It has helped and encouraged me to allow the experimentation of my ideas to take its own course, see how ideas change and become fresh time over time and see in what way both myself and the public adapt to them. This is an example of the exhibition where one of my paintings will be exhibited in the William Morris Gallery. The Young Curators decided to use my painting for the poster and the posters will be marketed all around Waltham forest.


Furthermore by developing my work further by looking at other artist’s work such as,  J.M.W. Turner and the way he uses a variety of layers of paint and blurs and textures a variety of areas within his work. It has allowed me to follow in this style/ technique and see how it can connect more towards my thoughts and feelings and the next level (pathway) that the work will follow in.  What I have learnt from the materials is the way to explore and discover the materiality behind the materials I have used and see in what way they connect with one another. Also I have enjoyed using these techniques that J.M.W Turner (late works- in the Tate) has used because it has allowed me to engage more into my thoughts and feelings and find out the similarities and differences between them.  Here are some example of his work:-

In my view it has helped my work to develop because it has allowed me as a developing artist to see how I can express my emotions more and feel free to express them in what ever way possible. Here are some examples of my work.

1452470_10205504578003307_2037117185353214986_n 10805781_10205505048815077_4232876664488422733_n 10801987_10205504577603297_7792705010996435822_n

10731056_10205505051335140_8016462213504634660_n 10703829_10205504666405517_7019246206047827268_n 10698394_10205504576723275_7176339744982645185_n

10696245_10205504574163211_2615717860695061677_n 10653274_10205504579363341_3029477053166563551_n 10620655_10205504578883329_2540794731673093893_n


Furthrermore by developing my work even further it got me looking more into J.M.W Turner’s late work and how I could develop my work using that style.  What I have learnt from the materials that I have used such as oil paints are, the way that oil paint moves across paper and in what way you can explore and play around with the material. I have also learnt how to be free with the thickness and richness of the oil paints. When applying the oil paints to the paper it allowed me to see what connections I could create to revolve around the idea of thoughts and emotions. I would definitely continue using the style of Turner because I like how the artist is very free and open-minded towards his work and how he interacts with his own styles to engage to the public into what he would like to portray. 10806437_10205511443854949_786917646832666052_n 10377262_10205512357117780_4129508924617386237_n 10419497_10205512356757771_3774963689770969828_n


In my view by working with the style that J.M.W Turner works in it has allowed me to become more free and open-minded towards the way that I portray my thoughts towards the viewer. By working with a range of primary, secondary and tertiary colours it has allowed me to become more explorative into the way that I use the colours. Also by responding to J.M.W Turner’s work it has allowed me to experience new styles and techniques to expand and broaden my knowledge of the art world. In my opinion I would definitely like to continue these styles and techniques to allow me to see in what way or form it may turn into. This could be changed into a sculpture, a 3D dimensional object, installation etc. I’m very happy with the way that my final piece came out because it allowed me to reveal my inner emotions and thoughts. It helped me to reveal my true original self and not be afraid of what other people may think.

10689985_10205547608399040_5436064032853353179_n 10734125_10205554055680218_1781808294117799889_n 1690619_10205554054760195_3964629542481135756_n

Visiting the stunning ICA

It was brilliant visiting the ICA because it gave me so much inspiration for the types of artwork I’m interested. This involves the idea of abstraction, manipulation and large scale paintings/ drawings. By visiting the “Beware Wet Paint” exhibition I got connected in the way how the artists displayed their work and the way it was placed within the gallery. Furthermore by walking into each section of the room it was like both rooms were telling a story. This is because as you moved from one painting to another it was like their was an elegant of energy flowing from each one. Furthermore by looking through each of the ideas from artists such as, Korakrit Arunanodchai, Isabelle Cornaro, Jeff Elrod, Nikolas Gambaroff, Parker Ito, David Ostrowski, Pamela Rosenkranz, Ned Vena and Christopher Wool.

10176136_10205394380328434_5085774251364056426_n 10013979_10205394381208456_2221902699294725097_n 10373635_10205394381008451_2191099301454757349_n

All of the artist’s work inspired me in a way in of the use of spray paint, burnt images, acrylic paint. This is demonstrated the way they wanted to convey their ideas towards the public. Each and every one of the artist’s did this very cleverly. The reason I say this is because since the title of the exhibition says “Beware Wet Paint”. When you enter the room you see paint but in every one of the artist’s paintings the idea of paint is portrayed in a different way. The idea of paint is seen through spray paint, burnt images, cartoon characters and some of the paintings have been painted very softly, whilst others have been layered over and over again to have a deep and rich texture about them.

1450257_10205394379568415_6499647571321430512_n 10659177_10205394381848472_634199712937344002_n 10730990_10205394379048402_1118934966917373677_n

This gallery has been located where it is because it wants to attract more tourists towards the area. This is due to the fact that the gallery is a representation of an art school . It wants to find and give the idea towards the public to become part of the gallery as if they are now art students following a journey of an artistic paradise. Also when you at the other landmarks and amenities situated in the area such as, WhiteHall, Trafalgar square, Charing Cross etc. They instantly attract tourists to the area because of the way that it is such a pleasing and diverse environment. In my view they also impact the gallery (ICA) well because of the way that it becomes such a calming and exciting environment to explore because no matter where you look they is always a new pathway to explore.

In my view I believe that people are encouraged to act inspired towards towards the area because it always feels different no matter what season it is. Now at the moment since its autumn, it has quite a smooth and elegant feel about it which makes you feel calm towards the area where the gallery is placed in. Furthermore by having an adventure within the area it allows more people to become more motivated and intrigued into discovering what’s out there.

Here are some examples of my art practice:-

1779739_10205386563893028_8660179096906005197_n 1797366_10205386377168360_8639019724747405474_n 10526016_10205386376928354_5718565816037115344_n

By relating by to my own art practice it has allowed me to see how I can correspond my ideas to the artist’s that I have seen in the ICA. My ideas are mainly situated by making people more aware of different situations happening in our world towards. It is also the idea of making people more aware of medical conditions, political conditions, social issues etc. So by looking through the way that certain artists such as, Korakrit Arunanodchai, Isabelle Cornaro, Jeff Elrod presented their ideas. It has allowed me to become more expressive about my work and become more of a risk taker when developing my ideas. These are some examples relating both to the artist’s techniques and the way in which of how I work.

1380329_10205387218749399_6968175842253567221_n 1526833_10205387634679797_6683159795733084032_n 1509916_10205387154427791_2063565618797417270_n 1910604_10205387280430941_5782834371641406074_n 1911894_10205387630319688_7036060956346321621_n 10350333_10205387629239661_6184713009487159548_n 10353585_10205387570438191_8268848103789996561_n 10603561_10205387156787850_3336574946709437333_n 10712817_10205387632599745_5095826341327369639_n

The New Tottenham Ploughmans Market- Day of the Dead Festival

Today was an interesting day visiting a close area to where I live which is the famous downhills park. Having visited the Tottenham Ploughmans market it made me become interested in the different activities they had going on there. These activities involved drum playing, a variety of different market stalls selling wood baked pizza’s cheeses and breads. By coming to this area it allowed me to see how the public were encouraged to act in this particular space.  This was demonstrated through the live music playing which had involved the use of different instruments such as, the ukulele. This allowed me to see how people were having fun within the musical vibes being played within different sections of the festival.


Furthermore by seeing how people were encouraged to act within this particular area. This allowed me to see and discover a range of different emotions happening all at once or within an inch of a second. This has allowed me to refer back to my practice and the way that I may use a range of materials such as oil paints, charcoal and pens and see how I could convey my emotions towards how I feel about my epileptic condition.  Also by listening to the live music it allowed me to connect myself to the way it was being demonstrated and played towards the public.  In my view it allowed me to see the way I could connect my feelings and my emotions towards the live music. Furthermore this is allowed me to see how I could use these emotions and feelings within my work to allow the audience to see the personal and emotional aspects that I see within my epileptic condition.

10632622_10205340567143138_3075301732915522443_n 1782066_10205296943932585_7174550252891039971_n 1900175_10205332651225245_8817754176040852940_n 10336612_10205340607344143_642016298239061224_n 1926891_10205354253125279_1441942675248956019_n 1620927_10205297281701029_1615110104417171021_n

16113_10205378588853657_4861189476799746416_n 10153710_10205378586733604_6104895716592256652_n 10408938_10205378586053587_5578689449579395562_n

In addition by visiting the day of the dead market it allowed me to think why might this particular market be located in Tottenham? My answer would be because it is trying to make Tottenham become more trending and diverse towards other areas situated in the area. Another idea is that it is trying to make the area become more collaborative so that many different cultures and ethnics can join together to bring different ideas. By thinking about this idea further it has allowed me to see how I can focus on different forms of representing the idea of epilepsy and see how different cultures and ethnics would respond to it.

Having different Victorian houses and cafes around the area of Downhills park and Tottenham. This impacts the area because it allows the public to see how both old and new aspects of Tottenham combine together to reinforce new things such as farmers markets. Furthermore by having a range of sporting activities such as tennis, this also has an impact on the area because of the way that after you have had a good round of tennis you can hop to the cafe right across. Also by going to the Day of the Dead festival today whilst it was wet, nevertheless it was good to see how the different stalls selling different things grouped together and distributed their ideas towards the public encouraging them to take part in the festive activities.

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Here’s more information about the Tottenham Ploughmans Day of the Dead Festival:-