The New Tottenham Ploughmans Market- Day of the Dead Festival

Today was an interesting day visiting a close area to where I live which is the famous downhills park. Having visited the Tottenham Ploughmans market it made me become interested in the different activities they had going on there. These activities involved drum playing, a variety of different market stalls selling wood baked pizza’s cheeses and breads. By coming to this area it allowed me to see how the public were encouraged to act in this particular space.  This was demonstrated through the live music playing which had involved the use of different instruments such as, the ukulele. This allowed me to see how people were having fun within the musical vibes being played within different sections of the festival.


Furthermore by seeing how people were encouraged to act within this particular area. This allowed me to see and discover a range of different emotions happening all at once or within an inch of a second. This has allowed me to refer back to my practice and the way that I may use a range of materials such as oil paints, charcoal and pens and see how I could convey my emotions towards how I feel about my epileptic condition.  Also by listening to the live music it allowed me to connect myself to the way it was being demonstrated and played towards the public.  In my view it allowed me to see the way I could connect my feelings and my emotions towards the live music. Furthermore this is allowed me to see how I could use these emotions and feelings within my work to allow the audience to see the personal and emotional aspects that I see within my epileptic condition.

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In addition by visiting the day of the dead market it allowed me to think why might this particular market be located in Tottenham? My answer would be because it is trying to make Tottenham become more trending and diverse towards other areas situated in the area. Another idea is that it is trying to make the area become more collaborative so that many different cultures and ethnics can join together to bring different ideas. By thinking about this idea further it has allowed me to see how I can focus on different forms of representing the idea of epilepsy and see how different cultures and ethnics would respond to it.

Having different Victorian houses and cafes around the area of Downhills park and Tottenham. This impacts the area because it allows the public to see how both old and new aspects of Tottenham combine together to reinforce new things such as farmers markets. Furthermore by having a range of sporting activities such as tennis, this also has an impact on the area because of the way that after you have had a good round of tennis you can hop to the cafe right across. Also by going to the Day of the Dead festival today whilst it was wet, nevertheless it was good to see how the different stalls selling different things grouped together and distributed their ideas towards the public encouraging them to take part in the festive activities.

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Here’s more information about the Tottenham Ploughmans Day of the Dead Festival:-

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