Visiting the stunning ICA

It was brilliant visiting the ICA because it gave me so much inspiration for the types of artwork I’m interested. This involves the idea of abstraction, manipulation and large scale paintings/ drawings. By visiting the “Beware Wet Paint” exhibition I got connected in the way how the artists displayed their work and the way it was placed within the gallery. Furthermore by walking into each section of the room it was like both rooms were telling a story. This is because as you moved from one painting to another it was like their was an elegant of energy flowing from each one. Furthermore by looking through each of the ideas from artists such as, Korakrit Arunanodchai, Isabelle Cornaro, Jeff Elrod, Nikolas Gambaroff, Parker Ito, David Ostrowski, Pamela Rosenkranz, Ned Vena and Christopher Wool.

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All of the artist’s work inspired me in a way in of the use of spray paint, burnt images, acrylic paint. This is demonstrated the way they wanted to convey their ideas towards the public. Each and every one of the artist’s did this very cleverly. The reason I say this is because since the title of the exhibition says “Beware Wet Paint”. When you enter the room you see paint but in every one of the artist’s paintings the idea of paint is portrayed in a different way. The idea of paint is seen through spray paint, burnt images, cartoon characters and some of the paintings have been painted very softly, whilst others have been layered over and over again to have a deep and rich texture about them.

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This gallery has been located where it is because it wants to attract more tourists towards the area. This is due to the fact that the gallery is a representation of an art school . It wants to find and give the idea towards the public to become part of the gallery as if they are now art students following a journey of an artistic paradise. Also when you at the other landmarks and amenities situated in the area such as, WhiteHall, Trafalgar square, Charing Cross etc. They instantly attract tourists to the area because of the way that it is such a pleasing and diverse environment. In my view they also impact the gallery (ICA) well because of the way that it becomes such a calming and exciting environment to explore because no matter where you look they is always a new pathway to explore.

In my view I believe that people are encouraged to act inspired towards towards the area because it always feels different no matter what season it is. Now at the moment since its autumn, it has quite a smooth and elegant feel about it which makes you feel calm towards the area where the gallery is placed in. Furthermore by having an adventure within the area it allows more people to become more motivated and intrigued into discovering what’s out there.

Here are some examples of my art practice:-

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By relating by to my own art practice it has allowed me to see how I can correspond my ideas to the artist’s that I have seen in the ICA. My ideas are mainly situated by making people more aware of different situations happening in our world towards. It is also the idea of making people more aware of medical conditions, political conditions, social issues etc. So by looking through the way that certain artists such as,┬áKorakrit Arunanodchai, Isabelle Cornaro, Jeff Elrod presented their ideas. It has allowed me to become more expressive about my work and become more of a risk taker when developing my ideas. These are some examples relating both to the artist’s techniques and the way in which of how I work.

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