BA Fine Art Exhibition Show- 2/12/14

The BA Fine Art exhibition show was definitely one that I was truly inspired by. This is because there were so many inspiring pieces of art that truly amazed me due to the fact of the various styles of painting, photography, installations used within the exhibition. As I walked around the exhibition it was amazing how many pieces instantly grabbed your attention and would have you question them. To me some of the questions that came up were, why were they colours used? why was it placed like this? What intentions and aims did these artists have to come to this final conclusion? By coming to these various amount of questions it allowed me to relate back to my own work and see in what ways would I like to take it further. Here are some of the works that I was deeply inspired by.

10846088_10205589510606569_8686474301101123365_n 10846423_10205589500726322_2440955750071917273_n 10846343_10205589454485166_677921011518994276_n

10846399_10205589457605244_2380039314926430266_n10845965_10205589477725747_4169280554529744180_n 10609534_10205589460165308_6848155444463674787_n


When looking through I variety of different pieces it was great looking at how various types of intensity and soft qualities had been used within the works. Furthermore when listening to some of the audio it allowed me to become more connected to the art who had produced the work which I found very organic and symbolic. The reason why I felt this was because it allowed me to feel the meaning of the work and see how original and personal the work was which I found very touching and emotional. Here are some more examples of some more work from the BA Fine Art Exhibition.

10460118_10205589506766473_1329334224417313603_n 1463916_10205589493846150_8295960975716966948_n 1506965_10205589466245460_7050630688599833704_n

1508176_10205589453525142_4595931021507675118_n 1510540_10205589464885426_1525902341004411755_n 1514599_10205589501966353_9176544719708033114_n


Furthermore when exploring around different parts of the exhibition from the triangle space to the cookhouse it allowed me to see how each part of the artworks told its own story which helped me to travel through different moments of time, lifestyles and memories. In addition by doing this it allowed me to gain a range of different meanings and aspects of each piece of work and imagining how it different from stage 1 to the final outcome.  In my view I really liked how some of the pieces had a cinematic feel towards them and allowed you to interpret your own story towards them. Here are some more examples from artwork in the BA Fine Art first year exhibition.

1908470_10205589468685521_3841243397194427064_n 10409728_10205589456285211_1928747387955796684_n 10423890_10205589471165583_7232260584411951949_n

10423652_10205589462965378_6055247566834796731_n 10421183_10205589470805574_5361038027784519997_n 10444402_10205589455245185_4701668720740997902_n


In my opinion I thought that the BA Fine Art exhibition was a huge success because of the diverse styles of art which were shown within the exhibition which hugely engaged me as I walked through each section of it. It was great listening to people’s conversations along the way which allowed me to see which aspects of art they liked and what questions they had towards it. The environment within the exhibition was quite inviting if I say myself because everyone engaged with everyone and it was great seeing how certain kinds of art engaged with each other and how everyone instantly engaged with each other. By experiencing this it allowed me to see how different types of art can be social, economic, political, environmental and can be displayed in many different ways to show how our society is developing more and more. Here are some more examples of works from the BA Fine Art Exhibition (Year 1).

1604696_10205589456685221_6841905924303644416_n 10175947_10205589477125732_7920900516469242206_n 10407500_10205589458845275_462608447220485519_n

10419005_10205589503926402_8167398937078595422_n 10393743_10205589494086156_6611671496550699874_n 1531597_10205589461565343_8745781744807380025_n

Also by doing this exhibition with other students on the course it has allowed me to broaden my knowledge on different ideas related to art and it has allowed me to become more of a risk taker when producing pieces of artwork. Furthermore by contributing to the exhibition it has allowed me to see what other pathways I can take to develop my work further and talking to other students on the course has also helped to contribute to it. In my view I really like how I can interact with different pieces of artworks, observe them closely and visual in my mind how they can develop further. Here are some more examples of other pieces of work from the BA Fine Art exhibition.

604164_10205593961557840_2085274343876830415_n 1441472_10205593954757670_4353078559932869808_n 1507773_10205589651610094_628147814817874433_n

1534287_10205593968078003_5194126012539210403_n 10264978_10205589975178183_8014545944937350633_n 10847905_10205593955757695_2182566471217191992_n

10848065_10205593968998026_6394903118451622521_n 10846260_10205589976578218_4115342990150389042_n 10730938_10205593955477688_2757761537624877859_n

10704189_10205589976178208_6393880723824388176_n 10451683_10205593967317984_6957880795062384192_n 1656074_10205593953837647_2684002537299818175_n

559639_10205594064560415_2479542067296463762_n 1513816_10205594067000476_2711155789103492963_n 1531578_10205594063080378_6400119572071988852_n

1527011_10205594066720469_4683617147590842207_n 1604753_10205594062600366_416268308384504413_n 10271469_10205594064200406_3722677397578218887_n

10377545_10205591087325986_6001800966792320266_n (1) 10848047_10205594062160355_4122045118093080343_n 10846437_10205594068120504_2611776062908139446_n

10846189_10205594063920399_6140269620726402393_n 10846183_10205594059120279_1178799709593965999_n 10846170_10205594065000426_8997077507962463649_n

10805774_10205594060040302_7646369027101358210_n 10801902_10205594067960500_1073700300258753438_n 10801546_10205589594168658_7254949739470613087_n

10801508_10205594062880373_6890839880438346404_n 10801879_10205594061760345_3224200000648356113_n 10665882_10205594063520389_4941438442677345214_n

By being part of the exhibition it helped me to gain a range of different experiences for example, collaborating with other students to make decisions about how works should be placed and how could the whole exhibition be displayed towards the viewer. In my view by doing this it allowed me to gain more confidence, have ideas about expanding and developing how exhibitions I do are going to be produced. In my opinion I would carry on these methods and engage more with sharing my ideas towards other students so that we all expand, develop and motivate ourselves to keep on generating more  great ideas.  Here are some example of my work from the exhibition taken from a range of different angles.

1795746_10205609215339175_4953656830950358687_n 1546291_10205609212899114_5599671516704405390_n 10689662_10205609215819187_1000470358480263543_n


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