Mirrorcity Exhibition Hayward Gallery- Southbank

Having the experience of the London artists at the Hayward Gallery, I really enjoyed experiencing different artworks which related to digital age and how humans responded to it. Having looked through various artists such as, Mohammed Qasim Ashfaq, Emma McNally, Michael Dean, Helen Marten etc. It allowed me to have a new and exciting vision of where I wanted to take my art next. Having looked at the precise effects of Mohammed’s work which looked like the human hand was not shown of the sculptures because of fascinating precision it demonstrated. It instantly due me to write about two of these artists (Mohammed and Emma) within my essay, which questioned, how does medium to an extent show the meaning within the experience of a piece of artwork? By relating these two artists to this question, it allowed me to research a various amount of videos, books, websites to see how I could dig deeper into this question (finding the purity).


Furthermore by visiting the Mirrorcity exhibition it allowed me to have an experience of artworks that I wouldn’t normally look into. By doing this it allowed me to question myself on things for instance, what types of new materials should I use? How broad could I be when encountering a new method which involved the idea of sculpture? It was fun questioning myself when going around the how exhibition because it allowed me to have different ideas popping up, which in my mind I would like to explore. I felt that it went well doing this, because it helped me to have an idea of what problems and successes I may come across when thinking about exploring the idea of sculpture.  In my view it made me think about combining both sculpture and painting together and see how that would turn out. It also allowed me to have a change to my work, become more explorative, don’t feel scared if something turns out wrong, keep on trying and never give up. What I have learnt about the materials and processes used by the artists is, the way some of them use precision to the upmost best so  that towards the viewer it seems sharp and clean. By learning this, it demonstrated to me to have a think about what decisions I may come across when experimenting with the idea of sculpture and in how many directions I would like to take this process in.

  • Would I use ceramics?
  • Would I combine a variety of processes to create a sculpture of the unexpected?
  • How would I like the sculpture to transform itself so that it communicates directly to the audience?
  • What communications would the audience gain from the sculpture I have created?
  • How many decisions would I make before coming to the final idea?
  • What problems would I encounter and how would I resolve them?
  • What should I focus on? How would I get of the narrow road I’m on?

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