Pick up a pencil workshop at the National Portrait Gallery (Saturday 20th December)

I really enjoyed doing the pick up a pencil workshop at the National Portrait Gallery. This is because, it allowed me to become more free on the ideas that I wanted to produce. By doing this workshop it allowed me to create an exploration of different styles of Christmas decorations that I wanted to show to the audience. With the use of different materials with the influence of William Morris, it allowed me to transform snowflakes with a variety of patterns that were given to us. I would carry on this idea further because it has helped me to move on and try out a different medium within sculptural ideas. In my idea by carry on practicing 3D sculptural elements it will allow me to feel more comfortable in what I am trying to show towards the audience.  Also by doing these ideas it has allowed me to not only base it on one theme for example “pain”, “isolation” etc. It has allowed me to become more explorative of my work and base it on what I feel within both my heart and mind. By doing this, it will allow me to get off the narrow road which I seem to be on at the moment and become more of a risk taker. No matter if things go work, don’t work out into the style I wanted it to be in at least I’ve had the experience and can get to what I’ve wanted. it’s about the purity, the ambition, the practice, the experience, is what I want to achieve. Here are some examples of the work I did at the National Portrait Gallery.

2014-12-20 17.32.41 2014-12-20 17.33.11 2014-12-21 16.34.19

2014-12-21 16.35.05 2014-12-21 17.24.13 2014-12-21 16.34.47


In my view by practicing these ideas it allowed me to break free because, it allowed me to have a stronger feel in encountering a new processes/ technique. My idea has developed because of the way that I decided to become more explorative of the way I created the snowflakes. This involved having a deeper look into the pattern of the snowflakes, how they followed on another, the style of the snowflakes and how they would all form together. I would use this approach again because, by practicing this idea through paper it has allowed me to have a think about, how would it look in ceramics, metal or wood.  The feedback from my tutor has been really helpful, this is due to the idea of becoming more expansive with my work meaning be more willing to take risks. Also even if it goes wrong from that idea see how it can be developed. I have questioned myself on ideas such as,

  • What would the relationship be between your work and the audience?
  • H ow would the audience engage in your work?
  • What responses would you get from the audience?
  • How can I be more informative about my work?
  • What approaches would I like to use again?
  • What elements might I discard?
  • What theories and ideas do I have towards the idea that I have made?

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