Taking Night photos in London :-)

I had so much fun taking night photos at night in London because it allowed me to expand more on the different aspects of taking photos in a variety of conditions around London. By taking these photos it allowed me to make references to various artist’s and photographers such as John Stezaker, Emma Mcnally and Laure Prouvost. In my view, by relating my photos to these artists and photographers styles of work, it allowed me to see later on how I could manipulate my work to have a response to the artist’s work. Furthermore it allowed me to question myself whilst taking these photos. In addition by relating my ideas to these artists it has helped me to question myself on certain aspects such as, what areas in London would I like to photograph in at night and why? It has allowed me to see what types of photographic technology would I use for example, canon camera’s, SLR camera’s. By looking more into these ideas it has demonstrated to me would I zoom in and out more?, would I take the shot from an angle?, would I fade it?, would I add movement to it? By taking these ideas on board it has helped me to look more into both the meaning ¬†and content of the work I do. In my opinion by doing this it will allow me to come across many different decisions to figure out what meaning I would like to have and what the purpose of the content is. Here are some examples of my night photos in London.

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