One place ten Chelsea College of Arts staff exhibition and other artistic developments of my work

Going to the Chelsea College of Arts staff exhibition private view in the Cookhouse, really inspired me because of the uses of a range of artistic techniques presented towards the audience which were both expressive and imaginative. Looking around at the paintings, photographs, installations, ceramics, textile artworks has inspired me to try out more ideas with a range of materials. This could involve the idea of collaboration, whether to present the materials I use within a public or private space and how would it communicate with the audience. Furthermore by going to the exhibition it allowed me to see other sides of the staff and how they communicate themselves within the artistic world. This involved the uses of brush marks, using larger or smaller scales to present their work, the idea of print making, using technical devices to display their work. Having had the experience of visiting this exhibition it has allowed me to see how I could start creating different connections within in my work and see how they play their part. This is because, in a way I would like to make my artwork meaningful and expressive and at the same time seeing what the interpretations the audience receive when looking at my work. Some of the questions that came to mind when looking at the exhibition are:-

  • In what ways/ how would I like the materials I use to interact with each other?
  • How would I like to make my work more diverse?
  • How would I like to explore the idea of ‘scales’ within my artwork?

What I have learnt fro the materials and processes the Chelsea staff exhibition showed is, the idea of using a variety of materials to display their ideas and create a diverse feel when looking at the artworks. Furthermore it has allowed me to try out some of the techniques within my own work and see what responses I receive from the audience. This could be due to the way, the style and the feel I create towards the artworks. Here are some examples of the artworks I took photos of.

10957678_10206133549207194_2801457095534442344_n 10950667_10206133555807359_2306402553750858862_n 10955201_10206133555407349_178968113302883992_n

10933867_10206133551647255_7920261273519509197_n 10947221_10206133540326972_2841421934847923905_n 10953979_10206133538166918_4805375304679672909_n

10945736_10206133556287371_1687890737937251554_n 10945537_10206133541046990_1069826104994300767_n 10945720_10206133544087066_3278201141751134082_n

10945572_10206133557407399_8670425490857013677_n 10945581_10206133547927162_1841517815194795373_n 10945526_10206133554087316_8903839552308050495_n

10945510_10206133554527327_7090838751653610411_n 10940993_10206133543247045_4234105647119148934_n 10940463_10206133542967038_2389293313462510945_n

10931415_10206133541447000_5501870862664729397_n 10923542_10206133544887086_3149648913253384564_n 10922631_10206133539926962_7379827351458961251_n



Throughout this week I have currently been looking into the idea of samurai’s, warriors and fighters because I have become interested in Japanese and Chinese artwork and would like to display the idea of defence. Furthermore by currently working on these works I have created it has also allowed me to look into the idea of clothing, what is the meaning behind wearing armour, is it to present the idea of protection, bravery, strength. In my view by looking also into the idea of clothing it can also present the idea of diversity and come up with questions such as,

  • Is the idea of clothing used as a sense of protection?
  • What is the meaning behind the idea of clothing?
  • Is the idea of clothing used as a barrier, a restricter, a sense of hiding behind something that you do not want others to know about?
  • What experiences does the audience receive when wearing a specific type of clothing?
  • What are the social or political experiences created from the idea of clothing?

Furthermore by watching the Kingsman:- the secret service this week this has also related to the idea of clothing and the artistic experimentations that I am currently working on. This is because by watching the film, seeing the idea of becoming a spy and the types of clothing they wear to make them unidentified as a spy. This has allowed me to see what types of materials could I use to present this idea towards the audience. In addition by creating and relating my ideas to films that I have currently looked into and looking into other artists who relate to the idea of clothing of the body, drawings and the extensions of the body. These artists involve, Kiki Smith, Matthew Barney, Tony Baran, Rebecca Horn, Lucy Orta and  Antoni Artnnd. This has allowed me to become more free minded when creating a range of drawings revolving around the idea of samurai’s, warriors, spies etc. Here are some examples of the current artworks that I have been working on and the trailer of the Kingsman: secret service film to give you a taster of what I am interested in at the moment.

10968495_10206142067500146_3432996578647596596_n 10956221_10206130690335724_1108849319312446351_n 10945053_10206130690575730_4623984708066206198_n



Developments of collages

I have been recently working on a range of different collages from a variety of images from magazines and seeing how they connect with one another and what relationships develop when using these images. When working with a range of images I feel like I have become more free-minded drew to the way I place them on the different materials I am using. The way that my idea has developed is through the idea of working with the ideas such as, memories and journeys and see how they can be transformed and seen in artworks. I have also decided to rip into the images, tear them apart, cut them and add them to other drawings to see how a new meaning can be developed due to the transformation that has been created. How I made my decisions whilst creating these collages was looking through ideas of people, styles and objects that I am interested in and seeing how they would combine together. I would ask myself questions such as:-

  • In what ways could these images combine together?
  • What kinds of transformations would I like to create and why?
  • How would I like the images to interact with each other?
  • What types of communications would I like to create within my ideas?
  • Would I like the pieces to have a personal or public feel about them?

What I have learnt about the materials and processes that I have used are, the ideas of becoming more of a risk taker when creating these works. By doing this it allows me to try a range of different combinations of materials together and see if they work or not. I have also learnt  from these materials and processes that I have used are allowing the viewer to have a sense of what’s going on and how I’m trying to create a story within the images that I am using. This can be either from the way I place the images, layering of different images and seeing how they create a meaning. Furthermore I have also learnt from the materials and processes that I have used are the idea of thinking whether I want the collages to be in a private or public space and how would I demonstrate these ideas towards the audience.

In my view, from looking at the developments I have currently worked on within this project, what I have found most successful is combining a range of different collages and images together and seeing how they interact with each other. It has also helped me to discover that I can fill the material(s) I am currently placing the images on in a variety of ways. It doesn’t necessarily have to cover the whole page, it can transform itself in a variety of ways to give demonstrate a range of meanings towards the audience due to the way that the images are placed. It was also great going to the “how’s it hanging workshop” today in cg10 because I really enjoyed the different techniques I learnt from Phil and how much he showed us within the time he had. Phil Rutter’s help definitely allowed me to learn about the basic tool kit, what types of screws are best from plasterboard walls, masonary walls and what types of screws are best for light and heavy duty hanging. Also from the session he has also encouraged me to feel less nervous about trying out the 3D, wood and metal workshops and see what I could gain from trying out those experiences. I have started to draw out images from figurative, to words etc and see in what ways I would like these to be developed within having an experience from each of these workshops. Here are some examples of the collages and other works that I have been developing in the studio’s so far.

10952133_10206125515846365_3349076469687350623_n 10947177_10206125035754363_3223258615830048303_n 10940406_10206125514006319_1993379918057740225_n

10491978_10206125512126272_8696708774995929860_n (1) 1508621_10206066837059432_7773883385181034509_n 1947608_10206066626014156_1359691553323638420_n



Developments of work- project 2 (memories and journeys) idea of collaboration

I have been really enjoying this week due to the fact of developing new ideas to do with collages, stories of people’s dream memories and seeing what the outcomes are. I am inspired by John Stezaker styles and techniques he uses within his artwork. This is due to the idea of the way he uses unwanted photographs and transforms them into stories from different stages of the time period. Furthermore by looking more into the style of John Stezaker it has allowed me to become more free-minded with my work due to the way I place a range of different images to tell a story of it’s own.

I feel that my idea has developed well due to the inspiration of John Stezaker because in a way I am challenging myself into how I choose to create the collages and what story or meaning it has behind it. What I have learnt from the materials and processes is to try out new experimentations when using chalk, charcoal, marker pens, pens, pencils etc. The way I have chosen to create the collages is very different to the way I drew the charcoal images I created. This is because I didn’t want to just stick to one method/ style, I wanted to expand on my ideas and see where it would take me next. Here are some examples of my developments.

544919_10206059945887157_3855933458981683010_n 1509111_10206059464515123_995644283920820842_n 1509942_10206060309376244_2100758856496604289_n

10178065_10206060505021135_6220655804256112718_n 10933777_10206060208053711_1772252668348756148_n 10940558_10206060040169514_4812661889645931453_n

10926460_10206060271135288_1272111399417809203_n 10931523_10206060149732253_3205426484704008305_n 10891782_10206059665000135_8247332165368469964_n

10599549_10206060351017285_663240987242496172_n 10348285_10206060081090537_2373120933552911589_n 10178065_10206060505021135_6220655804256112718_n

I’m thinking of developing more ideas evolving around the style that John Stezaker uses because then I can bend that with some of the other ideas that I am working on such as scenes from people’s imagination and creating it into a story. I have also become interested in the styles and techniques that Clunie Reid uses because of the way she uses photographs, black tape, marker pens, acetate and words to create a variety of stories. By looking through her work it has inspired me to try out this techniques. This is due to the idea of gathering the memories I have collected from UAL students/ friends and seeing how I can combine it within the style that Clunie Reid uses. Here are some example of Clunie Reid’s work.

I have started working on ideas involving a range of scenes which involve the idea of of beach scenes which ave a calm feel about it, the sky within the scene symbolising the idea of freedom. Having scenes split into so that the audience can develop a range of different feelings when looking at both sides of the story. Furthermore adding the idea of martial arts within the scene which could develop a 3D effect. By doing these different scenes and having a main image in the centre core of the artwork, in a way this develops the idea of journeys going through different periods and seeing the contrasts and differences within each scene. The feedback from tutors has helped me during this week because it has allowed me to work more in depth on the ideas that I would like to create. Here are some of the types of martial arts that I am interested in and would like to draw.

What I have found is that most of the ideas that I have developed have been successful due to the way that I had chosen to experiment with a range of different materials and see what the outcomes are. I have found that the decisions that I decided to use when working on a range of ideas within the start of the project have allowed me to become open-minded and going against the rules of just creating pretty pictures. It has helped me to demonstrate my ideas in many forms to create meanings, developments and expanding my ideas as much as possible either through photographs, drawings etc. Here are some of my developments that I am currently working on.

10933995_10206068854029855_476052289318244757_n 10933732_10206066627254187_6049349714208270132_n 10940495_10206080237394432_4899905909060926680_n

10923503_10206080237754441_5430969933764268262_n 10922659_10206080238874469_4485753797287286602_n 10356711_10206066626934179_7760585332515109968_n

By doing all these experimentations it has allowed me to question myself into how I would like to develop my idea further. Here are some of the questions I have been asking myself.

  • Which direction would I like my ideas to travel to next?
  • What other types of materials would I like to use?
  • Would I like to blend ideas together and see if they would correspond with each other?
  • What other methods of collaboration would I like to use?

Artist Talk :- John Stezaker

I really enjoyed the talk from John Stezaker today, it gripped me so much and connected well to the ideas that I am currently working on in the studio. The way that John uses famous faces from the past, redeems the image, uses unwanted images with the use of montage truly fascinates me. I love the way he has a crisp use of using scissors and immediately transforms the image into one whether using two images or a variety of images. In my view I feel that his work develops instantly as you look through the foreground, background and middle-ground. Furthermore by using the idea of transparency, dominant realities, surrealism, postal collage blending in with film it creates a variety of stories and realities which keep on transforming over and over. By the artist doing this each time the viewer looks at the images each time a new story is created depending on the way you look at the image.  In addition by the artist using triangular cuts, circular cuts, layering etc it allows the image to become more textural because it keeps building up and up. Here are a few examples of his work

His work links directly into the styles that I am working on because of the way that I would like to develop the idea of memory and show this through a variety of different ways. This could be through the use of collages, montages, drawings, stories and narratives blended in with collages. I feel that my idea has developed because i’m engaging myself more into experimenting with a range of different materials to form the idea of collages and see how they develop due to the use of different images I use. What I have learnt from the materials and processes that I have encountered is the range of stories that it can create due to the way that you decide to style the collage and what materials you decide to use to show to the viewer what you are currently experiencing. The artist talk and the exhibition (Mirrorcity) helped because it showed me a different perspective of how to see the world through a different reality. What I am going to focus more on now is seeing how I can combine images together in a variety of forms and transformations to tell a story. This could be depending on how it is arranged, what images are used to create this story and what could the viewer gain from looking at the images.

Here are some more examples of the work that I am interested in from the artist

Arts Attack Disobey: student takeover at the V&A and visiting other artworks around the V&A

It was brilliant going to the V&A exhibition based on a range of different installations and discussions based on the arts attack disobey. By visiting this exhibition it allowed me to look at different artworks from a different perspective. This is due to the way that a range of artists from the 6 UAL universities displayed their installations which involved the idea of driven protests, feminist tones, social and political regimes, interacting forces of Capitalism etc. This has allowed me to dig deeper into how I want to communicate my ideas towards the audience. This could be based on political and social regimes happening in the world at the moment,  challenging usual restrictions, going against the rules in a disobedient fashion. This exhibition has helped to push my work further because it has allowed me to focus on a range of different ideas that I am currently interesting in such as medical condition, political protests etc. In my view, it has allowed me to see how I can communicate my ideas in a different style for example a disobedient fashion (not expecting the particular idea) and seeing how the audience will interact with it.

Here’s more information about the artists that were involved in the exhibition and more information about the ideas behind the exhibition.

Furthermore by looking further into the responses that a range of artists from the UAL colleges had based on the idea of disobey/ protests it allowed me to see how they explored the idea further with the use of sculptures, shirts and writing things on them such as “crooks”, “cheats” etc. By doing these types of ideas they are cleverly showing how they are going against/ challenging the rules and seeing how they can interpret their own ideas in what they truly believe in. In addition it has allowed me to focus more on demonstrating my ideas in a range of different forms for example the idea of the unexpected and seeing how the audience will communicate towards the work. What I would like to change about my work is not making it look pretty, not focusing on one specific film but challenging my ideas to see what the end result would be. What I have learnt from the materials and processes that the artists have used is, the installations can be simplistic, complicated yet connect to the ideas of how to display the ideas through a “disobedient fashion”.

Here are some examples of the works within the exhibition.

10922501_10206026399648522_2116314486253089473_n 10923211_10206026399128509_9219214655045181549_n 10898256_10206026398328489_5490305912032863962_n

10917436_10206026397248462_8765560296166253817_n 10247211_10206026397568470_3136939108429877129_n


Furthermore having finished the Russian Avant-Garde Theatre, War, Revolution and design exhibition at the V&A. I found it quite interesting to see how different aspects of, performance, change, time, movement, space, colour, light and the body culturally and technically respond to the idea of challenging and fighting against the backdrop of the first world war. What I have learnt about the materials and processes used within the exhibition is the way how the idea of time and movement blend into one together through the use of character drawings to represent the struggles and difficulties that happened during the first world war period. Also through the use of different materials such as paint, pens, pencils etc the exhibition clearly informs the audience as to what contrasts and similarities the First World War demonstrated. I have discovered a new approach that I would like to try through looking at both exhibitions. The reason as to why I would is, I would like to try something different, the unexpected, the unknown and see what kinds of interactions and communications I could show towards the audience. Here are some examples of the articles/ artwork shown in the exhibition.


Expanding on idea for art exploration part 2

I am currently exploring my ideas for the exploration of my artwork for unit 2. I have firstly started to work with charcoal and see what kinds of images I could make using a range of different mark-making techniques. My ideas have developed by, experimenting with different features of the human face and creating finished and unfinished pieces. In my view, I believe that my ideas have been developing stage by stage because I have decided to explore different areas of both the human face and the human body and see in what ways I could create ideas involving collages, paintings, drawings, sculpture etc. I have decided to expand more out of the idea of only focusing on my medical condition and have decided to see in what ways I could involve things I am interested in into my own artwork. These could involve focusing on how the world is changing, stories that haven’t got a finished ending, how I could interpret the world into an artistic aspect. Having moved onto this unit it has allowed me to own up more and take new opportunities into showing my work towards the public and see how they would communicate or not communicate with the idea (s) I have created.

What I have learnt about the materials I have used is the different styles they can provide for example, the use of charcoal and experimenting with the ideas of breaking lines on paper, scratching, pulling charcoal and see what the outcome is. Having visited the Whitechapel gallery exhibitions which involved, “Adventures of the Black Square”, “Fiona Banner selects from the V-A-C Collection Stamp Out Photographie” and Bart Lodewijks White li(n)es”. They all inspired me into the development of my own work due to the way Bart Lodewijks created a range of lines in quiet suburbs to street surfaces in bustling city centres. It inspired within the next coming weeks to have a try out of them techniques within some of the drawings I do to see how they would connect and communicate with the ideas I do. Furthermore the “Adventures of the Black Square” also inspired me because of the way it corresponds to abstract art within society.  Also I would like to look deeper into the idea of abstraction which could do with the idea of buildings, pulling certain parts of human faces and seeing how they could be turned into a montage. Here are images from the exhibition of the artist’s work.

I chose to start doing these sketches and drawings to try out a range of different techniques using charcoal. When I started experimenting with charcoal I felt feel because I could take more risks within the way I chose to use the charcoal on paper. Furthermore by using this material it allowed me to see in what ways I could construct a range of images. I believe it has been successful because it has allowed me to more out of my comfort zone and create finished, unfinished and images that are still in the making and see were they develop to. I have discovered that I would like to use this approach again because it has allowed me to move further into the ideas that I am interested in and where I would like to take my artwork to. Here are some examples of my artwork.

10931492_10206004950752313_6807947386232556625_n 10940498_10206012262535103_264025893714546459_n 10922870_10206005524246650_7157932967319816292_n

10891470_10206005578608009_5036603070378689085_n 10906574_10206010824379150_3372200712907654985_n 10343500_10206011334591905_6752744038864441185_n


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

I really enjoyed going to see the curious incident of the dog in the night time. It instantly gripped me into the whole story-line of the play. I loved how Christopher’s brain (very extraordinary) indeed, showed how he was amazing at maths while being ill-equipped to interpret the everyday life. By Christopher going through a variety of stages such as, detesting being touched and distrusting strangers. In a way it allowed him to get involved in detective work which was forbidden by his father and takes Christopher on a frightening journey that turns his world into the complete opposite. In my view by watching this play it has allowed me to look at the world in so many viewpoints and not just focusing on one, investigating different aspects of the world and see what new discoveries I can come across and look more into. To me by going to see this play it was something out of the unexpected to me because sometimes I’m scared of trying something new. This play has instantly allowed me to try new things and yes if there are failures in the work I do I can build my knowledge and skills up and see where it leeds me to and how it leeds me to the successes that I want to achieve.

10300884_10205957916816494_7675072795829451184_n 10922456_10205957919416559_4744969847488143973_n 10897917_10205957918256530_8000001494768725187_n

In a way I feel like I’m in the position of Christopher by the idea of going through journeys that I didn’t expect to come across because I had never thought of the idea to venture into them but now I do. The materials that I have learnt from the play is the idea of body language, the idea of not speaking which can reveal how the person feels due to their emotional reactions. I have also discovered the different types of responses between people the idea of force, loneliness, distrust, trust etc. By seeing how the actors within the play expressed these passionate qualities it has allowed me to become more connected with my artwork. This is due to the idea of allowing my artwork to develop it’s own nature, let it flourish into it’s own. The way I feel I can do that is blending different materials together such as paint, wood, charcoal and see how I can allow these materials to connect with one another due to the way I decide to display them. To me by feeling more connected to the play it allowed me to express a range of emotional qualities and I felt that my mind was connected to the play. In  a way it made me feel as if I was one with the play because I felt that I was sucked into the play and it made me feel so free, no restrictions, hesitations, which made me feel that the play touched me in so many ways. Also the play lighted up my darkness that’s in my brain sometimes after I have had a seizure, so this play not only touched my heart, it also made me feel that I could expand on my organic and original side of art and how I want to personally express it.


Drawings during the Christmas Holidays

I have been having great fun doing drawings during the Christmas Holidays because it has allowed me to develop my drawing skills and see in what ways I can improve. My idea has developed because, I decided to do a variety of portraiture drawings to test out my skills and see in what ways I could develop and expand the way I wanted to see the idea of portraiture. This could be through the idea of using charcoal, pencil, pen, coloured pen, paints, sculpture and many more artistic techniques. I decided to ask my friends around the UAL uni’s if I could draw them because I wanted to compare and contrast the facial features they had and see in what ways I would like to show them on paper.  Furthermore by going to Somerset House and the Cartoon Museum it inspired me even more because it allowed me to come out of my comfort zone and investigate more into the styles of artists such as, Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin, Georges Seurat,Paul Cezanne, Pierre Bonnard,Hiroshi Hirata etc. Here are some examples of the inspiring artworks I saw over the weekend.

10848733_10152699928059862_8849006135211542632_o 10904491_10205842295726039_8295360327759506215_o 10900114_10205842296526059_4560319731695641885_o

10900087_10152699928044862_8066069042774106693_o 10869805_10205842299046122_353209138701384474_o 10862542_10205842275445532_2050085401623931143_o


With the drawings I have done I would like to see if I can become more explorative of the materials i decide to use and make the drawings range from a variety of different scales to see if I can create different meanings behind  each one that I do. What I believe I should focus more on is the realistic features of the face and see what areas I need to work more into. Having a deeper thought into this idea, it has also made me think more about expanding my ideas further and not just focusing on one theme, see how other ideas unwind and bend together and see what ideas I get out of that. In a way I have ideas such as, the unfocused, the focused, broken, unbroken. By coming up with these words it shows that I’m trying to figure out a variety of alternatives and see what lies ahead.  What I have learnt about the materials and processes that I have used, is the way the can combine and interact with each other when placed on paper. From using a range of different materials such as pencils, charcoal etc it has allowed me to see how textural, light, fragmented and symbolic these materials can become when placed in certain positions. In addition I’m also planning to use more mark-making to see how the portrait’s I create become detailed and constructive.

What has been most successful is the way that I have decided to experiment more with pen and portraits and see how I can develop it further. In a way I want to take on more ideas and opportunities to see how my artwork can develop further so that I can tell more stories in which ever types of artwork I decide to use whether it’s abstraction, impressionism, portraiture, surrealism, cubism etc.  Going to exhibitions at the Somerset House which involved early impressionism, post impressionism it really inspired me to connect these ideas to the portraiture I have been currently working on and see in what ways I can connect this amazing form of art to my own work. Here are some examples of my portraiture.

2014-12-23 16.34.49 2014-12-20 17.35.42 2014-12-27 16.13.54

2014-12-29 15.25.29 2014-12-29 16.59.19 2014-12-30 10.38.04

2014-12-30 11.58.50 2015-01-02 18.02.42 2015-01-05 12.33.28