Drawings during the Christmas Holidays

I have been having great fun doing drawings during the Christmas Holidays because it has allowed me to develop my drawing skills and see in what ways I can improve. My idea has developed because, I decided to do a variety of portraiture drawings to test out my skills and see in what ways I could develop and expand the way I wanted to see the idea of portraiture. This could be through the idea of using charcoal, pencil, pen, coloured pen, paints, sculpture and many more artistic techniques. I decided to ask my friends around the UAL uni’s if I could draw them because I wanted to compare and contrast the facial features they had and see in what ways I would like to show them on paper.  Furthermore by going to Somerset House and the Cartoon Museum it inspired me even more because it allowed me to come out of my comfort zone and investigate more into the styles of artists such as, Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin, Georges Seurat,Paul Cezanne, Pierre Bonnard,Hiroshi Hirata etc. Here are some examples of the inspiring artworks I saw over the weekend.

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With the drawings I have done I would like to see if I can become more explorative of the materials i decide to use and make the drawings range from a variety of different scales to see if I can create different meanings behind  each one that I do. What I believe I should focus more on is the realistic features of the face and see what areas I need to work more into. Having a deeper thought into this idea, it has also made me think more about expanding my ideas further and not just focusing on one theme, see how other ideas unwind and bend together and see what ideas I get out of that. In a way I have ideas such as, the unfocused, the focused, broken, unbroken. By coming up with these words it shows that I’m trying to figure out a variety of alternatives and see what lies ahead.  What I have learnt about the materials and processes that I have used, is the way the can combine and interact with each other when placed on paper. From using a range of different materials such as pencils, charcoal etc it has allowed me to see how textural, light, fragmented and symbolic these materials can become when placed in certain positions. In addition I’m also planning to use more mark-making to see how the portrait’s I create become detailed and constructive.

What has been most successful is the way that I have decided to experiment more with pen and portraits and see how I can develop it further. In a way I want to take on more ideas and opportunities to see how my artwork can develop further so that I can tell more stories in which ever types of artwork I decide to use whether it’s abstraction, impressionism, portraiture, surrealism, cubism etc.  Going to exhibitions at the Somerset House which involved early impressionism, post impressionism it really inspired me to connect these ideas to the portraiture I have been currently working on and see in what ways I can connect this amazing form of art to my own work. Here are some examples of my portraiture.

2014-12-23 16.34.49 2014-12-20 17.35.42 2014-12-27 16.13.54

2014-12-29 15.25.29 2014-12-29 16.59.19 2014-12-30 10.38.04

2014-12-30 11.58.50 2015-01-02 18.02.42 2015-01-05 12.33.28

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