The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

I really enjoyed going to see the curious incident of the dog in the night time. It instantly gripped me into the whole story-line of the play. I loved how Christopher’s brain (very extraordinary) indeed, showed how he was amazing at maths while being ill-equipped to interpret the everyday life. By Christopher going through a variety of stages such as, detesting being touched and distrusting strangers. In a way it allowed him to get involved in detective work which was forbidden by his father and takes Christopher on a frightening journey that turns his world into the complete opposite. In my view by watching this play it has allowed me to look at the world in so many viewpoints and not just focusing on one, investigating different aspects of the world and see what new discoveries I can come across and look more into. To me by going to see this play it was something out of the unexpected to me because sometimes I’m scared of trying something new. This play has instantly allowed me to try new things and yes if there are failures in the work I do I can build my knowledge and skills up and see where it leeds me to and how it leeds me to the successes that I want to achieve.

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In a way I feel like I’m in the position of Christopher by the idea of going through journeys that I didn’t expect to come across because I had never thought of the idea to venture into them but now I do. The materials that I have learnt from the play is the idea of body language, the idea of not speaking which can reveal how the person feels due to their emotional reactions. I have also discovered the different types of responses between people the idea of force, loneliness, distrust, trust etc. By seeing how the actors within the play expressed these passionate qualities it has allowed me to become more connected with my artwork. This is due to the idea of allowing my artwork to develop it’s own nature, let it flourish into it’s own. The way I feel I can do that is blending different materials together such as paint, wood, charcoal and see how I can allow these materials to connect with one another due to the way I decide to display them. To me by feeling more connected to the play it allowed me to express a range of emotional qualities and I felt that my mind was connected to the play. In ¬†a way it made me feel as if I was one with the play because I felt that I was sucked into the play and it made me feel so free, no restrictions,¬†hesitations, which made me feel that the play touched me in so many ways. Also the play lighted up my darkness that’s in my brain sometimes after I have had a seizure, so this play not only touched my heart, it also made me feel that I could expand on my organic and original side of art and how I want to personally express it.


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