Expanding on idea for art exploration part 2

I am currently exploring my ideas for the exploration of my artwork for unit 2. I have firstly started to work with charcoal and see what kinds of images I could make using a range of different mark-making techniques. My ideas have developed by, experimenting with different features of the human face and creating finished and unfinished pieces. In my view, I believe that my ideas have been developing stage by stage because I have decided to explore different areas of both the human face and the human body and see in what ways I could create ideas involving collages, paintings, drawings, sculpture etc. I have decided to expand more out of the idea of only focusing on my medical condition and have decided to see in what ways I could involve things I am interested in into my own artwork. These could involve focusing on how the world is changing, stories that haven’t got a finished ending, how I could interpret the world into an artistic aspect. Having moved onto this unit it has allowed me to own up more and take new opportunities into showing my work towards the public and see how they would communicate or not communicate with the idea (s) I have created.

What I have learnt about the materials I have used is the different styles they can provide for example, the use of charcoal and experimenting with the ideas of breaking lines on paper, scratching, pulling charcoal and see what the outcome is. Having visited the Whitechapel gallery exhibitions which involved, “Adventures of the Black Square”, “Fiona Banner selects from the V-A-C Collection Stamp Out Photographie” and Bart Lodewijks White li(n)es”. They all inspired me into the development of my own work due to the way Bart Lodewijks created a range of lines in quiet suburbs to street surfaces in bustling city centres. It inspired within the next coming weeks to have a try out of them techniques within some of the drawings I do to see how they would connect and communicate with the ideas I do. Furthermore the “Adventures of the Black Square” also inspired me because of the way it corresponds to abstract art within society.  Also I would like to look deeper into the idea of abstraction which could do with the idea of buildings, pulling certain parts of human faces and seeing how they could be turned into a montage. Here are images from the exhibition of the artist’s work.


I chose to start doing these sketches and drawings to try out a range of different techniques using charcoal. When I started experimenting with charcoal I felt feel because I could take more risks within the way I chose to use the charcoal on paper. Furthermore by using this material it allowed me to see in what ways I could construct a range of images. I believe it has been successful because it has allowed me to more out of my comfort zone and create finished, unfinished and images that are still in the making and see were they develop to. I have discovered that I would like to use this approach again because it has allowed me to move further into the ideas that I am interested in and where I would like to take my artwork to. Here are some examples of my artwork.

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