Arts Attack Disobey: student takeover at the V&A and visiting other artworks around the V&A

It was brilliant going to the V&A exhibition based on a range of different installations and discussions based on the arts attack disobey. By visiting this exhibition it allowed me to look at different artworks from a different perspective. This is due to the way that a range of artists from the 6 UAL universities displayed their installations which involved the idea of driven protests, feminist tones, social and political regimes, interacting forces of Capitalism etc. This has allowed me to dig deeper into how I want to communicate my ideas towards the audience. This could be based on political and social regimes happening in the world at the moment,  challenging usual restrictions, going against the rules in a disobedient fashion. This exhibition has helped to push my work further because it has allowed me to focus on a range of different ideas that I am currently interesting in such as medical condition, political protests etc. In my view, it has allowed me to see how I can communicate my ideas in a different style for example a disobedient fashion (not expecting the particular idea) and seeing how the audience will interact with it.

Here’s more information about the artists that were involved in the exhibition and more information about the ideas behind the exhibition.

Furthermore by looking further into the responses that a range of artists from the UAL colleges had based on the idea of disobey/ protests it allowed me to see how they explored the idea further with the use of sculptures, shirts and writing things on them such as “crooks”, “cheats” etc. By doing these types of ideas they are cleverly showing how they are going against/ challenging the rules and seeing how they can interpret their own ideas in what they truly believe in. In addition it has allowed me to focus more on demonstrating my ideas in a range of different forms for example the idea of the unexpected and seeing how the audience will communicate towards the work. What I would like to change about my work is not making it look pretty, not focusing on one specific film but challenging my ideas to see what the end result would be. What I have learnt from the materials and processes that the artists have used is, the installations can be simplistic, complicated yet connect to the ideas of how to display the ideas through a “disobedient fashion”.

Here are some examples of the works within the exhibition.

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Furthermore having finished the Russian Avant-Garde Theatre, War, Revolution and design exhibition at the V&A. I found it quite interesting to see how different aspects of, performance, change, time, movement, space, colour, light and the body culturally and technically respond to the idea of challenging and fighting against the backdrop of the first world war. What I have learnt about the materials and processes used within the exhibition is the way how the idea of time and movement blend into one together through the use of character drawings to represent the struggles and difficulties that happened during the first world war period. Also through the use of different materials such as paint, pens, pencils etc the exhibition clearly informs the audience as to what contrasts and similarities the First World War demonstrated. I have discovered a new approach that I would like to try through looking at both exhibitions. The reason as to why I would is, I would like to try something different, the unexpected, the unknown and see what kinds of interactions and communications I could show towards the audience. Here are some examples of the articles/ artwork shown in the exhibition.


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