Artist Talk :- John Stezaker

I really enjoyed the talk from John Stezaker today, it gripped me so much and connected well to the ideas that I am currently working on in the studio. The way that John uses famous faces from the past, redeems the image, uses unwanted images with the use of montage truly fascinates me. I love the way he has a crisp use of using scissors and immediately transforms the image into one whether using two images or a variety of images. In my view I feel that his work develops instantly as you look through the foreground, background and middle-ground. Furthermore by using the idea of transparency, dominant realities, surrealism, postal collage blending in with film it creates a variety of stories and realities which keep on transforming over and over. By the artist doing this each time the viewer looks at the images each time a new story is created depending on the way you look at the image.  In addition by the artist using triangular cuts, circular cuts, layering etc it allows the image to become more textural because it keeps building up and up. Here are a few examples of his work

His work links directly into the styles that I am working on because of the way that I would like to develop the idea of memory and show this through a variety of different ways. This could be through the use of collages, montages, drawings, stories and narratives blended in with collages. I feel that my idea has developed because i’m engaging myself more into experimenting with a range of different materials to form the idea of collages and see how they develop due to the use of different images I use. What I have learnt from the materials and processes that I have encountered is the range of stories that it can create due to the way that you decide to style the collage and what materials you decide to use to show to the viewer what you are currently experiencing. The artist talk and the exhibition (Mirrorcity) helped because it showed me a different perspective of how to see the world through a different reality. What I am going to focus more on now is seeing how I can combine images together in a variety of forms and transformations to tell a story. This could be depending on how it is arranged, what images are used to create this story and what could the viewer gain from looking at the images.

Here are some more examples of the work that I am interested in from the artist

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