Developments of work- project 2 (memories and journeys) idea of collaboration

I have been really enjoying this week due to the fact of developing new ideas to do with collages, stories of people’s dream memories and seeing what the outcomes are. I am inspired by John Stezaker styles and techniques he uses within his artwork. This is due to the idea of the way he uses unwanted photographs and transforms them into stories from different stages of the time period. Furthermore by looking more into the style of John Stezaker it has allowed me to become more free-minded with my work due to the way I place a range of different images to tell a story of it’s own.

I feel that my idea has developed well due to the inspiration of John Stezaker because in a way I am challenging myself into how I choose to create the collages and what story or meaning it has behind it. What I have learnt from the materials and processes is to try out new experimentations when using chalk, charcoal, marker pens, pens, pencils etc. The way I have chosen to create the collages is very different to the way I drew the charcoal images I created. This is because I didn’t want to just stick to one method/ style, I wanted to expand on my ideas and see where it would take me next. Here are some examples of my developments.

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10926460_10206060271135288_1272111399417809203_n 10931523_10206060149732253_3205426484704008305_n 10891782_10206059665000135_8247332165368469964_n

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I’m thinking of developing more ideas evolving around the style that John Stezaker uses because then I can bend that with some of the other ideas that I am working on such as scenes from people’s imagination and creating it into a story. I have also become interested in the styles and techniques that Clunie Reid uses because of the way she uses photographs, black tape, marker pens,¬†acetate and words to create a variety of stories. By looking through her work it has inspired me to try out this techniques. This is due to the idea of gathering the memories I have collected from UAL students/ friends and seeing how I can combine it within the style that Clunie Reid uses. Here are some example of Clunie Reid’s work.

I have started working on ideas involving a range of scenes which involve the idea of of beach scenes which ave a calm feel about it, the sky within the scene symbolising the idea of freedom. Having scenes split into so that the audience can develop a range of different feelings when looking at both sides of the story. Furthermore adding the idea of martial arts within the scene which could develop a 3D effect. By doing these different scenes and having a main image in the centre core of the artwork, in a way this develops the idea of journeys going through different periods and seeing the contrasts and differences within each scene. The feedback from tutors has helped me during this week because it has allowed me to work more in depth on the ideas that I would like to create. Here are some of the types of martial arts that I am interested in and would like to draw.

What I have found is that most of the ideas that I have developed have been successful due to the way that I had chosen to experiment with a range of different materials and see what the outcomes are. I have found that the decisions that I decided to use when working on a range of ideas within the start of the project have allowed me to become open-minded and going against the rules of just creating pretty pictures. It has helped me to demonstrate my ideas in many forms to create meanings, developments and expanding my ideas as much as possible either through photographs, drawings etc. Here are some of my developments that I am currently working on.

10933995_10206068854029855_476052289318244757_n 10933732_10206066627254187_6049349714208270132_n 10940495_10206080237394432_4899905909060926680_n

10923503_10206080237754441_5430969933764268262_n 10922659_10206080238874469_4485753797287286602_n 10356711_10206066626934179_7760585332515109968_n

By doing all these experimentations it has allowed me to question myself into how I would like to develop my idea further. Here are some of the questions I have been asking myself.

  • Which direction would I like my ideas to travel to next?
  • What other types of materials would I like to use?
  • Would I like to blend ideas together and see if they would correspond with each other?
  • What other methods of collaboration would I like to use?

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