Developments of collages

I have been recently working on a range of different collages from a variety of images from magazines and seeing how they connect with one another and what relationships develop when using these images. When working with a range of images I feel like I have become more free-minded drew to the way I place them on the different materials I am using. The way that my idea has developed is through the idea of working with the ideas such as, memories and journeys and see how they can be transformed and seen in artworks. I have also decided to rip into the images, tear them apart, cut them and add them to other drawings to see how a new meaning can be developed due to the transformation that has been created. How I made my decisions whilst creating these collages was looking through ideas of people, styles and objects that I am interested in and seeing how they would combine together. I would ask myself questions such as:-

  • In what ways could these images combine together?
  • What kinds of transformations would I like to create and why?
  • How would I like the images to interact with each other?
  • What types of communications would I like to create within my ideas?
  • Would I like the pieces to have a personal or public feel about them?

What I have learnt about the materials and processes that I have used are, the ideas of becoming more of a risk taker when creating these works. By doing this it allows me to try a range of different combinations of materials together and see if they work or not. I have also learnt ¬†from these materials and processes that I have used are allowing the viewer to have a sense of what’s going on and how I’m trying to create a story within the images that I am using. This can be either from the way I place the images, layering of different images and seeing how they create a meaning. Furthermore I have also learnt from the materials and processes that I have used are the idea of thinking whether I want the collages to be in a private or public space and how would I demonstrate these ideas towards the audience.

In my view, from looking at the developments I have currently worked on within this project, what I have found most successful is combining a range of different collages and images together and seeing how they interact with each other. It has also helped me to discover that I can fill the material(s) I am currently placing the images on in a variety of ways. It doesn’t necessarily have to cover the whole page, it can transform itself in a variety of ways to give demonstrate a range of meanings towards the audience due to the way that the images are placed. It was also great going to the “how’s it hanging workshop” today in cg10 because I really enjoyed the different techniques I learnt from Phil and how much he showed us within the time he had. Phil Rutter’s help definitely allowed me to learn about the basic tool kit, what types of screws are best from plasterboard walls, masonary walls and what types of screws are best for light and heavy duty hanging. Also from the session he has also encouraged me to feel less nervous about trying out the 3D, wood and metal workshops and see what I could gain from trying out those experiences. I have started to draw out images from figurative, to words etc and see in what ways I would like these to be developed within having an experience from each of these workshops. Here are some examples of the collages and other works that I have been developing in the studio’s so far.

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