One place ten Chelsea College of Arts staff exhibition and other artistic developments of my work

Going to the Chelsea College of Arts staff exhibition private view in the Cookhouse, really inspired me because of the uses of a range of artistic techniques presented towards the audience which were both expressive and imaginative. Looking around at the paintings, photographs, installations, ceramics, textile artworks has inspired me to try out more ideas with a range of materials. This could involve the idea of collaboration, whether to present the materials I use within a public or private space and how would it communicate with the audience. Furthermore by going to the exhibition it allowed me to see other sides of the staff and how they communicate themselves within the artistic world. This involved the uses of brush marks, using larger or smaller scales to present their work, the idea of print making, using technical devices to display their work. Having had the experience of visiting this exhibition it has allowed me to see how I could start creating different connections within in my work and see how they play their part. This is because, in a way I would like to make my artwork meaningful and expressive and at the same time seeing what the interpretations the audience receive when looking at my work. Some of the questions that came to mind when looking at the exhibition are:-

  • In what ways/ how would I like the materials I use to interact with each other?
  • How would I like to make my work more diverse?
  • How would I like to explore the idea of ‘scales’ within my artwork?

What I have learnt fro the materials and processes the Chelsea staff exhibition showed is, the idea of using a variety of materials to display their ideas and create a diverse feel when looking at the artworks. Furthermore it has allowed me to try out some of the techniques within my own work and see what responses I receive from the audience. This could be due to the way, the style and the feel I create towards the artworks. Here are some examples of the artworks I took photos of.

10957678_10206133549207194_2801457095534442344_n 10950667_10206133555807359_2306402553750858862_n 10955201_10206133555407349_178968113302883992_n

10933867_10206133551647255_7920261273519509197_n 10947221_10206133540326972_2841421934847923905_n 10953979_10206133538166918_4805375304679672909_n

10945736_10206133556287371_1687890737937251554_n 10945537_10206133541046990_1069826104994300767_n 10945720_10206133544087066_3278201141751134082_n

10945572_10206133557407399_8670425490857013677_n 10945581_10206133547927162_1841517815194795373_n 10945526_10206133554087316_8903839552308050495_n

10945510_10206133554527327_7090838751653610411_n 10940993_10206133543247045_4234105647119148934_n 10940463_10206133542967038_2389293313462510945_n

10931415_10206133541447000_5501870862664729397_n 10923542_10206133544887086_3149648913253384564_n 10922631_10206133539926962_7379827351458961251_n



Throughout this week I have currently been looking into the idea of samurai’s, warriors and fighters because I have become interested in Japanese and Chinese artwork and would like to display the idea of defence. Furthermore by currently working on these works I have created it has also allowed me to look into the idea of clothing, what is the meaning behind wearing armour, is it to present the idea of protection, bravery, strength. In my view by looking also into the idea of clothing it can also present the idea of diversity and come up with questions such as,

  • Is the idea of clothing used as a sense of protection?
  • What is the meaning behind the idea of clothing?
  • Is the idea of clothing used as a barrier, a restricter, a sense of hiding behind something that you do not want others to know about?
  • What experiences does the audience receive when wearing a specific type of clothing?
  • What are the social or political experiences created from the idea of clothing?

Furthermore by watching the Kingsman:- the secret service this week this has also related to the idea of clothing and the artistic experimentations that I am currently working on. This is because by watching the film, seeing the idea of becoming a spy and the types of clothing they wear to make them unidentified as a spy. This has allowed me to see what types of materials could I use to present this idea towards the audience. In addition by creating and relating my ideas to films that I have currently looked into and looking into other artists who relate to the idea of clothing of the body, drawings and the extensions of the body. These artists involve, Kiki Smith, Matthew Barney, Tony Baran, Rebecca Horn, Lucy Orta and  Antoni Artnnd. This has allowed me to become more free minded when creating a range of drawings revolving around the idea of samurai’s, warriors, spies etc. Here are some examples of the current artworks that I have been working on and the trailer of the Kingsman: secret service film to give you a taster of what I am interested in at the moment.

10968495_10206142067500146_3432996578647596596_n 10956221_10206130690335724_1108849319312446351_n 10945053_10206130690575730_4623984708066206198_n



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