New developments of my work- expressing myself more loosely

I have decided to loosen up my work by combining the ideas of the movement of dancers and seeing how it can interact with famous places in London and around the world. By doing this it has allowed me to look further into the idea of of superimposing female structures on London structures. Furthermore it has allowed me to add more context to my work and having people saying that it relates to the idea of a cultural political group called grassroots ‘take back the city’. They tend to look into the idea of young Londoners/ immigrants, people who are usually marginalised taking back the city. They tend to be particularly interested in the idea of having a cultural aspect of their action. 

By looking further into this idea it has allowed me to look into the ideas of feminist perspectives and seeing as to how women can be reflected both visually and politically within the idea of structural elements within London. Also by working on a range of different ideas during the past few weeks it has allowed me to expand and broaden my techniques more widely due to the idea of letting things go and seeing in what way they send meaningful messages towards the audience. What I believe has worked is the idea of drawing different structures around London which particularly interest me and seeing in what ways I can connect them to the dancing structures of women.

In my view by doing this it has allowed me to see how the idea of movement, body extensions and the drawings of women can be represented within structures placed around different areas of London. In my view I believe that my artwork is going well because by taking walks around Westminster Bridge, zooming in and zooming out of different areas around there it allowed me to see how the idea of movement could be produced. By reflecting my ideas on artist such as Marlene Dumas, Clunie Reid, Ian Breakwell, Joseph Kosuth and Luc Tuymans it has allowed me to work on different transformations of how to present women within structures. This is through the sense of writing, drawing, collaging, layering and seeing how these elements create a meaningful meaning towards the audience.

I feel that the contextual research such as lectures and exhibitions has definitely helped me to develop my work. This is because by using a range of materials and processes such as board, cardboard, ink pens and keeping it simple, not making it too complex has allowed me to restrict myself less within my work. By using photographs and different ink pens it has allowed me to see how the photographs connect to the drawings  and seeing in what ways it could be developed. For instance sowing messages and words into the photographs to explain what’s going on within the image and seeing how both the words and the images respond to each other and in what way. I will keep on developing this idea over the next coming weeks and see where it leads to. Here are some of the examples of the drawings and photographs I have taken responding to  my new idea.

11038796_10206357416843745_2866738187864757131_n 10995933_10206341581967883_862853862356474426_n 10947249_10206341582247890_7986900273782749676_n

10923333_10206341582367893_4051547094499633691_n 10470933_10206341582567898_7454240064006052293_n 1385707_10206352893530665_9220494095690847604_n


Gallery visits to the Frith Street Gallery (soho)

I had such an enjoyable time yesterday at the Frith Street Gallery seeing Marlene Dumas/ Juan Munoz. When entering the gallery I felt a connection when looking at the two artists work. I loved the way how they responded to each other due to the way they were drawn in a range of perspectives which to me , made me feel more gripped when looking at the artist’s work. It was only me and my sister there which made me feel like the gallery was a home to me because I could take my time looking at the work, finding out what the work is about and seeing in what ways I could connect their styles to my own work. When looking more into Marlene Dumas drawings, I enjoyed the way that she would use magazine and newspaper cuttings, personalised photos from her own experience and transform them into what she felt and see in what way the viewer could response to the work.

In the same way, Juan Munoz does this with focusing on a particular part of the human body which is the mouth and seeing in what way he could tell a story due to the way he decided to place the image in the work. Whilst looking through the works and going back and forth through the works, each time I would pick up new and different ideas as to how I could portray my work towards the viewer. These would involve the ideas of less restriction, the act of freedom of speech, the looseness of drawings and allowing my drawings to tell there own story no matter how spontaneous they become. What I’m going to focus more on is the idea of not having the sense of intensity shown too much in my work, have the idea of becoming freer and showing a larger context of what my work is about so then the viewer can have a better understanding of the work. Furthermore what I am planning to do is try to expand more in the way I use certain materials and find new techniques of using certain materials and see how my body reacts to the new change.

Here are some of the images/ drawings I saw done by Marlene Dumas and Juan Munoz

11021219_10206309270880126_5387964931884189079_n 11017839_10206309265359988_6098547056385892882_n 11001776_10206309269040080_722444035855195322_n

10991247_10206309273280186_4466117921464279491_n 10945568_10206309266520017_7092525507556373909_n 1655874_10206309272640170_4409661806555117919_n

I will definitely be visiting this gallery again soon because I got so many emotions from the drawings out of it such as, powerful, sad, happy, joyful, sincere etc. These two artists have definitely given me a passion to try out more ideas and see in what direction it could go in next. The reasons why I would like to try their approaches is because it feels more free, loose, imaginative and expressive at the same time. Also I would like to see how I can be more imaginative with different scales such as, A1, A2, A3,A4, A5, A6 etc and see how they correspond with one another. Furthermore their styles have allowed my work to develop because it has demonstrated to me in what other pathways I could go in/ where I could start/ finish.


Development of work/ new ideas to create a stronger context within my work

Recently I have been working on different aspects of the human body and it’s features and seeing how I can develop it further. I feel that my work has developed because of the way that I have decided to use different types of positions to represent the dancers that I decided to draw.  What has worked when looking at the images that I have recently drawn is the way that I chose to represent movement and how it can be discovered within the movement of the hands, arms, legs etc. What I feel hasn’t worked is the lack of context within the drawings. The reason why I feel this is because I have drawn images but it doesn’t explain exactly what they are trying to represent which can seem confusing towards the viewer. Some of the drawings that can become mysterious seem to draw the viewer more into the image than the ones that are just of dancers. When I look at the wall of the drawings that I have created I tend to question myself into why I decided to draw it in this way and for what reason. Here is a video that I have recently created symbolising my work

A variety of questions tend to come up such as,

  • For what reason did you decide to draw these images?
  • What are you trying to represent within the images?
  • Why have you decided to use these marks to represent the dancers reactions?
  • How does the movement, motion and activation of dancers come into place?
  • Why have you used this specific type of paper to represent the dancers?
  • What drew you into drawing dancers?
  • How and what type of context do you want to create?
  • Why have you used chalk and black paper to represent some of the dancers
  • Why have you become restricted with the work you have recently produced?
  • is there a way you would like to become more freer with the way you decide to produce the work?
  • Why do you narrow yourself with the work you have recently produced?
  • Is there something preventing you from the work you would like to produce?

Here are some images from my recent work that I have done over the last few weeks.

10998413_10206278058459835_5380057454111005438_n 10993956_10206278059099851_3425597908850214849_n 10991281_10206224117031333_5539340465574784976_n

10988534_10206278055739767_702826936283290221_n 10959395_10206192825409062_7694879355030591368_n 10906303_10206191738421888_4255087260529486063_n

10968302_10206216011628703_6367418108135838880_n 10981397_10206201133016747_1777534710086656782_n (1) 10934014_10206222415988808_3270587462245751987_n

10968474_10206214898040864_5113992093577692383_n (1) 10947235_10206191980787947_3781703831097292458_n 10897892_10206199620338931_6503260089248035250_n

The feedback from the tutors and peers has helped me because it has allowed me to see how I could create a better understanding about my work and in what way it could be done. One of the things that came up, is trying to find a way how I could question myself about my work each day I produce some and seeing what possibilities and outcomes could come out of it.

Also trying to broaden my imagination more for example, one of the artists that has recently inspired me is Marlene Dumas. This is because of the way that she uses how imagination broadly when producing her drawings for example working from photographs but seeing in what way the drawing could be represented and how. I feel that if I follow this method/ technique it can allow me to have a play around with the bodily features and seeing how different emotions could be explored. I’m planning on going to her exhibitions one at Tate Modern and one at Frith street gallery and take a few moments to look through her work and seeing in what ways I could respond to her work and how I would like to present it towards the audience.

some of Marlene Dumas works


What I have learnt from the materials and processes that I have recently used is to become more explorative when using certain materials and seeing in what ways they could respond to one another. Instead of following the complex route which I have done for too long now, i’m going to follow the more imaginative route and seeing what outcomes come out of that no matter how brizar they become. To me it will be more from both my heart, soul and mind coming into play. What I would like to try next is Marlene Dumas techniques and style to see how I can expand myself more within the art world which would involve becoming less restricted and allowing myself to go with the flow when producing artwork. If some of the artworks become failures, I shouldn’t doubt myself after all it’s my art practice and not everything is supposed to be perfect it’s about exploring your creativity in so many different ways.

2 day practise workshop (object, camera, action) and developing work project 2

I really enjoyed doing the two day practise workshop with Susan Barnet. This is because she was really fun and friendly to work with and was a great encouragement when we were all developing our ideas to do with sculptural aspects which could relate to object, human body etc.  I really enjoyed the introductions into a range of artists we could look deeper into and could relate to current interests that we look into through the idea of performance and sculptural art. These involved artists such as, Erwin Wurm who looked into the idea of engagement with the  physical body for example, altering the object e.g. the human body and working in a range of positions to enhance his idea. When looking at his work questions would come up such as,

  • How does it take for the viewer to engage with the relationship of the object?
  • How long would the length of the object be and why?

This intrigued me because by looking at his one minute sculptures it would allow me to observe the series of tools and objects which could be used to follow a certain instruction.  These tools would be exhibited as if they were sculptures, functional objects (altered objects). Furthermore I become interested in looking at Leah Capaldi’s work because of the way that it linked to femininity, had a narrative engagement which had a beginning, middle and end and would instantly have a collaborative adventure. Questions for me that I would instantly gain when looking at the artist’s work would be:-

  • Can the sculpture become a narrative?
  • Can sculpture have a duration?

Looking into other artists such as, Trisha Brown “Floor of the forest, 1970/2012/2013” which consisted of a sculptural steel frame holding up a web of ropes that have been threaded- clothing that is weaved into the ropes. The performance starts from one side, the continuation of motion which would connect to the idea of connective machinery moving across the stretched ropes which would represent the idea of gravity (looking into mass of pushing/ compressing into). Richard Sarah another intriguing artist that would look into the sculptural view through the idea of supporting the amount of weight. Lygia Clark (1966-68) using the term of “relational objects” that related to people would encourage and stimulate activity with the participants which had no instructions (non verbal communication).  The objects would become enacted with two people, working at least one other person. Another artist I enjoyed looking into was Robert Morris who focused on the body space and motion of things. These ideas would involve durational activity, shape of the body responding to the object and looking into the activation of the relationship between the body and the object.

These two days of doing the workshop will allowed me to develop my ideas because it helped me to work in the idea of collaboration and discussing/ investigating ideas with other students into how we wanted to show our ideas towards the audience. By working in groups of 4 and working with another student during these two days it allowed me to focus on the idea of sculpture through two different viewpoints. The first viewpoint/ ideas was working through the dynamics of the human body and in what ways it could be controlled for instance having 3 people on the outside controlling the actions and one person in the middle to find ways of responding the actions used through the use of non-verbal communication. Here are some videos and photos from this idea and how it developed.

Photo 11-02-2015 11 44 50 Photo 11-02-2015 11 44 52 Photo 11-02-2015 11 45 18

Photo 11-02-2015 11 45 20 Photo 11-02-2015 11 45 33 Photo 11-02-2015 11 45 46


Photo 11-02-2015 11 46 04 Photo 11-02-2015 11 47 38 Photo 11-02-2015 11 47 04


Furthermore the ideas and developments expanded throughout the day when the group I was working with decided to work on the dynamics of the human body through the idea of movement, motion, time and space. This involved working on different levels and see in what ways we could develop these processes and materials through the idea of photographing, video recording and seeing in what way we could take our work to the next level. Here are some photos and a video into what ways we enhanced our work through the idea of documentation to show the audience into what decisions and changes we made to our work.

Photo 11-02-2015 15 07 50 Photo 11-02-2015 15 07 49 Photo 11-02-2015 15 06 48

Furthermore on day 2 we developed our ideas even further to see how we could expand on our ideas for instance, working more into the dynamics of the human body, using different paces such as, fast, slow, fast. Me and Lisa looked further into the dynamics of the human body and worked with string placing it in all different areas of the studio we worked in and see how we could attach it to ourselves which in a way created a journey/ memory.  Talking to other students in the class definitely helped us to develop our idea because it allowed us to make a variety of changes into the way we wanted to present our work towards the audience. These are some examples of how our development took place during the hours of the lunchtime period at Chelsea. When looking at the documentation their is the use of shadows, movement, motion, which directly links to artists such as, Yvonne Rainer and Peter Sarkaisian. Here are some examples of photos we took.

image (64) 10968554_10206236135691792_8471459688563069539_n 10982703_10206236136411810_6122976719702869110_n

image (55) image (63) 10980720_10206236129731643_8905476129478443111_n

image (60) image (61) 10980720_10206236141331933_6958108491688840138_n

image (59) image (62) image (56)

10989129_10206236144452011_5577002104014079706_n 10991204_10206236124211505_4801197133024750485_n (1) 10978707_10206236133291732_4249370588313741779_n


I was really fascinated by some other ideas that other art students came up with, which intrigued me more into the movement and notion of the human body and in what ways it could be manipulated, transformed and explored. I enjoyed working with Susan Barnet and other year 1 students because it allowed me to look into a variety of perspectives into how the human body could be presented whether through sculpture, objects, collaboration. No matter what form its presented in they all intrigue me into digging deeper into the human body and discovering even more pathways that it could be displayed. Here are some more photos and videos from other students who I worked with and how their final ideas come out over the two days that we worked together.

Photo 11-02-2015 14 43 04 P1000418 image (46)

P1000422 Photo 11-02-2015 14 42 28 Photo 11-02-2015 12 59 00

P1000427 image (40) Photo 11-02-2015 12 02 01

image (48) image (25) image (33)

image (36) image (42) image (30)

Developments of drawing dancers and the inspiration from the Victoria and Albert Museum

I have recently been really inspired by drawing dancers from different styles such as, ballet dancers, dancers in different positions, spanish dancers and going to look into other styles such as, waltz, American smooth etc. In my view by practising these types of dancers it has allowed me to become even more free with the art work that I am currently creating. This is due to the idea of using a range of different materials such as, chalk and charcoal, oil pastels and pens and see how each type of drawing I do adapts to another type of drawing that may be drawn in a different type of style. My ideas have developed by allowing myself to become more free-minded when drawing these styles of dancers through the idea of movement. This can be presented through the use of using a range of one or two oil pastels and having an exploration into how the material may allow the image to stand out more towards the audience.

here are some examples from the movement of ballet dancers that I’m currently interested in within the idea of human movement. Having the inspiration into what you want to do, expressing yourself, taking direction whether structural or non-structural. Having the idea of how to connect to the audience, showing your emotions. That’s how you know you’ve connected to the audience. Letting yourself go/ idea of freedom. Understanding your body for who you are and how you want to show it. The more you feel it, the more you connect and the more you develop a feeling.

Furthermore my ideas have developed by becoming more experimental with my work. This can be seen through the use of the way I have decided to use a certain range of marks to create the idea of movement, motion, time and space of the dancers. In my view by doing this it has allowed me to see how I can present the idea of movement through a variety of ways whether simple, complex, painted, drawn etc. In addition something about the idea of dance within the idea of human movement being shown through action, dance and poses instantly attracted me into seeing what types of artwork I could create out of it. By focusing deeper into the idea it has allowed me to become more playful with my work. This can be seen through the idea I decide to present the dancers movement towards the audience. In my opinion by doing this and reflecting back on previous works I have done to do with the movement through the idea of action within samurai’s, warrior’s, Muay Thai and martial arts. In a way as a developing artist it has made me eager to try out both types of styles of dancers and chinese/japanese art together to see what the outcome(s) would be. By having this idea (s) in my mind it has allowed me to question myself. These are a few questions that I have come up with so far.

  • In what way would both of these types of art/ ideas join together as one final piece?
  • How could I allow each piece to correspond with one another?
  • How would I like to present the artwork towards the audience?
  • Would I like the ideas to be individual pieces?
  • Would I like the artwork to be simple or complex?

In my view by asking myself these questions it has allowed me to become less scared about what the outcome(s) of my work would be.  I have come up with ideas such as, having a massive montage of both dancers and samurai’s and within the work having people’s memories either around it or behind it to represent the idea of memories and journeys. I keep on getting this feeling of going with the flow and making myself as free as possible with the artwork I develop when i’m creating it. So I have decided to allow my work to combine the artwork I do in many different ways as possible and see what responds I get back from the audience.  Here are some of the artworks I have created so far during this week.

10988284_10206200790248178_5577244399724002800_n 10981397_10206201133016747_1777534710086656782_n 10980768_10206201426784091_5723110797521540405_n

10968474_10206214898040864_5113992093577692383_n 10968302_10206216011628703_6367418108135838880_n 10959308_10206201120536435_2564444661525970391_n

10945550_10206215000363422_1571176841272463183_n 10934014_10206222415988808_3270587462245751987_n 10917859_10206214319466400_919112295498447582_n

10897892_10206199620338931_6503260089248035250_n 10410782_10206214464710031_3015577722775742083_n (1) 10374014_10206216010988687_1424892964218500123_n (1)

64370_10206216010188667_4622736761917073899_n (1) 1601477_10206201427384106_3018890912015038305_n 10247488_10206199938226878_2071665098782827232_n


Also by going to the Victoria and Albert museum that inspired me because I really enjoyed going to the medieval and renaissance galleries around the museum which allowed me to learn more about different types of religions such as, christianity and how different periods adapts to one another all the way from the AD to the 14th century. Furthermore by looking at the armour, weapons and the types of clothing that people wore has also interested me because of the meaning that different types of clothing represent towards one another and in what way people respond to it.  By going to the V&A museum it has allowed me to become more organic with my work and create a range of meaning’s behind the works I have created to see how the audience would respond to it. Here are some examples of the works that interested me on my visit to the Victoria and Albert museum.

10989121_10206207758942391_7203477682853922207_n 10988927_10206208297555856_7209449309246255620_n10955784_10206207761582457_1703101979828557708_n

10987659_10206208290635683_6499200019853486882_n 10968530_10206208291195697_8056924540294599607_n 10968412_10206208293515755_8191632330127345386_n


The movement of the human body through dancing, action and poses

I have been recently looking through the idea of movement within the human body through the idea of dance, action (warrior’s, samurai’s, manga, Muay thai and martial arts/poses). This has interested me lately because of the way that time and movement submerge together to create lots of elegant, capturing and interesting movements within the human body. I have recently been looking at artists such as, Matthew Barney, Mike Kelly, Rebecca Horn, Antonin Artaud, Kiki Smith, Oskar Schlemmer, Robert Morris and John Wood/ Paul Harrison. By looking through these artist’s it has inspired me more due to the idea of the extensions of the human body that they show through the idea of drawings, marks, extensions, performance, installation, sculpture etc. This has allowed me to look more into the deeper qualities of the human body and see in what ways I can extend the human body through the idea of performance which could both be seen through the idea of drawings, mark making whether harsh, smooth or soft.

My ideas have developed by, becoming more experimental with the materials that I am currently using such as, charcoal, oil pastels, pens, coloured paper, black paper etc. In my view by using a range of different materials or two materials together it has allowed me to create a variety of stories within my artwork to see how the viewer can communicate to my work. Furthermore what I have learnt from the materials and processes that I have currently used is that, it has allowed me to take a variety of pathways within my work and see how the outcomes change and develop when you look closer into the artworks that I have created. Within the ideas that I have been working on it has allowed me to make decisions within my project by reflecting back on current interests and see in what ways I could connect that to my work.  I have also decided to take risks within my work, meaning that I have broadened out my ideas no matter in what form or shape they develop into. In this way it has allowed me to become less restricted into the works that I do and have more expanded ideas into how I would like to present my work towards the audience. While I have been working on these pieces of work it has allowed me to see that I would like to use these processes and techniques within the final piece (s) that I decide to create. These are some examples of the current works that I have recently created.

10959395_10206192825409062_7694879355030591368_n (1) 10947235_10206191980787947_3781703831097292458_n 10933707_10206186629654172_6132432635403968257_n

10929971_10206187860404940_3084500980018163644_n 10906303_10206191738421888_4255087260529486063_n


Furthermore I have been inspired by some of the art students at Chelsea College of Arts such as, one of the art students in cg11 (Jack Yates) who has amazing techniques and processes when he uses oil pastels within the figurative structures. From looking at his work I have started to try out different techniques and processes with the use of oil pastels and see how my work develops when using this medium/material. I love the way he smiles because positive people like that always motivate me to do my work and in a way make me feel that I should never give up on anything, keep on trying and reach to your ultimate goal.


I’m going to try out a range of oil pastel techniques on different types of paper and materials to see what the outcomes come out as. In addition I have also had another inspiration from one of my other art friends who studies outside of UAL and is very interested in different ranges of both art and photography. I became fascinated by the photo-shoot Michile Khan created because it relates directly to the styles and techniques that I am currently working on. I like the way that she positioned herself in a range of different positions and see how each one who adapt or contrast with the particular environment that she placed herself in. Here are some examples of her work.

IMG-20150206-WA0015 IMG-20150206-WA0014 IMG-20150206-WA0013

IMG-20150206-WA0012 IMG-20150206-WA0011 IMG-20150206-WA0009

IMG-20150206-WA0008 IMG-20150206-WA0006 IMG-20150206-WA0006 (1)

IMG-20150206-WA0005 IMG-20150206-WA0004 IMG-20150206-WA0004 (1)

IMG-20150206-WA0003 IMG-20150206-WA0003 (1) IMG-20150206-WA0002

IMG-20150206-WA0002 (1) IMG-20150206-WA0001 IMG-20150206-WA0000


New developments in my work- Focusing on action poses of Samurai’s, Warrior’s and Muay Thai

I have currently been working on action poses of samurai’s, warrior’s, Muay Thai and Martial arts. These types of arts have interested me for quite a while now because I’ve been interested in the idea of armour, the idea of bravery, the idea of being covered and the way that it can be a representation of something. My idea has developed by the experimentations of using drawings of samurai’s, warrior’s and Muay Thai and seeing how they connect with one another. This could be seen through the use of chalk and charcoal, the use of experimenting with both zoom in and zoom out images and transforming them into something more striking. What I have found that has worked with the drawings I have used is, becoming more free with the way I design and present it towards the audience. This could be in the way that I choose to form the drawings, the types of materials I decide to use such as, chalk, charcoal, ink pencils, coloured paper etc. One of the things that really interested me when looking through the idea of manga, samurai’s, warrior’s, ninja’s, spies etc. was the idea of drawing them without restricting myself into the way that I wanted to present them towards the audience. Here are some examples of action posess I have been looking into.

In my view, with the way that I am currently designing them it has allowed me to learn a lot more about the materials and processes that I am currently using. The feedback from my tutors/ peers has really helped me because, it has allowed me to see another side about my artwork. This is due to the idea of having suggestions from Andrew (my theory tutor) into looking at artists such as, Kiki smith and Matthew Barney who look into the idea of the body, Tony Baran and Antonin Artaud ‘s (who look into the idea of drawings/marks and Rebecca Horn/ Lucy Orta who look into the idea of extensions of the human body. By looking into these artist’s it has allowed me to look more into the background of drawings, how the extensions of the human body can interact with the audience and see in what ways the audience will respond or not respond to my artwork.  Furthermore by going to art shows across London such as, David Zwirner and looking into the artist called Luc Tuymans who works with the objects that he sees in front of him, taking photos with his iphone and works within the boundary of painting which can come out quite restrained and sometimes unsettling.

Later on travelling the art show at the Spruth Magers Berlin London and seeing the Joseph Kosuth- (Amnesia: Various, Luminous, Fixed), Hauser & Wirth- Mira Schendel- Monotypes and Ian Breakwell at the Anthony Reynolds Gallery. All of these shows instantly grabbed my attention and connect to the work that I am currently doing because, I liked  the way that especially, Ian Breakwell used word and text to communicate the idea of surrealism, Letterism, chance and order to communicate the idea of tragedy’s. I really liked Joseph Kosuth’s work because of the use of word and text and illuminating them in a variety of different styles and techniques to see how the audience would respond to them and in what way they would. These are some of the images I took from the exhibitions I went to.

10980745_10206172398458401_2110029622881981694_n 10980724_10206172408858661_2818685925001908726_n 10978708_10206172403938538_4999353822091268846_n

10978680_10206172405618580_173874073843718787_n 10978529_10206172414498802_2403956303057985093_n 10959631_10206172400138443_1865880092109099506_n

10968549_10206172410738708_3813450415001614928_n 10968517_10206172399058416_4339802298742740708_n 10959819_10206172417818885_1787331963852550383_n

10959631_10206172400138443_1865880092109099506_n 10959610_10206172406058591_6470963152253493285_n 10958833_10206172407938638_4285557442156277891_n

10945697_10206172398138393_7533003817860563123_n 10945617_10206172414818810_3040217245659653041_n 10421375_10206172407498627_6041850041626961715_n

1661122_10206172413138768_3568316028560715600_n 1545595_10206172397738383_8330452437908552991_n 1779808_10206172406458601_7510227457850993695_n

Now coming back to the way that I am currently working these artists have connected nicely to my current interests. This is because I have both been looking into the idea of memories and journeys, warrior’s, samurai’s, Muay thai and looking into the idea of different stages of time to present these ideas.  I’ve been asking people around UAL on some of there happy, sad and dream memories and thinking about using parts of the memories to interact with each other to see how I can create a story/ narrative behind it.  I may create two separate pieces to tell two different stories at the same time or create a mural to explain more into the idea and why I chose to create it in this style. i’ve been questioning myself on decisions I would like to try out next. These are some of the questions that I have come up with.

  • How and in what style would I like present the idea of word and text within my work?
  • How could the action poses of warrior’s, samurai’s and Muay Thai interlink with the idea of word and text?
  • How could two separate pieces interlink with each other to create a story?
  • In what style would I like to present the ideas?
  • Would it be through a mural, a collage, framed images?
  • How could you make it more of a collaborative project?

Here are some example of my new developments in my works



1604937_10206162968542659_7074657127865108145_n 10931282_10206162856059847_386412667263085131_n 15619_10206178525251567_2632865880426858822_n


Memories and Journeys- the idea of exploration

I have also been working on developing my photographic skills for example, exploring zoom in and zoom out techniques and seeing what effects it has on my work. I have been looking through the techniques of photographers such as Tracy Emin, John Stezaker and David Hockney and see how they explore and manipulate images to allow their works to become more inviting and stand out more towards the audience. I have been going around different areas of London such as, Kings Cross St Pancras, Turnpike lane, the Granier Bakery and seeing how different objects are presented towards the audience and in what ways they are made to look attractive to draw the audience’s attention.

What I have learnt from using these processes and materials is, the way to see how certain materialistic photography techniques interact with one another and seeing if their is a narrative or meaning behind it. Furthermore the ways that I would make decisions about the way I would take photographs around London would be deciding on where I would like to take it. The idea of where I would take the photographs would also be based on, what types of objects would I like to use for instance, old, new, current objects that I may have a large interest in. I would also question myself when taking the photographs and some of the questions would revolve around the idea of:-

  • What types of styles and techniques would I like to use when taking the photographs?
  • What types of materials would I like to use when or after I have taken the photographs?
  • Would I like to take the photographs in shops, outside shops, around famous areas in London. How could I connect this idea to the theme of memories and journeys?
  • Is it better to take some of the photographs in both landscape and portraiture ways?
  • How close would I like to be when taking the photographs of the objects? for instance zoom in, zoom out, extreme zoom in close ups etc

I have been currently working on these photographs to see in what ways I could connect it to the other works that I have currently created. By taking these photographs it has allowed me to become more free and open-minded about my work. Sometimes when I take these photographs I chose to take them in random positions to see what the outcomes would be and see how the audience would respond to it. The art talks recently have helped me to develop my artistic techniques because it has allowed me to broaden up my techniques and styles that I am currently developing and changing as the weeks go on. Here are some examples of some of the photographs I have recently taken which display the uses of vibrancy, diversity and the structures of buildings.

10947211_10206139625399095_3373366922805749095_n 10407016_10206139626399120_938147430785553270_n 10933995_10206068854029855_476052289318244757_n

10953186_10206101488445695_7754387849213836391_n 10945674_10206100347257166_5159985505451455284_n 10920919_10206100360017485_4988923310558856022_n