Memories and Journeys- the idea of exploration

I have also been working on developing my photographic skills for example, exploring zoom in and zoom out techniques and seeing what effects it has on my work. I have been looking through the techniques of photographers such as Tracy Emin, John Stezaker and David Hockney and see how they explore and manipulate images to allow their works to become more inviting and stand out more towards the audience. I have been going around different areas of London such as, Kings Cross St Pancras, Turnpike lane, the Granier Bakery and seeing how different objects are presented towards the audience and in what ways they are made to look attractive to draw the audience’s attention.

What I have learnt from using these processes and materials is, the way to see how certain materialistic photography techniques interact with one another and seeing if their is a narrative or meaning behind it. Furthermore the ways that I would make decisions about the way I would take photographs around London would be deciding on where I would like to take it. The idea of where I would take the photographs would also be based on, what types of objects would I like to use for instance, old, new, current objects that I may have a large interest in. I would also question myself when taking the photographs and some of the questions would revolve around the idea of:-

  • What types of styles and techniques would I like to use when taking the photographs?
  • What types of materials would I like to use when or after I have taken the photographs?
  • Would I like to take the photographs in shops, outside shops, around famous areas in London. How could I connect this idea to the theme of memories and journeys?
  • Is it better to take some of the photographs in both landscape and portraiture ways?
  • How close would I like to be when taking the photographs of the objects? for instance zoom in, zoom out, extreme zoom in close ups etc

I have been currently working on these photographs to see in what ways I could connect it to the other works that I have currently created. By taking these photographs it has allowed me to become more free and open-minded about my work. Sometimes when I take these photographs I chose to take them in random positions to see what the outcomes would be and see how the audience would respond to it. The art talks recently have helped me to develop my artistic techniques because it has allowed me to broaden up my techniques and styles that I am currently developing and changing as the weeks go on. Here are some examples of some of the photographs I have recently taken which display the uses of vibrancy, diversity and the structures of buildings.

10947211_10206139625399095_3373366922805749095_n 10407016_10206139626399120_938147430785553270_n 10933995_10206068854029855_476052289318244757_n

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