New developments in my work- Focusing on action poses of Samurai’s, Warrior’s and Muay Thai

I have currently been working on action poses of samurai’s, warrior’s, Muay Thai and Martial arts. These types of arts have interested me for quite a while now because I’ve been interested in the idea of armour, the idea of bravery, the idea of being covered and the way that it can be a representation of something. My idea has developed by the experimentations of using drawings of samurai’s, warrior’s and Muay Thai and seeing how they connect with one another. This could be seen through the use of chalk and charcoal, the use of experimenting with both zoom in and zoom out images and transforming them into something more striking. What I have found that has worked with the drawings I have used is, becoming more free with the way I design and present it towards the audience. This could be in the way that I choose to form the drawings, the types of materials I decide to use such as, chalk, charcoal, ink pencils, coloured paper etc. One of the things that really interested me when looking through the idea of manga, samurai’s, warrior’s, ninja’s, spies etc. was the idea of drawing them without restricting myself into the way that I wanted to present them towards the audience. Here are some examples of action posess I have been looking into.

In my view, with the way that I am currently designing them it has allowed me to learn a lot more about the materials and processes that I am currently using. The feedback from my tutors/ peers has really helped me because, it has allowed me to see another side about my artwork. This is due to the idea of having suggestions from Andrew (my theory tutor) into looking at artists such as, Kiki smith and Matthew Barney who look into the idea of the body, Tony Baran and Antonin Artaud ‘s (who look into the idea of drawings/marks and Rebecca Horn/ Lucy Orta who look into the idea of extensions of the human body. By looking into these artist’s it has allowed me to look more into the background of drawings, how the extensions of the human body can interact with the audience and see in what ways the audience will respond or not respond to my artwork.  Furthermore by going to art shows across London such as, David Zwirner and looking into the artist called Luc Tuymans who works with the objects that he sees in front of him, taking photos with his iphone and works within the boundary of painting which can come out quite restrained and sometimes unsettling.

Later on travelling the art show at the Spruth Magers Berlin London and seeing the Joseph Kosuth- (Amnesia: Various, Luminous, Fixed), Hauser & Wirth- Mira Schendel- Monotypes and Ian Breakwell at the Anthony Reynolds Gallery. All of these shows instantly grabbed my attention and connect to the work that I am currently doing because, I liked  the way that especially, Ian Breakwell used word and text to communicate the idea of surrealism, Letterism, chance and order to communicate the idea of tragedy’s. I really liked Joseph Kosuth’s work because of the use of word and text and illuminating them in a variety of different styles and techniques to see how the audience would respond to them and in what way they would. These are some of the images I took from the exhibitions I went to.

10980745_10206172398458401_2110029622881981694_n 10980724_10206172408858661_2818685925001908726_n 10978708_10206172403938538_4999353822091268846_n

10978680_10206172405618580_173874073843718787_n 10978529_10206172414498802_2403956303057985093_n 10959631_10206172400138443_1865880092109099506_n

10968549_10206172410738708_3813450415001614928_n 10968517_10206172399058416_4339802298742740708_n 10959819_10206172417818885_1787331963852550383_n

10959631_10206172400138443_1865880092109099506_n 10959610_10206172406058591_6470963152253493285_n 10958833_10206172407938638_4285557442156277891_n

10945697_10206172398138393_7533003817860563123_n 10945617_10206172414818810_3040217245659653041_n 10421375_10206172407498627_6041850041626961715_n

1661122_10206172413138768_3568316028560715600_n 1545595_10206172397738383_8330452437908552991_n 1779808_10206172406458601_7510227457850993695_n

Now coming back to the way that I am currently working these artists have connected nicely to my current interests. This is because I have both been looking into the idea of memories and journeys, warrior’s, samurai’s, Muay thai and looking into the idea of different stages of time to present these ideas.  I’ve been asking people around UAL on some of there happy, sad and dream memories and thinking about using parts of the memories to interact with each other to see how I can create a story/ narrative behind it.  I may create two separate pieces to tell two different stories at the same time or create a mural to explain more into the idea and why I chose to create it in this style. i’ve been questioning myself on decisions I would like to try out next. These are some of the questions that I have come up with.

  • How and in what style would I like present the idea of word and text within my work?
  • How could the action poses of warrior’s, samurai’s and Muay Thai interlink with the idea of word and text?
  • How could two separate pieces interlink with each other to create a story?
  • In what style would I like to present the ideas?
  • Would it be through a mural, a collage, framed images?
  • How could you make it more of a collaborative project?

Here are some example of my new developments in my works



1604937_10206162968542659_7074657127865108145_n 10931282_10206162856059847_386412667263085131_n 15619_10206178525251567_2632865880426858822_n


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