Developments of drawing dancers and the inspiration from the Victoria and Albert Museum

I have recently been really inspired by drawing dancers from different styles such as, ballet dancers, dancers in different positions, spanish dancers and going to look into other styles such as, waltz, American smooth etc. In my view by practising these types of dancers it has allowed me to become even more free with the art work that I am currently creating. This is due to the idea of using a range of different materials such as, chalk and charcoal, oil pastels and pens and see how each type of drawing I do adapts to another type of drawing that may be drawn in a different type of style. My ideas have developed by allowing myself to become more free-minded when drawing these styles of dancers through the idea of movement. This can be presented through the use of using a range of one or two oil pastels and having an exploration into how the material may allow the image to stand out more towards the audience.

here are some examples from the movement of ballet dancers that I’m currently interested in within the idea of human movement. Having the inspiration into what you want to do, expressing yourself, taking direction whether structural or non-structural. Having the idea of how to connect to the audience, showing your emotions. That’s how you know you’ve connected to the audience. Letting yourself go/ idea of freedom. Understanding your body for who you are and how you want to show it. The more you feel it, the more you connect and the more you develop a feeling.

Furthermore my ideas have developed by becoming more experimental with my work. This can be seen through the use of the way I have decided to use a certain range of marks to create the idea of movement, motion, time and space of the dancers. In my view by doing this it has allowed me to see how I can present the idea of movement through a variety of ways whether simple, complex, painted, drawn etc. In addition something about the idea of dance within the idea of human movement being shown through action, dance and poses instantly attracted me into seeing what types of artwork I could create out of it. By focusing deeper into the idea it has allowed me to become more playful with my work. This can be seen through the idea I decide to present the dancers movement towards the audience. In my opinion by doing this and reflecting back on previous works I have done to do with the movement through the idea of action within samurai’s, warrior’s, Muay Thai and martial arts. In a way as a developing artist it has made me eager to try out both types of styles of dancers and chinese/japanese art together to see what the outcome(s) would be. By having this idea (s) in my mind it has allowed me to question myself. These are a few questions that I have come up with so far.

  • In what way would both of these types of art/ ideas join together as one final piece?
  • How could I allow each piece to correspond with one another?
  • How would I like to present the artwork towards the audience?
  • Would I like the ideas to be individual pieces?
  • Would I like the artwork to be simple or complex?

In my view by asking myself these questions it has allowed me to become less scared about what the outcome(s) of my work would be.  I have come up with ideas such as, having a massive montage of both dancers and samurai’s and within the work having people’s memories either around it or behind it to represent the idea of memories and journeys. I keep on getting this feeling of going with the flow and making myself as free as possible with the artwork I develop when i’m creating it. So I have decided to allow my work to combine the artwork I do in many different ways as possible and see what responds I get back from the audience.  Here are some of the artworks I have created so far during this week.

10988284_10206200790248178_5577244399724002800_n 10981397_10206201133016747_1777534710086656782_n 10980768_10206201426784091_5723110797521540405_n

10968474_10206214898040864_5113992093577692383_n 10968302_10206216011628703_6367418108135838880_n 10959308_10206201120536435_2564444661525970391_n

10945550_10206215000363422_1571176841272463183_n 10934014_10206222415988808_3270587462245751987_n 10917859_10206214319466400_919112295498447582_n

10897892_10206199620338931_6503260089248035250_n 10410782_10206214464710031_3015577722775742083_n (1) 10374014_10206216010988687_1424892964218500123_n (1)

64370_10206216010188667_4622736761917073899_n (1) 1601477_10206201427384106_3018890912015038305_n 10247488_10206199938226878_2071665098782827232_n


Also by going to the Victoria and Albert museum that inspired me because I really enjoyed going to the medieval and renaissance galleries around the museum which allowed me to learn more about different types of religions such as, christianity and how different periods adapts to one another all the way from the AD to the 14th century. Furthermore by looking at the armour, weapons and the types of clothing that people wore has also interested me because of the meaning that different types of clothing represent towards one another and in what way people respond to it.  By going to the V&A museum it has allowed me to become more organic with my work and create a range of meaning’s behind the works I have created to see how the audience would respond to it. Here are some examples of the works that interested me on my visit to the Victoria and Albert museum.

10989121_10206207758942391_7203477682853922207_n 10988927_10206208297555856_7209449309246255620_n10955784_10206207761582457_1703101979828557708_n

10987659_10206208290635683_6499200019853486882_n 10968530_10206208291195697_8056924540294599607_n 10968412_10206208293515755_8191632330127345386_n


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