Development of work/ new ideas to create a stronger context within my work

Recently I have been working on different aspects of the human body and it’s features and seeing how I can develop it further. I feel that my work has developed because of the way that I have decided to use different types of positions to represent the dancers that I decided to draw. ¬†What has worked when looking at the images that I have recently drawn is the way that I chose to represent movement and how it can be discovered within the movement of the hands, arms, legs etc. What I feel hasn’t worked is the lack of context within the drawings. The reason why I feel this is because I have drawn images but it doesn’t explain exactly what they are trying to represent which can seem confusing towards the viewer. Some of the drawings that can become mysterious seem to draw the viewer more into the image than the ones that are just of dancers. When I look at the wall of the drawings that I have created I tend to question myself into why I decided to draw it in this way and for what reason. Here is a video that I have recently created symbolising my work

A variety of questions tend to come up such as,

  • For what reason did you decide to draw these images?
  • What are you trying to represent within the images?
  • Why have you decided to use these marks to represent the dancers reactions?
  • How does the movement, motion and activation of dancers come into place?
  • Why have you used this specific type of paper to represent the dancers?
  • What drew you into drawing dancers?
  • How and what type of context do you want to create?
  • Why have you used chalk and black paper to represent some of the dancers
  • Why have you become restricted with the work you have recently produced?
  • is there a way you would like to become more freer with the way you decide to produce the work?
  • Why do you narrow yourself with the work you have recently produced?
  • Is there something preventing you from the work you would like to produce?

Here are some images from my recent work that I have done over the last few weeks.

10998413_10206278058459835_5380057454111005438_n 10993956_10206278059099851_3425597908850214849_n 10991281_10206224117031333_5539340465574784976_n

10988534_10206278055739767_702826936283290221_n 10959395_10206192825409062_7694879355030591368_n 10906303_10206191738421888_4255087260529486063_n

10968302_10206216011628703_6367418108135838880_n 10981397_10206201133016747_1777534710086656782_n (1) 10934014_10206222415988808_3270587462245751987_n

10968474_10206214898040864_5113992093577692383_n (1) 10947235_10206191980787947_3781703831097292458_n 10897892_10206199620338931_6503260089248035250_n

The feedback from the tutors and peers has helped me because it has allowed me to see how I could create a better understanding about my work and in what way it could be done. One of the things that came up, is trying to find a way how I could question myself about my work each day I produce some and seeing what possibilities and outcomes could come out of it.

Also trying to broaden my imagination more for example, one of the artists that has recently inspired me is Marlene Dumas. This is because of the way that she uses how imagination broadly when producing her drawings for example working from photographs but seeing in what way the drawing could be represented and how. I feel that if I follow this method/ technique it can allow me to have a play around with the bodily features and seeing how different emotions could be explored. I’m planning on going to her exhibitions one at Tate Modern and one at Frith street gallery and take a few moments to look through her work and seeing in what ways I could respond to her work and how I would like to present it towards the audience.

some of Marlene Dumas works


What I have learnt from the materials and processes that I have recently used is to become more explorative when using certain materials and seeing in what ways they could respond to one another. Instead of following the complex route which I have done for too long now, i’m going to follow the more imaginative route and seeing what outcomes come out of that no matter how¬†brizar they become. To me it will be more from both my heart, soul and mind coming into play. What I would like to try next is Marlene Dumas techniques and style to see how I can expand myself more within the art world which would involve becoming less restricted and allowing myself to go with the flow when producing artwork. If some of the artworks become failures, I shouldn’t doubt myself after all it’s my art practice and not everything is supposed to be perfect it’s about exploring your creativity in so many different ways.

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