Gallery visits to the Frith Street Gallery (soho)

I had such an enjoyable time yesterday at the Frith Street Gallery seeing Marlene Dumas/ Juan Munoz. When entering the gallery I felt a connection when looking at the two artists work. I loved the way how they responded to each other due to the way they were drawn in a range of perspectives which to me , made me feel more gripped when looking at the artist’s work. It was only me and my sister there which made me feel like the gallery was a home to me because I could take my time looking at the work, finding out what the work is about and seeing in what ways I could connect their styles to my own work. When looking more into Marlene Dumas drawings, I enjoyed the way that she would use magazine and newspaper cuttings, personalised photos from her own experience and transform them into what she felt and see in what way the viewer could response to the work.

In the same way, Juan Munoz does this with focusing on a particular part of the human body which is the mouth and seeing in what way he could tell a story due to the way he decided to place the image in the work. Whilst looking through the works and going back and forth through the works, each time I would pick up new and different ideas as to how I could portray my work towards the viewer. These would involve the ideas of less restriction, the act of freedom of speech, the looseness of drawings and allowing my drawings to tell there own story no matter how spontaneous they become. What I’m going to focus more on is the idea of not having the sense of intensity shown too much in my work, have the idea of becoming freer and showing a larger context of what my work is about so then the viewer can have a better understanding of the work. Furthermore what I am planning to do is try to expand more in the way I use certain materials and find new techniques of using certain materials and see how my body reacts to the new change.

Here are some of the images/ drawings I saw done by Marlene Dumas and Juan Munoz

11021219_10206309270880126_5387964931884189079_n 11017839_10206309265359988_6098547056385892882_n 11001776_10206309269040080_722444035855195322_n

10991247_10206309273280186_4466117921464279491_n 10945568_10206309266520017_7092525507556373909_n 1655874_10206309272640170_4409661806555117919_n

I will definitely be visiting this gallery again soon because I got so many emotions from the drawings out of it such as, powerful, sad, happy, joyful, sincere etc. These two artists have definitely given me a passion to try out more ideas and see in what direction it could go in next. The reasons why I would like to try their approaches is because it feels more free, loose, imaginative and expressive at the same time. Also I would like to see how I can be more imaginative with different scales such as, A1, A2, A3,A4, A5, A6 etc and see how they correspond with one another. Furthermore their styles have allowed my work to develop because it has demonstrated to me in what other pathways I could go in/ where I could start/ finish.


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