New developments of my work- expressing myself more loosely

I have decided to loosen up my work by combining the ideas of the movement of dancers and seeing how it can interact with famous places in London and around the world. By doing this it has allowed me to look further into the idea of of superimposing female structures on London structures. Furthermore it has allowed me to add more context to my work and having people saying that it relates to the idea of a cultural political group called grassroots ‘take back the city’. They tend to look into the idea of young Londoners/ immigrants, people who are usually marginalised taking back the city. They tend to be particularly interested in the idea of having a cultural aspect of their action. 

By looking further into this idea it has allowed me to look into the ideas of feminist perspectives and seeing as to how women can be reflected both visually and politically within the idea of structural elements within London. Also by working on a range of different ideas during the past few weeks it has allowed me to expand and broaden my techniques more widely due to the idea of letting things go and seeing in what way they send meaningful messages towards the audience. What I believe has worked is the idea of drawing different structures around London which particularly interest me and seeing in what ways I can connect them to the dancing structures of women.

In my view by doing this it has allowed me to see how the idea of movement, body extensions and the drawings of women can be represented within structures placed around different areas of London. In my view I believe that my artwork is going well because by taking walks around Westminster Bridge, zooming in and zooming out of different areas around there it allowed me to see how the idea of movement could be produced. By reflecting my ideas on artist such as Marlene Dumas, Clunie Reid, Ian Breakwell, Joseph Kosuth and Luc Tuymans it has allowed me to work on different transformations of how to present women within structures. This is through the sense of writing, drawing, collaging, layering and seeing how these elements create a meaningful meaning towards the audience.

I feel that the contextual research such as lectures and exhibitions has definitely helped me to develop my work. This is because by using a range of materials and processes such as board, cardboard, ink pens and keeping it simple, not making it too complex has allowed me to restrict myself less within my work. By using photographs and different ink pens it has allowed me to see how the photographs connect to the drawings  and seeing in what ways it could be developed. For instance sowing messages and words into the photographs to explain what’s going on within the image and seeing how both the words and the images respond to each other and in what way. I will keep on developing this idea over the next coming weeks and see where it leads to. Here are some of the examples of the drawings and photographs I have taken responding to  my new idea.

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