Easter Project: Artists in residence

Today we have started working on an Easter Project called Artists in residence which is mainly based on the idea of a two day project working closely with artists such as, Ghulam Mohammad and Shimul Saha. By working closely with these two artists we have been creating collaborative works in the response of language, how it can be distributed for example, flyers, banners, sculpture, installations, paintings etc. In my opinion by having been set this brief by the artists it has allowed us to broaden our minds into how language can be explored, in what way can it tell a story, what would the meanings be behind a form of language that we have decided to use and why did we choose to use it. Furthermore by creating ideas formulating around the idea of language being distributed in a foreign way it allowed us to look deeper into the histories behind language and in what ways would we create an idea which would show to the audience what we seen within language (giving the audience a clear idea of why and how we created the idea).

When working within groups of 4 it allowed us to bounce ideas of each other and coming to a main conclusion of what we were going to create for our first idea. We decided to represent language through the idea of noises for instance using noises such as, clapping, stamping, whispering, whistling, humming, knocking and see how we could translate it through a piece of artwork. We chose to use baking paper, charcoal, pastels and see in what ways we could translate the use of language using these materials. We would each perform the noise and then see in what way we would translate it onto the baking paper for instance, the use of thick lines, thin lines, the use of abstraction, shapes, tapping etc. As we were developing these ideas we would make certain decisions such as which of the noises would link to one another, do certain noises share one link with one specific noise and how would or in what way would the audience see that.

We decided to interpret the noises all around the creative studio that we were using through the connection of string which would be spread all across the room (studio). We chose to create the noises as if it was an explosion so we would start with the quietest noise such as whispering and then develop it further through the noises that would get louder and louder. These would all be shown on the materials that we chose to use that would be attached to different parts of the string which was placed from high to low and would occasionally overlap with each other to show how different noises linked with each other. As their was a sense of travel with the range of noises that we chose to use the final part of our installation would end up with the sense of an echo to interpret the idea of loud and quiet noises that would interlink with each other.

We are going to see how we can develop our ideas further using this brief of involving the use of language, how it can be used pervasively (spread everywhere)  and how it can be distributed within a foreign perspective. We have come up with a few ideas of looking through the idea of language seen through a pervasive manner within the idea of performance and see which audience would it be mostly aimed at. A few questions that we have recently come up with are.

  • Which audiences would our works be aimed at?
  • How could we work more collaboratively
  • Which materials would we like to experiment with next?
  • What meanings would we like to create within our artworks

Here are some examples of the artists work that we have been inspired by for the 2 day workshop.



New creations and experimentations

Recently I have been working on some new creations and experimentations to see how I can expand my work further. In my view how my ideas have developed is by the way I have been experimenting with a range of materials and processes. These have involved using wood, acrylic paint, aluminium tape, palette knifes and paint brushes and exploring the different textural qualities that each of these materials and processes create. Furthermore by exploring how the paint can be moved around on the canvas for instance using edges, flat areas and rough areas of the materials that I choose to use. It has allowed me to see how the idea of movement can be presented in a range of ways such as how is movement shown in the performance of artwork and how does the viewer respond to it.

In some ways I did encounter some problems when I was working with these materials. I felt that I still created some restrictions into the way that I chose to use the materials. How I have chosen to resolve these issues was freeing up the way that I used the materials. This would be shown by using thicker layers of paint and allowing what ever process I was using to follow it’s own pattern. In my opinion I feel that the talks with my tutor has really helped me to develop my work further. This is because it has allowed me to see how to take critical distances towards my work as I go along so that I can see what works and what doesn’t work and see in what way I could transform it into something that I wasn’t expecting which can be both exciting and interesting.

What I have learnt from the materials and processes that I have currently been using especially this week is the way of combining some of them together or just using two of the materials and see in what ways they link. In my view by using palette knifes and wood it has allowed me to look further into the use of texture within artwork especially the elements of sculpture. Furthermore by connecting the idea of sculpture and painting together within a canvas using different textural materials such as, wood, palette knifes, plastic, bubble wrap, cardboard and sand it will allow my artwork to create a new body and see how the idea of movement can be transformed or manipulated.

I have discovered a new approach that I would like to take on in the next couple of works is the idea of collaborating painting with sculpture within a 3D effect. This means seeing how both of these ideas work together and in what way will they take the idea of movement to the next level within my art practice. The contextual research within lectures, reading and exhibitions has allowed my artwork to develop because it has allowed me to look at artists such as, Cornelia Parker, Joshua Reynolds, Jonathan Messe, Sterling Ruby, Richard Diebenkorn, Martin Kippenburger and Amish Kapoor. These artists have inspired me to look deeper into different types of material especially within sculpture and see in what way I can create movement within the next ideas that I am going to create.

Here are some experimentations and examples of my recent work.

13074_10206550000018204_3080908498237549909_n (2) 10577043_10206564294615560_2087070116212293575_n 11017119_10206564822348753_3566806018761708486_n

10313039_10206565245479331_2886945004177000554_n 11055382_10206557913056025_3418310621146566113_n 10520816_10206549182717772_7406813998243898059_n


Here are some examples of works that I have recently inspired me from the current artists that I have been looking into.










Furthermore by doing these current experimentations and artworks it has allowed me to see and make critical distances within my work as I go along by asking myself questions such as,

  • Why did I decide to use those colours?
  • How do these specific materials and processes collaborate with one another?
  • What other materials would be good to use when creating textural surfaces?
  • What types of surfaces would be better to use to make the work stand out more?

Taking inspiration from Jack Smith: Abstract Portraits (Pick up a pencil)- National Portrait Gallery

Over the weekend I attended the pick up a pencil workshop at the National Portrait Gallery which was based on the inspiration from Jack Smith’s portraits. I really enjoyed going to the workshop because it allowed me to loosen up which relating my ideas towards Jack Smith’s portraits. This was due to the idea of working with a different types of materials and processes which involved the use of acetate with sharpie’s and drawing people as they were moving but focusing on the shapes not so much the details and seeing symbols that represented them. Furthermore the various types of activities they held at the National Portrait Gallery yesterday allowed me to broaden my mind up more into how I wanted to present portraits. In a way I didn’t feel restricted because I wasn’t following a specific method, I allowed the materials I was using to take me in a new direction no rules, no instructions doing it the ‘freedom way’, ‘the loosened way’.

Furthermore I really enjoyed working with artist Ray Richardson because it allowed me to see how he also responded to what the workshop was about and how he demonstrated his ideas towards 14-21 year old’s who also took part in the workshop.  I liked the way how we took apart different part of portrait images we used and we drew them so that they had a completely new transformation which was both exciting and enjoyable. It allowed me to see how I could become more explorative towards the way I display portraits towards the viewer. In addition as I was creating the new portraits it allowed me to see how various types of new stories were being created through the idea of the picture ageing due to the way that certain parts of the image was been dismantled, changed, manipulated and constructed into a completely new dimension.

By doing the workshop it allowed me to look more closely into the images and see what new types of creations could be created if the images for say were torn up, created into a completely new dimension or were ripped up. Here are some examples of some of the new creations I did and how they have an impact towards the development of my work because in some ways I may use some of the new techniques again within the style of painting, imprinting or combining both painting and photography together. Jack Smith’s exhibition definitely had a huge impact on me because of the way it allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and try something completely different which in a way would make my work more exciting and travel on a new path that I wouldn’t expect to come across. These are some of the creations that I decided to create during the 2 hour process and some of the photos a photographer took of us while we were doing the workshop.

11084097_10153151758357290_7842374255297891254_o 11082487_10153151758327290_4542141659932766914_o 11074094_10153151758167290_7745413292586180377_o

10845638_10153151758102290_2795616835753911595_o 11071793_10153151758097290_7012930979998111759_o 11071000_10153151757907290_7462853015111139238_o

10947340_10153151757832290_9174132435315744583_o 11084158_10153151757782290_4836360282200139703_o 10991675_10153151757732290_4039692866733221001_o

11046838_10153151757667290_6198364840113303149_o 11070139_10153151757657290_3167033307460939450_o 10321808_10153151757572290_2442724519915367903_o

10985969_10153151757507290_4312072613865947427_o 11082250_10153151757497290_2610752358439413933_o 11043436_10153151757402290_2811787921411804448_o

11080486_10153151757352290_6892729179431645993_o 11059728_10153151756847290_7435290695521121309_o 11011602_10153151756832290_3852375032047627678_o

11016111_10153151756692290_4117111280600400063_o 10603825_10153151756597290_7977273183902047968_o 11078215_10153151756542290_2646208281978773872_o

These are some of the creations I did

11082604_10206532259374699_8768892611749409657_n (1) 10891562_10206532259934713_7362919139994535594_n 10407436_10206532259654706_8752478218413124214_n

This is the Jack Smith exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery

11084429_795926847168867_332691750_n 11081591_795926843835534_966225296_n 11081772_795926853835533_217491351_n




New creations/ New developments of ideas (breaking the rules)

Recently I have been working on new ideas and creations to make my work break out of it comfort zone. By having a talk with my tutor which has been really helpful, I have learnt about different ways in which I can expand my work further. This would involve working on some pieces and then taking a break and having a critical distance from work to see which areas are working and which areas are not working. In my view by taking on this process it has allowed me to loosen up the way I work because before it would be tense and restricted. To me by starting to loosen up the way I work I am starting to seethe problems that I have recently encountered in my work and how to fix them. Another reason why I have decided to take on this new idea/ process is because I want to see in what ways I can expand my create skills and what effect it would have on me as a developing artist.

I believe also by taking on this new technique it has allowed my work to develop because it has allowed me to take and add certain ideas to the image that I am working on. In my opinion this has allowed me to see how I can expand and change the recent decisions I have made. Furthermore by taking on this new technique it has allowed me to not judge my artwork immediately and take a critical decision from it.  In my view with the previous works I was making I did encounter some problems as I was making it such as, yes they were beautifully made, how it didn’t look as if much risk-taking was created within the pieces of work which made it look like it was lying underneath the safe barrier. This lead to me questioning my work and coming up with questions such as

  •  What is the purpose of these works?
  • Do these works have to be fixed?
  • In your opinion what would these works look like if they had more risk-taking done to them?
  • What would these look like if they ripped or taken apart?
  • Would this make them more interesting and compelling towards the audience?
  • What other artists could inspire you to break out of your boundaries?

Here are some examples of the works that I have been questioning and going to take apart to see what new journey they could take

11060297_10206495868264944_5845321060011140123_n 10300165_10206462918721226_6185956250385073055_n 11041811_10206440284595387_4837367354123215523_n

In my view by going to talks such as Andrew Nairne talking to artist Cornelia Parker that really inspired me towards the development of my work. This is because with the way her work is free and doesn’t have one fixed idea because of the way she goes back and forward between certain ideas she has done and expands them further. I love the way that she smashes, squashes, expands and transforms objects.  Here are some examples of her works.






This demonstrates to me that by allowing the art idea to keep on evolving, moving further and seeing where the next journey of your artwork leads to allows me to see how you can make a variety of transformations which can either have a story (narrative) or not. On the other hand the viewer can interpret their own story and can have a connection towards the artwork. Here is a photo of meeting Cornelia Parker.


Here are some recent examples of work that I have taken apart and transformed it in a certain way that did not follow a plan, the plan was created by my imagination, thoughts and connections into how I see art. This piece of work has the use of one paint brush and acrylic paints.




New creations and new decision making

I have been recently looking through my work and can see that there is still a lot of restriction and in a way it’s playing the safe path. This means that there isn’t enough risking taking in what could be stronger than what I have originally created. I have decided enough is enough, I’m going to break some boundaries and go with more of an ambitious mind. This means stop being scared of taking my art to the next level and allow my mind to take more of a control in the types of work that I choose to produce. I have recently been looking into artists such as, Alexis Harding and have been inspired by the way he pulls, stretches, works over different types of layers and see how the paint or material creates a mind of it’s own. In a way that links into the types of ideas that I would like to create and explore further to allow my artwork to become more playful, explorative and imaginative.

By looking more into Alexis Harding’s work it has also allowed me to question myself more on the work that I have recently produced and ask myself as to why have I decided to paint in the style?  Is there a new way I would like to paint and why? Are there other textural sources that I would like to try and why? In my opinion by gathering up all these questions it has allowed me to see what new decisions I would like to take to allow my art work to have a new meaning, a new mind of it’s own and a new sense of freedom rather than a restricted one. Furthermore the materials and processes that I am considering using are textural materials such as different cloths, ripping different parts of the canvas material and painting over it to see if a new feel/ texture can be created. By doing these types of techniques and processes I feel that it will help me to get out of my comfort zone and see what other qualities I can offer towards the viewer due to the different ideas that I decide to take on.

These are some examples of Alexis Harding’s work that has inspired me.







In the next coming days I’m going to be doing some more experimentations and see where they take me. They could be extreme which could involve me pushing myself to the limits beyond what I generally do and see what result I get out of that. I feel that opinions and suggestions from tutors has really helped because it has allowed me to see more of the problems that I have come across and how to solve them so that they don’t keep on popping up again and again. I’m ready to go on a new journey and see what new pathways it takes me across.

New developments of work and formative review

During this past week, I feel that my work has really developed because I have started to free myself more with the way that I paint and the way I use the brush strokes on the canvas. When I’ve been painting a variety of different canvases it has allowed me to create more of a context within them. This is due to the way I use photographs of my friends and then transform them within the images to see what new narratives and transformations can be created within the piece. What I believe has worked within these pieces are, the way that I have decided to connect myself more within the piece and not feel as scared if something goes wrong within the image. To me know if something goes wrong in a way it can be a good thing for me because it has allowed me to expand my practice more and see what new directions I could take to develop my practice.

I feel that the comments from tutors and peers has been very helpful because they have said that these pieces are more interesting and stronger than the previous pieces I have done of the dancers which seemed to lack context and looked as if I was lost in what I was trying to should towards the audience. Recently I have also felt that it has allowed me to push my work further due to the fact of taking on these comments and trying to ask myself questions whilst I was creating a variety of pieces. To me as a developing artist I would like to keep pursing these techniques that I have been recently using and expanding it further. This means trying out new materials together such as pen with a wash of watercolour and see where that leads to. Furthermore by going to an art event at the Earlham Clubhouse in covent garden was really exciting and one of the most memorable events i’ve been to this year. It was great seeing live art being down in front of us and having free NYC pizza served to us which made the event so welcoming and calming.

Here are some videos I took





Here are some images from the event

11034920_10206459254989635_5701372489193144659_n 11044610_10206459253389595_3956363394015796425_n 1890979_10206459252789580_5235708676267423226_n

10926384_10206459252549574_4865488083303536659_n 11069787_10206459252069562_6061281807269288437_n 11046527_10206459250709528_198325199982798699_n

11066520_10206459250229516_6779921647431683879_n 11070755_10206459249789505_6608926588634388646_n 10984498_10206459249109488_5044794440657093622_n

11066142_10206459248749479_2556518274479552724_n 10676376_10206459248509473_5468029832337302986_n 11037347_10206459247989460_2883515218553172044_n

11037347_10206459247989460_2883515218553172044_n 11054355_10206459247789455_7547885839963837335_n 10919039_10206459247429446_3697449764183393856_n

11060259_10206459246989435_7043708551764148449_n 11037719_10206459246309418_8677446474446982343_n 11070195_10206459246069412_2827310891720365845_n

10371473_10206459245669402_5219191004581363304_n 11054470_10206459245349394_2075600949865933513_n 11041300_10206459245029386_3831966904228174339_n

11051807_10206459244549374_2622757248170800263_n 19303_10206459243669352_7710817867867401521_n 11052441_10206459243229341_2166722212530155274_n

10451053_10206459242949334_3593010100159689529_n 11051126_10153196174388552_227868352_n


By going to this event it encouraged me more to use different types of materials and processes such as spraying painting and cut outs of the human figure and see in what ways I could transform it. Going to events like these around London has really encouraged me to take my work further and see what other types of transformations of manipulations I could create within figuration. I have started to use bolder colours to allow the images I create to instantly engage the audience and see what types of responses they get from looking at the images. I have been looking at artists such as Winston Churchill, Chagall and Joshua Reynolds and see how I can connect more of their techniques within my own work. In my view by looking at a range of different artists it has allowed me to become more ambitious within my work and see what areas I need to work on more to allow my work to have a balanced/ strong composition.





Here are some examples of my previous work

10300165_10206462918721226_6185956250385073055_n (1)


Furthermore by having the group formative review it really helped me to push my work further because it was great listening to other people’s responses and having informal conversations with each other. This allowed us to feel more comfort and listen and respond to each other’s views in the ways that we felt were necessary. In addition by asking each other questions about our works it allowed us to see new boundaries in which our works could follow and see what new outcomes could be created within the materials and processes we decide to use next.

Wallace Collection- UAL takeover (Friday 6th March 2015)

I had one of the most breath-taking experiences at the Wallace Collection last night. I loved how the UAL students took over the Wallace Collection and created a range of fantastic performances which involved a slow fashion show. Also performances which involved bands such as ‘Perhaps Contraption’ and ‘Your Swing’ which was truly thrilling. Furthermore I really enjoyed going with my friends from art uni there because it allowed me to take part in workshops and installations that were going on around the gallery such as, posh colouring in.

Here is a video that I recorded from the performance by ‘Perhaps Contraption’


By going to this event I felt that it allowed me to express my work further because in a way I loved the freeness of the works that were shown to us and how everything how a certain flow to it such as, no restriction. Also by looking back at the paintings that I have recently constructed this week it has allowed me to see how there has been a sudden change to my work and it has been good that it has taken place. Here are some examples of some of my recent constructions and transformations.

10683_10206406153502131_7005289417949108153_n 11046973_10206415449054514_5412877822946622666_n

By doing these two transformations it has allowed me to explore the different types of linear qualities, the colour changes, tonal variations and the space, time and movement I create within each of the compositions. By reflecting back on this artwork it has allowed me to see how it had a connection with the Wallace Collection exhibition because it allowed me to see how the idea of things being brought to life can be seen both through my artwork and the creations that the UAL students did. Furthermore by taking part in the slow fashion show which involved us taking part in the act of life drawing whilst watching a performative performance for 11 minutes. I had a lot of fun sketching models wearing costumes which were inspired by the collection. Also by being surrounded by music throughout the night which involved the ‘Perhaps Contraption’ the atmosphere felt so warming and comfortable.







What I have learnt about the materials and processes that the artists and installations that were placed all around the gallery is the idea of being free and seeing how each type of performance, workshop and installation can link to one another and seeing what narratives and stories are created behind it. I feel that the contextual research such as talks with other students around the different UAL uni’s and going to the Wallace collection has really helped me to develop my work because it has allowed me to expand more into different areas that before I would be scared to try because I have always have had a few of judgement all the time. I have now discovered to keep on discovering and creating what’s in my imagination more and see what new and exciting experimentations and pieces I can create from that. I have also decided to do more drawing around different galleries and see what new inspirations I can collect from there. Here are some photos I collected from my experience at the Wallace Collection which I will definitely be visiting again.

11058399_10206417822753855_4229409117240441483_n 11050693_10206417824833907_3625342533996354014_n 11043032_10152695496686198_7271505934627951358_n

11041231_10206417825913934_6617562334834554653_n 11043032_10152695496686198_7271505934627951358_n11024716_10206417827193966_1629567130552312007_n




Also from going to the Wallace Collection late night ones on Friday it allowed me to see the different types of artwork from a different perspective and allowed me to question myself on ideas  such as,

  • How would my artwork relate to being placed in a night time experience?
  • How could I connect my artwork to artworks that relate to an 18th century environment?
  • Would I want to change my artwork into this style and if so how would I do it?
  • Would I like to associate my artwork around 18th century music?
  • In what way could I associate my artwork to the idea of artists such as, Damien Hirst, Joshua Reynolds and Vivienne Westwood?

New developments of work, going in a variety of directions

Recently I went to a workshop at the National Portrait gallery which was quite helpful towards the development of my work. This is due to the idea of going to the suffragettes exhibition in rooms 30 and 31. By going to the exhibition it really influenced me in working more with political issues and how we look into different historical elements of the suffragette movement and translate it into zines to show how women’s voices should have been heard more during that time. Loved working with illustrators Zeel and Hannah Dyson because it allowed me to look at a different concept of art through the idea of illustration. This has allowed my work to develop further because it has allowed me to become more loose into how I want to represent the idea of the suffragette movement through the use of illustration. Furthermore by drawing illustrations as people were walking past it allowed me to look at a new perspective of art. This is due to the idea of when each person moved a new idea of movement and representation of the figurative body would be created. Here are some examples of what me and the group from the workshop created in response to the suffragette movement.


Here is an example of the work I created from the National Portrait workshop.



lately I have decided to become freer with my work and see where it leads to instead of narrowing it done and trying to have a definite outcome. In some respects I feel like some elements of my work is becoming freer due to the way that I have used certain brush marks from thicker to thinner to see how they correspond with one another. I have been questionning myself into asking myself questions such as

  • Why have I decided to use these brush marks?
  • Is there still a sense of restriction in the artwork?
  • Why have you decided to use these primary, secondary and tertiary colours?
  • How is the idea of movement represented in the artwork?
  • Does it have to be within the idea of dance?
  • What things are holding me back from taking certain risks?
  • Why are you preventing yourself from using other materialistic elements?
  • Does your artwork lead to more domestic elements or more public space elements?
  • What decisions would you like to make next towards your next idea and why?
  • What are your current influences and how could they be transformed into your current artwork?

I have been recently talking to one of my art friends in my tutor group Felipe and he has currently recommended becoming much more looser within my artwork. This means by going more with the flow and trying more risks and materials and seeing where it may take you next. For instance drawing human figures from galleries such as the V&A and Tate Britain and spending hours and hours there and seeing in what way the human figure could be transformed. This could involve working on certain proportions within the human body so it could interlink with other elements of the human body. In many ways it doesn’t have to be perfect but I could try to create more of a representational aspect towards how I see the human body and how I would like to explain and show my ideas towards the audience. I have recently learnt not to look too much into detail of certain aspects of the human body and transform it into a new style of how I want to demonstrate the idea of movement within the human body. I have recently been looking into more illustrators and surrealist artists such as Dali, Ali Banisadr and Bosch and see how they communicate the idea of figurative art within their work. This could involve the idea of religious aspects, heaven and hell, the development of the human body by creating certain narratives to create a story that the audience can engage with. I have started to look into other painting materials such as acrylic paints and seeing how I can be looser following some of the techniques of these artists. I feel like I keep on judging myself into making everything look perfect and feeling afraid of breaking the barrier if something goes wrong. I need to try and push myself more into trying out new things, combining some of the materials I have used to see what new creations can be produced. Here are some examples of some of my recent work.

11038796_10206357416843745_2866738187864757131_n 11018791_10206383510056059_6902940294874379594_n

Here are some of the artists and articles that I have been looking into