New developments of work, going in a variety of directions

Recently I went to a workshop at the National Portrait gallery which was quite helpful towards the development of my work. This is due to the idea of going to the suffragettes exhibition in rooms 30 and 31. By going to the exhibition it really influenced me in working more with political issues and how we look into different historical elements of the suffragette movement and translate it into zines to show how women’s voices should have been heard more during that time. Loved working with illustrators Zeel and Hannah Dyson because it allowed me to look at a different concept of art through the idea of illustration. This has allowed my work to develop further because it has allowed me to become more loose into how I want to represent the idea of the suffragette movement through the use of illustration. Furthermore by drawing illustrations as people were walking past it allowed me to look at a new perspective of art. This is due to the idea of when each person moved a new idea of movement and representation of the figurative body would be created. Here are some examples of what me and the group from the workshop created in response to the suffragette movement.

Here is an example of the work I created from the National Portrait workshop.



lately I have decided to become freer with my work and see where it leads to instead of narrowing it done and trying to have a definite outcome. In some respects I feel like some elements of my work is becoming freer due to the way that I have used certain brush marks from thicker to thinner to see how they correspond with one another. I have been questionning myself into asking myself questions such as

  • Why have I decided to use these brush marks?
  • Is there still a sense of restriction in the artwork?
  • Why have you decided to use these primary, secondary and tertiary colours?
  • How is the idea of movement represented in the artwork?
  • Does it have to be within the idea of dance?
  • What things are holding me back from taking certain risks?
  • Why are you preventing yourself from using other materialistic elements?
  • Does your artwork lead to more domestic elements or more public space elements?
  • What decisions would you like to make next towards your next idea and why?
  • What are your current influences and how could they be transformed into your current artwork?

I have been recently talking to one of my art friends in my tutor group Felipe and he has currently recommended becoming much more looser within my artwork. This means by going more with the flow and trying more risks and materials and seeing where it may take you next. For instance drawing human figures from galleries such as the V&A and Tate Britain and spending hours and hours there and seeing in what way the human figure could be transformed. This could involve working on certain proportions within the human body so it could interlink with other elements of the human body. In many ways it doesn’t have to be perfect but I could try to create more of a representational aspect towards how I see the human body and how I would like to explain and show my ideas towards the audience. I have recently learnt not to look too much into detail of certain aspects of the human body and transform it into a new style of how I want to demonstrate the idea of movement within the human body. I have recently been looking into more illustrators and surrealist artists such as Dali, Ali Banisadr and Bosch and see how they communicate the idea of figurative art within their work. This could involve the idea of religious aspects, heaven and hell, the development of the human body by creating certain narratives to create a story that the audience can engage with. I have started to look into other painting materials such as acrylic paints and seeing how I can be looser following some of the techniques of these artists. I feel like I keep on judging myself into making everything look perfect and feeling afraid of breaking the barrier if something goes wrong. I need to try and push myself more into trying out new things, combining some of the materials I have used to see what new creations can be produced. Here are some examples of some of my recent work.

11038796_10206357416843745_2866738187864757131_n 11018791_10206383510056059_6902940294874379594_n

Here are some of the artists and articles that I have been looking into



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