Wallace Collection- UAL takeover (Friday 6th March 2015)

I had one of the most breath-taking experiences at the Wallace Collection last night. I loved how the UAL students took over the Wallace Collection and created a range of fantastic performances which involved a slow fashion show. Also performances which involved bands such as ‘Perhaps Contraption’ and ‘Your Swing’ which was truly thrilling. Furthermore I really enjoyed going with my friends from art uni there because it allowed me to take part in workshops and installations that were going on around the gallery such as, posh colouring in.

Here is a video that I recorded from the performance by ‘Perhaps Contraption’


By going to this event I felt that it allowed me to express my work further because in a way I loved the freeness of the works that were shown to us and how everything how a certain flow to it such as, no restriction. Also by looking back at the paintings that I have recently constructed this week it has allowed me to see how there has been a sudden change to my work and it has been good that it has taken place. Here are some examples of some of my recent constructions and transformations.

10683_10206406153502131_7005289417949108153_n 11046973_10206415449054514_5412877822946622666_n

By doing these two transformations it has allowed me to explore the different types of linear qualities, the colour changes, tonal variations and the space, time and movement I create within each of the compositions. By reflecting back on this artwork it has allowed me to see how it had a connection with the Wallace Collection exhibition because it allowed me to see how the idea of things being brought to life can be seen both through my artwork and the creations that the UAL students did. Furthermore by taking part in the slow fashion show which involved us taking part in the act of life drawing whilst watching a performative performance for 11 minutes. I had a lot of fun sketching models wearing costumes which were inspired by the collection. Also by being surrounded by music throughout the night which involved the ‘Perhaps Contraption’ the atmosphere felt so warming and comfortable.







What I have learnt about the materials and processes that the artists and installations that were placed all around the gallery is the idea of being free and seeing how each type of performance, workshop and installation can link to one another and seeing what narratives and stories are created behind it. I feel that the contextual research such as talks with other students around the different UAL uni’s and going to the Wallace collection has really helped me to develop my work because it has allowed me to expand more into different areas that before I would be scared to try because I have always have had a few of judgement all the time. I have now discovered to keep on discovering and creating what’s in my imagination more and see what new and exciting experimentations and pieces I can create from that. I have also decided to do more drawing around different galleries and see what new inspirations I can collect from there. Here are some photos I collected from my experience at the Wallace Collection which I will definitely be visiting again.

11058399_10206417822753855_4229409117240441483_n 11050693_10206417824833907_3625342533996354014_n 11043032_10152695496686198_7271505934627951358_n

11041231_10206417825913934_6617562334834554653_n 11043032_10152695496686198_7271505934627951358_n11024716_10206417827193966_1629567130552312007_n




Also from going to the Wallace Collection late night ones on Friday it allowed me to see the different types of artwork from a different perspective and allowed me to question myself on ideas  such as,

  • How would my artwork relate to being placed in a night time experience?
  • How could I connect my artwork to artworks that relate to an 18th century environment?
  • Would I want to change my artwork into this style and if so how would I do it?
  • Would I like to associate my artwork around 18th century music?
  • In what way could I associate my artwork to the idea of artists such as, Damien Hirst, Joshua Reynolds and Vivienne Westwood?

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