New developments of work and formative review

During this past week, I feel that my work has really developed because I have started to free myself more with the way that I paint and the way I use the brush strokes on the canvas. When I’ve been painting a variety of different canvases it has allowed me to create more of a context within them. This is due to the way I use photographs of my friends and then transform them within the images to see what new narratives and transformations can be created within the piece. What I believe has worked within these pieces are, the way that I have decided to connect myself more within the piece and not feel as scared if something goes wrong within the image. To me know if something goes wrong in a way it can be a good thing for me because it has allowed me to expand my practice more and see what new directions I could take to develop my practice.

I feel that the comments from tutors and peers has been very helpful because they have said that these pieces are more interesting and stronger than the previous pieces I have done of the dancers which seemed to lack context and looked as if I was lost in what I was trying to should towards the audience. Recently I have also felt that it has allowed me to push my work further due to the fact of taking on these comments and trying to ask myself questions whilst I was creating a variety of pieces. To me as a developing artist I would like to keep pursing these techniques that I have been recently using and expanding it further. This means trying out new materials together such as pen with a wash of watercolour and see where that leads to. Furthermore by going to an art event at the Earlham Clubhouse in covent garden was really exciting and one of the most memorable events i’ve been to this year. It was great seeing live art being down in front of us and having free NYC pizza served to us which made the event so welcoming and calming.

Here are some videos I took

Here are some images from the event

11034920_10206459254989635_5701372489193144659_n 11044610_10206459253389595_3956363394015796425_n 1890979_10206459252789580_5235708676267423226_n

10926384_10206459252549574_4865488083303536659_n 11069787_10206459252069562_6061281807269288437_n 11046527_10206459250709528_198325199982798699_n

11066520_10206459250229516_6779921647431683879_n 11070755_10206459249789505_6608926588634388646_n 10984498_10206459249109488_5044794440657093622_n

11066142_10206459248749479_2556518274479552724_n 10676376_10206459248509473_5468029832337302986_n 11037347_10206459247989460_2883515218553172044_n

11037347_10206459247989460_2883515218553172044_n 11054355_10206459247789455_7547885839963837335_n 10919039_10206459247429446_3697449764183393856_n

11060259_10206459246989435_7043708551764148449_n 11037719_10206459246309418_8677446474446982343_n 11070195_10206459246069412_2827310891720365845_n

10371473_10206459245669402_5219191004581363304_n 11054470_10206459245349394_2075600949865933513_n 11041300_10206459245029386_3831966904228174339_n

11051807_10206459244549374_2622757248170800263_n 19303_10206459243669352_7710817867867401521_n 11052441_10206459243229341_2166722212530155274_n

10451053_10206459242949334_3593010100159689529_n 11051126_10153196174388552_227868352_n


By going to this event it encouraged me more to use different types of materials and processes such as spraying painting and cut outs of the human figure and see in what ways I could transform it. Going to events like these around London has really encouraged me to take my work further and see what other types of transformations of manipulations I could create within figuration. I have started to use bolder colours to allow the images I create to instantly engage the audience and see what types of responses they get from looking at the images. I have been looking at artists such as Winston Churchill, Chagall and Joshua Reynolds and see how I can connect more of their techniques within my own work. In my view by looking at a range of different artists it has allowed me to become more ambitious within my work and see what areas I need to work on more to allow my work to have a balanced/ strong composition.

Here are some examples of my previous work

10300165_10206462918721226_6185956250385073055_n (1)


Furthermore by having the group formative review it really helped me to push my work further because it was great listening to other people’s responses and having informal conversations with each other. This allowed us to feel more comfort and listen and respond to each other’s views in the ways that we felt were necessary. In addition by asking each other questions about our works it allowed us to see new boundaries in which our works could follow and see what new outcomes could be created within the materials and processes we decide to use next.

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