New creations and new decision making

I have been recently looking through my work and can see that there is still a lot of restriction and in a way it’s playing the safe path. This means that there isn’t enough risking taking in what could be stronger than what I have originally created. I have decided enough is enough, I’m going to break some boundaries and go with more of an ambitious mind. This means stop being scared of taking my art to the next level and allow my mind to take more of a control in the types of work that I choose to produce. I have recently been looking into artists such as, Alexis Harding and have been inspired by the way he pulls, stretches, works over different types of layers and see how the paint or material creates a mind of it’s own. In a way that links into the types of ideas that I would like to create and explore further to allow my artwork to become more playful, explorative and imaginative.

By looking more into Alexis Harding’s work it has also allowed me to question myself more on the work that I have recently produced and ask myself as to why have I decided to paint in the style? ┬áIs there a new way I would like to paint and why? Are there other textural sources that I would like to try and why? In my opinion by gathering up all these questions it has allowed me to see what new decisions I would like to take to allow my art work to have a new meaning, a new mind of it’s own and a new sense of freedom rather than a restricted one. Furthermore the materials and processes that I am considering using are textural materials such as different cloths, ripping different parts of the canvas material and painting over it to see if a new feel/ texture can be created. By doing these types of techniques and processes I feel that it will help me to get out of my comfort zone and see what other qualities I can offer towards the viewer due to the different ideas that I decide to take on.

These are some examples of Alexis Harding’s work that has inspired me.

In the next coming days I’m going to be doing some more experimentations and see where they take me. They could be extreme which could involve me pushing myself to the limits beyond what I generally do and see what result I get out of that. I feel that opinions and suggestions from tutors has really helped because it has allowed me to see more of the problems that I have come across and how to solve them so that they don’t keep on popping up again and again. I’m ready to go on a new journey and see what new pathways it takes me across.

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