New creations/ New developments of ideas (breaking the rules)

Recently I have been working on new ideas and creations to make my work break out of it comfort zone. By having a talk with my tutor which has been really helpful, I have learnt about different ways in which I can expand my work further. This would involve working on some pieces and then taking a break and having a critical distance from work to see which areas are working and which areas are not working. In my view by taking on this process it has allowed me to loosen up the way I work because before it would be tense and restricted. To me by starting to loosen up the way I work I am starting to seethe problems that I have recently encountered in my work and how to fix them. Another reason why I have decided to take on this new idea/ process is because I want to see in what ways I can expand my create skills and what effect it would have on me as a developing artist.

I believe also by taking on this new technique it has allowed my work to develop because it has allowed me to take and add certain ideas to the image that I am working on. In my opinion this has allowed me to see how I can expand and change the recent decisions I have made. Furthermore by taking on this new technique it has allowed me to not judge my artwork immediately and take a critical decision from it.  In my view with the previous works I was making I did encounter some problems as I was making it such as, yes they were beautifully made, how it didn’t look as if much risk-taking was created within the pieces of work which made it look like it was lying underneath the safe barrier. This lead to me questioning my work and coming up with questions such as

  •  What is the purpose of these works?
  • Do these works have to be fixed?
  • In your opinion what would these works look like if they had more risk-taking done to them?
  • What would these look like if they ripped or taken apart?
  • Would this make them more interesting and compelling towards the audience?
  • What other artists could inspire you to break out of your boundaries?

Here are some examples of the works that I have been questioning and going to take apart to see what new journey they could take

11060297_10206495868264944_5845321060011140123_n 10300165_10206462918721226_6185956250385073055_n 11041811_10206440284595387_4837367354123215523_n

In my view by going to talks such as Andrew Nairne talking to artist Cornelia Parker that really inspired me towards the development of my work. This is because with the way her work is free and doesn’t have one fixed idea because of the way she goes back and forward between certain ideas she has done and expands them further. I love the way that she smashes, squashes, expands and transforms objects.  Here are some examples of her works.

This demonstrates to me that by allowing the art idea to keep on evolving, moving further and seeing where the next journey of your artwork leads to allows me to see how you can make a variety of transformations which can either have a story (narrative) or not. On the other hand the viewer can interpret their own story and can have a connection towards the artwork. Here is a photo of meeting Cornelia Parker.


Here are some recent examples of work that I have taken apart and transformed it in a certain way that did not follow a plan, the plan was created by my imagination, thoughts and connections into how I see art. This piece of work has the use of one paint brush and acrylic paints.




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