Taking inspiration from Jack Smith: Abstract Portraits (Pick up a pencil)- National Portrait Gallery

Over the weekend I attended the pick up a pencil workshop at the National Portrait Gallery which was based on the inspiration from Jack Smith’s portraits. I really enjoyed going to the workshop because it allowed me to loosen up which relating my ideas towards Jack Smith’s portraits. This was due to the idea of working with a different types of materials and processes which involved the use of acetate with sharpie’s and drawing people as they were moving but focusing on the shapes not so much the details and seeing symbols that represented them. Furthermore the various types of activities they held at the National Portrait Gallery yesterday allowed me to broaden my mind up more into how I wanted to present portraits. In a way I didn’t feel restricted because I wasn’t following a specific method, I allowed the materials I was using to take me in a new direction no rules, no instructions doing it the ‘freedom way’, ‘the loosened way’.

Furthermore I really enjoyed working with artist Ray Richardson because it allowed me to see how he also responded to what the workshop was about and how he demonstrated his ideas towards 14-21 year old’s who also took part in the workshop.  I liked the way how we took apart different part of portrait images we used and we drew them so that they had a completely new transformation which was both exciting and enjoyable. It allowed me to see how I could become more explorative towards the way I display portraits towards the viewer. In addition as I was creating the new portraits it allowed me to see how various types of new stories were being created through the idea of the picture ageing due to the way that certain parts of the image was been dismantled, changed, manipulated and constructed into a completely new dimension.

By doing the workshop it allowed me to look more closely into the images and see what new types of creations could be created if the images for say were torn up, created into a completely new dimension or were ripped up. Here are some examples of some of the new creations I did and how they have an impact towards the development of my work because in some ways I may use some of the new techniques again within the style of painting, imprinting or combining both painting and photography together. Jack Smith’s exhibition definitely had a huge impact on me because of the way it allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and try something completely different which in a way would make my work more exciting and travel on a new path that I wouldn’t expect to come across. These are some of the creations that I decided to create during the 2 hour process and some of the photos a photographer took of us while we were doing the workshop.

11084097_10153151758357290_7842374255297891254_o 11082487_10153151758327290_4542141659932766914_o 11074094_10153151758167290_7745413292586180377_o

10845638_10153151758102290_2795616835753911595_o 11071793_10153151758097290_7012930979998111759_o 11071000_10153151757907290_7462853015111139238_o

10947340_10153151757832290_9174132435315744583_o 11084158_10153151757782290_4836360282200139703_o 10991675_10153151757732290_4039692866733221001_o

11046838_10153151757667290_6198364840113303149_o 11070139_10153151757657290_3167033307460939450_o 10321808_10153151757572290_2442724519915367903_o

10985969_10153151757507290_4312072613865947427_o 11082250_10153151757497290_2610752358439413933_o 11043436_10153151757402290_2811787921411804448_o

11080486_10153151757352290_6892729179431645993_o 11059728_10153151756847290_7435290695521121309_o 11011602_10153151756832290_3852375032047627678_o

11016111_10153151756692290_4117111280600400063_o 10603825_10153151756597290_7977273183902047968_o 11078215_10153151756542290_2646208281978773872_o

These are some of the creations I did

11082604_10206532259374699_8768892611749409657_n (1) 10891562_10206532259934713_7362919139994535594_n 10407436_10206532259654706_8752478218413124214_n

This is the Jack Smith exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery

11084429_795926847168867_332691750_n 11081591_795926843835534_966225296_n 11081772_795926853835533_217491351_n




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