New creations and experimentations

Recently I have been working on some new creations and experimentations to see how I can expand my work further. In my view how my ideas have developed is by the way I have been experimenting with a range of materials and processes. These have involved using wood, acrylic paint, aluminium tape, palette knifes and paint brushes and exploring the different textural qualities that each of these materials and processes create. Furthermore by exploring how the paint can be moved around on the canvas for instance using edges, flat areas and rough areas of the materials that I choose to use. It has allowed me to see how the idea of movement can be presented in a range of ways such as how is movement shown in the performance of artwork and how does the viewer respond to it.

In some ways I did encounter some problems when I was working with these materials. I felt that I still created some restrictions into the way that I chose to use the materials. How I have chosen to resolve these issues was freeing up the way that I used the materials. This would be shown by using thicker layers of paint and allowing what ever process I was using to follow it’s own pattern. In my opinion I feel that the talks with my tutor has really helped me to develop my work further. This is because it has allowed me to see how to take critical distances towards my work as I go along so that I can see what works and what doesn’t work and see in what way I could transform it into something that I wasn’t expecting which can be both exciting and interesting.

What I have learnt from the materials and processes that I have currently been using especially this week is the way of combining some of them together or just using two of the materials and see in what ways they link. In my view by using palette knifes and wood it has allowed me to look further into the use of texture within artwork especially the elements of sculpture. Furthermore by connecting the idea of sculpture and painting together within a canvas using different textural materials such as, wood, palette knifes, plastic, bubble wrap, cardboard and sand it will allow my artwork to create a new body and see how the idea of movement can be transformed or manipulated.

I have discovered a new approach that I would like to take on in the next couple of works is the idea of collaborating painting with sculpture within a 3D effect. This means seeing how both of these ideas work together and in what way will they take the idea of movement to the next level within my art practice. The contextual research within lectures, reading and exhibitions has allowed my artwork to develop because it has allowed me to look at artists such as, Cornelia Parker, Joshua Reynolds, Jonathan Messe, Sterling Ruby, Richard Diebenkorn, Martin Kippenburger and Amish Kapoor. These artists have inspired me to look deeper into different types of material especially within sculpture and see in what way I can create movement within the next ideas that I am going to create.

Here are some experimentations and examples of my recent work.

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Here are some examples of works that I have recently inspired me from the current artists that I have been looking into.

Furthermore by doing these current experimentations and artworks it has allowed me to see and make critical distances within my work as I go along by asking myself questions such as,

  • Why did I decide to use those colours?
  • How do these specific materials and processes collaborate with one another?
  • What other materials would be good to use when creating textural surfaces?
  • What types of surfaces would be better to use to make the work stand out more?

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