Easter Project: Artists in residence

Today we have started working on an Easter Project called Artists in residence which is mainly based on the idea of a two day project working closely with artists such as, Ghulam Mohammad and Shimul Saha. By working closely with these two artists we have been creating collaborative works in the response of language, how it can be distributed for example, flyers, banners, sculpture, installations, paintings etc. In my opinion by having been set this brief by the artists it has allowed us to broaden our minds into how language can be explored, in what way can it tell a story, what would the meanings be behind a form of language that we have decided to use and why did we choose to use it. Furthermore by creating ideas formulating around the idea of language being distributed in a foreign way it allowed us to look deeper into the histories behind language and in what ways would we create an idea which would show to the audience what we seen within language (giving the audience a clear idea of why and how we created the idea).

When working within groups of 4 it allowed us to bounce ideas of each other and coming to a main conclusion of what we were going to create for our first idea. We decided to represent language through the idea of noises for instance using noises such as, clapping, stamping, whispering, whistling, humming, knocking and see how we could translate it through a piece of artwork. We chose to use baking paper, charcoal, pastels and see in what ways we could translate the use of language using these materials. We would each perform the noise and then see in what way we would translate it onto the baking paper for instance, the use of thick lines, thin lines, the use of abstraction, shapes, tapping etc. As we were developing these ideas we would make certain decisions such as which of the noises would link to one another, do certain noises share one link with one specific noise and how would or in what way would the audience see that.

We decided to interpret the noises all around the creative studio that we were using through the connection of string which would be spread all across the room (studio). We chose to create the noises as if it was an explosion so we would start with the quietest noise such as whispering and then develop it further through the noises that would get louder and louder. These would all be shown on the materials that we chose to use that would be attached to different parts of the string which was placed from high to low and would occasionally overlap with each other to show how different noises linked with each other. As their was a sense of travel with the range of noises that we chose to use the final part of our installation would end up with the sense of an echo to interpret the idea of loud and quiet noises that would interlink with each other.

We are going to see how we can develop our ideas further using this brief of involving the use of language, how it can be used pervasively (spread everywhere)  and how it can be distributed within a foreign perspective. We have come up with a few ideas of looking through the idea of language seen through a pervasive manner within the idea of performance and see which audience would it be mostly aimed at. A few questions that we have recently come up with are.

  • Which audiences would our works be aimed at?
  • How could we work more collaboratively
  • Which materials would we like to experiment with next?
  • What meanings would we like to create within our artworks

Here are some examples of the artists work that we have been inspired by for the 2 day workshop.



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