New current for offsite show and the visit to the Jamaican Hidden Histories exhibition

I have chosen to change my idea for the offsite show because something wasn’t working with the other experimentations that I have recently created. I’ve decided to move from the idea of figuration and focus more on surfaces and textures and look at the idea of movement within this. I have been looking at a variety of different artists who deal with the idea of textures such as Amish Kapoor, Sterling Ruby, Matthew Smith, Richard Diebenkorn, Gerhard Richard and see in what ways they deal with the idea of surface and texture. Recently I have been exploring the roughness and smoothness of textures and surfaces and see in what way they could correspond with each other. I have chosen also to play around more with the materials and processes that I use for example, foil paper, cardboard, ripping cardboard, crushing foil paper to see how the structure suddenly transforms itself into something out of the ordinary.

I have been questioning myself lately on the previous experimentations that I have done to do with the idea of figuration and seeing in what ways I could create something out of the ordinary wit the use of different textures and surfaces. I have been asking myself questions such as:

  • In what ways would I like to rip the cardboard and how would I like to transform it into something unusual?
  • How many materials would I like to use and why?
  • Do I want to make it a simple piece or a complex piece?
  • Would I like to overlap or combine different textures and surfaces together and why?
  • How would I like to show the sense of freeness within the piece and how could this be done?

By asking myself these questions it has allowed me to not follow a specific structure which to me would be quite restricted. This is because I felt like within my recent pieces I tended to show the idea of restriction quite a lot and always seemed to pressurise and judge myself a bit too much do to the ways that I created the piece. Within these new developments that I have recently created I have chosen to introduce ideas such as the sense of chaos, destruction, manipulation and freeness and see how the piece can transform itself in this way. Here are some images of the recent ideas that I have come up with. These ideas involve the materials such as, foil paper, cardboard, ripped and areas taken apart on an A2 canvas.

1900656_10206625458944630_6611277975777515577_o 11050772_10206625458184611_3540440936673604921_o 10583057_10206625457824602_5654952089263628401_o

10863843_10206625457184586_5460540208150446037_o 10511627_10206625456024557_6856861588624786662_o10511627_10206625456024557_6856861588624786662_o

11077924_10206625455344540_8993609924411078949_o 11075006_10206625454704524_7268860959861546462_o 10708781_10206625454264513_2345552658018383928_o

Furthermore I have recently visited the exhibition at the OXO tower gallery based on the Jamaican hidden histories exhibition which was quite fascinating due to looking at the histories which involved the sense of independence. To me this inspired me towards my current development of my work which I would like to have the sense of independence going on within the work. This means allowing the work to create its own role, it’s own structure and it’s own mind set. ┬áHere are some images from the exhibition.

1796822_10206636750946923_1689274073916225543_o 10380826_10206636748426860_5263899141123666388_o 11048735_10206636747506837_8748877473935468853_o

10353406_10206636746626815_1119359465620985424_o 11078123_10206636745306782_294294210246889937_o 11078123_10206636745306782_294294210246889937_o

11041150_10206636744386759_5609718327782901442_o 11035707_10206636742226705_1620025995434399071_o 11069694_10206636741306682_8925518543880198700_o

11136252_10206636740026650_11448189636786703_o 11115609_10206636739226630_6007992951257243359_o 11103081_10206636738186604_927787572153945954_o


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