Second day of the Easter project at Whitechapel Gallery 31/03/15

During the second day of the easter project at the Whitechapel gallery we developed or pieces further and worked further with both the styles of Ghluam Mohammed and Shimul Saha. By being set a brief based on the idea of focusing on dreams and memories from our childhoods and see how we could transform them. Within the group that I was working in we decided to create a dreamcatcher and change the scale and size of it. This involved using materials and processes such as, feathers, black paint, broken cd’s and safety pins to see how we could create a dream catcher. At first we wanted to use a variety of different materials but then we limited the range of materials that we used because if we had used so many different materials it would have made the piece look very confusing and hard to understand.

By painting the feather black we wanted to create a sense of danger towards the dream catcher. This is because we wanted to add a twist to our work because many people would see a dream catcher as being very small and elegant. When we were creating the piece we made quite a lot of decisions and made sure that each person had a fair say into how the piece should be created. This inspired me because it allowed us to be quite free-minded with the materials we were using to create the piece. We as a group felt that the piece went well because it allowed us to create something that was quite usual due to the way that it was hanging from the ceiling with the use of strong tape and black strong attached to each end of the dream catcher. What I have learnt from the materials and processes that we used is, it allowed us to see which materials interlinked with each other and see how the materials would tell a story/ narrative towards the viewer.

We also asked ourselves questions such as:

  • Which materials would work well with each other?
  • What types of sizes and scales would interest us the most and in what way?
  • How would we create the idea of danger?
  • What materials would we want to subtract or add in the piece and how would we want to do it?
  • If we encountered any problems, how would we like to overcome it?

Here are some images from the first idea that we did before we developed it further

11121756_10206609056254573_3868790738077164146_o 1052157_10206609057094594_5265259898361706413_o 11120077_10206609058014617_8439740123641474081_o

10856483_10206609059614657_1648031262402824008_o 11109708_10206609068574881_73429568332302917_o 10333397_10206609066294824_8032242200378612455_o


Later on in the day we chose to develop the idea further by subtracting and adding elements within the piece to see how we could make the dream catcher stronger. We chose to change the dream catcher that would respond to a question that was placed in the centre which was called “how do dreams communicate with us?”. By doing this it allowed us to add longer safety pins which would be attached to another creation of the dreamcatcher and place the question in the centre core of the dreamcatcher. In my opinion by doing this it allowed us to see a new transformation of the dreamcatcher and in what way the viewer responds to it. Here are some images of the new development.

11109708_10206609068574881_73429568332302917_o 10988318_10206609069734910_3680265589497834668_o 10866160_10206609073575006_6037862240021001650_o

11082194_10206609074375026_8795211247673308620_o (1) 10857261_10206609078975141_3245860893666399717_o 11096444_10206609076135070_1819527957187395837_o

11088448_10206609077575106_4263231116875270360_o 11094784_10206609079495154_2141091344217529104_o 11084170_10206609076775086_1574203189829149936_o

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