Visit to Kensington Palace and the Fashion Rules exhibition

Recently visited the kensington palace area and it’s gardens which I found very peaceful and relaxing. Having visited a new area it allowed me to expand my mind more and not feeling restricted inside. In my view I felt that the visit to the palace and the gardens was very inspiring and exciting to go too. This is because by entering the palace it allowed me to understand the history of what happened within the palace. This experience also helped me to see how it was the home of members of the royal family since 1689. By going around different areas of the palace it helped to see how the palace is divided into two areas- a private wing where the members of the royal had their homes and the historic state apartments. These rooms contained the individual displays which revealed many stories of the palace.

This tour of the palace has helped me to develop my ideas for my work because it has allowed me to focus on both the past and the present and see in what ways they would work together. Furthermore it allowed me to look further into the different materials and processes that were used within the paintings and tapestries. Also the palace demonstrated to me that the different areas were created in a certain way that would fit a member of the royal family for example, King George II, George I, Queen Anne, Queen Mary, Queen Victoria and Queen Mary II. In my view, when looking deeper into the paintings it allowed me to see how the different textures and surfaces combined well together to allow the paintings to respond to each other in such a way that would compel the audience to look at it. ¬†Furthermore within using the contextual research provided from the exhibition called ‘Fashion Rules’ helped me to see what types of garments where used for the members of the royal family at the time and for what occasion they would wear it for.

By visiting the exhibition over the weekend, it allowed me to come up with questions such as:

  • In what ways were the artists inspired to create garments like this?
  • What decisions did the artists and designers come up with at the time?
  • How did the artists and designers resolve any issues that came across whilst they were creating the garments and paintings?
  • What did the artists and designers learn from the materials and processes they used?
  • How did the members of the royal family feel when they were painted?
  • What other hobbies did the members of the royal family have at the time when they were staying in the Kensington Palace?
  • What were the responses of the members of the royal family towards the paintings that were created at the time?
  • Did they feel any pleasure when looking at the paintings/ the transformation of the Kensington Palace?
  • In what ways did the members of the royal family feel connected with the Kensington Palace?
  • What types of theories came up towards the royal family at the time?

Here are some photos from my experience at the Kensington Palace

10506623_10206702089500346_7861011183165214641_o 11050160_10206702088540322_6122930418073480230_o 11155109_10206702087660300_5014628282964844885_o

10644647_10206702086460270_8766025530958112599_o 11090961_10206702085940257_5189414766552671220_o 11115760_10206702084260215_2071830087679555907_o

11115760_10206702084260215_2071830087679555907_o 11051915_10206702082740177_6606970988167862163_o 10838036_10206702081620149_8067770496019250555_o

10869378_10206702080820129_1537935886087458148_o 11088606_10206702079980108_7079461499864940289_o 11155020_10206702078740077_1602968323436705585_o

11147582_10206702078180063_1452456457220910497_o 11099550_10206702077580048_2007564866557490163_o 11128824_10206702077060035_1412104814514728479_o

11133961_10206702076620024_3974010061968054855_o 11154878_10206702074459970_1627767896414836112_o 10955287_10206702073899956_5241390665465870385_o

11154878_10206702073259940_8857242005826067880_o 11134099_10206702072619924_1977214453364422242_o 11061944_10206702071699901_2519728994267400267_o

11143544_10206702071019884_125312558980880115_o 11080415_10206702070339867_4992780176634328658_o 10658905_10206702069459845_905736692538210562_o

1412478_10206702068939832_7245044624606126221_o 11129259_10206702067539797_2849812661620909625_o 11134118_10206702066819779_3753572869064973440_o

11155073_10206702066139762_1316914763855327684_o 10987633_10206702063979708_5867199622544579548_o 11082293_10206702062979683_5989573481323826969_o

11080839_10206702062259665_233902551117647419_o 11084123_10206702061139637_5495328593808725850_o 11149534_10206702059579598_8478575690253198039_o

11148231_10206702055939507_2016524044164070377_o 11130069_10206702054659475_535685744358953736_o 1836814_10206702052739427_7949344084613041912_o

11022409_10206702035578998_8788968981649206092_o 10582751_10206702032898931_7031677944422714402_o 10517240_10206702034138962_2578474397552512715_o


11116446_10206702032138912_806375996935622271_o 11062083_10206702031418894_8626553923323838134_o 11126441_10206702029898856_5417817729729895557_o

11038704_10206702028978833_2822542457135637383_o 1491520_10206702026898781_8314789881024592103_o 11045439_10206702026298766_3113100275205336755_o

11133961_10206702025378743_1376142767810577627_o 11021347_10206702024778728_3308578437935592027_o 10572251_10206702023738702_1898385969556858838_o

11096577_10206702021578648_5703960128560806055_o 1980373_10206702020658625_9194717090328209317_o 10985939_10206702018618574_6887410051752039201_o

11136172_10206702017738552_8387460139116640827_o 11134003_10206702017058535_6217033629786414916_o 11088740_10206702016298516_8458376604888483616_o

11154945_10206702011818404_3427980825040116863_o 11148492_10206702012738427_5031996794994466767_o 11116446_10206702013538447_3938491413171522072_o



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