Three day workshop- Drawn in the Frame (14 April- 16th April 2015- National Portrait Gallery)

It was really fun doing this workshop at the National Portrait Gallery because animation is something that I haven’t looked much into before so I wanted to see and have a better understanding of how animation is created. This has allowed me to develop my work further because by looking at the Georgian Collection at the Archive. The collection definitely inspired me because of the ways the artists created different forms of drawings, paintings, animations, fashion styles etc to show how the idea of animation could be developed further. Having worked within different techniques of animation which involved the use of drawing with light. This meant using glow sticks and timers which lead to drawing around people using light allowed us to see how we could create different scenes involving the use of light and seeing how they connected to one another. Furthermore by making a range of decisions into how we wanted to develop our scenes of illustration and animation allows us to look deeper into what kinds of ideas we wanted to show towards the audience . Also by working in a range of groups allowed us to express our ideas more widely towards other members of the group.

Furthermore I really enjoyed making filp- books because it allowed us to see how we could experiment with the idea of movement and seeing in what ways we wanted to develop our animated characters further. These materials and processes have allowed me to develop my artwork further because it has allowed me to broaden my mind further into how would I like to develop the idea of movement through animation whether it’s in a video, using within the idea of drawing with light or using acetate with the program called dragon frame. In my view by using the program called dragon frame it allowed me to explore more into how quick or how slow I wanted the animation to be. In my opinion by using this material and process it has allowed me to make a range of decisions into how would I like to structure the animated video, how long would I want it to be and what would the narrative be. I would also question myself with other questions such as:

  • What connections or responses would the animated video make towards the audience?
  • What would be the meaning of the animation that I have created ?
  • How long would I like the animation to be ?
  • How spontaneous would I like the animation to be?
  • What would the animation represent?
  • How and in what way would I like the animation connect with the idea of the Heinz Archive and the Georgian Collection?
  • What colours would I like to use to hand draw the animation?
  • Would I like to make the animation simple or complex?

This is a photo of myself drawing some of the hand drawn animations


These are some of the animated hand drawn videos that I made for the easter project (drawn in a frame workshop)

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