Inherent spaces- Offsite show (6/5/15)

Working with a group of 1st year Chelsea BA Fine Art students was a fun experience because it allowed me to see how they developed their work and how it would be displayed in the environment that we had. It was great working with Marina, Felipe, Ellie, Vicky, Megan, Alice, Gabrielle, Chloe and  Steffy because it was interesting finding out the meaning’s behind their pieces of work, how they developed it and how the audience would respond to it. From doing some of the ideas I had done in the studio and developing it further for the offsite show. To me I felt that I hadn’t quite cracked what I was trying to show the audience. In a way the idea was getting their but still needed to be worked on further. I was trying to display the idea of movement through change the structures of textural surfaces to show how movement would be changed due to the rough and smooth textures I had used.

However I felt that it was hard for the audience to see that because to some it looked as if it was restricted due to the way I had used a canvas and restricted the sense of movement within a square/rectangle. To others it looked like something from the food industry and ketchup and mustard had been used to display this. I felt like I had encountered so many problems within the development of my work. This was due to the fact that I had so many ideas swirling around in my mind, I had found it hard to just focus on one. Furthermore I felt that I had restricted myself on the ways I wanted to present my ideas. This meant keeping the idea in one restricted space rather than expanding it and allowing the artwork to take it’s own course.  The feedback from my peers and tutors has been really helpful because it has allowed me to see how I need to free myself up more when creating artworks. What this means is, not just following one specific strategy, try to be more imaginative with the materials that you have used. For instance try ceramics within your work so that I could work more into 2D and 3D styles and see where that leads me to.

What I have learnt from the materials and processes that I have used is that some parts of the idea worked well with each other. This is due to the way that the painting was placed which fitted where with the textural backgrounds of the safehouse. What I feel that I have to focus more is working with more materials like ceramics and see what types of forms I could create using that and allowing myself to become more explorative with my work. To me contextual research such as lectures and exhibitions has helped me further into developing my work because it has allowed me to look more into the way certain materials work well with each other and how to develop the idea further.

Here are some photos from the offsite show

11154592_10206900925111112_2068938634448755317_o 11203599_10206900923031060_2548051234243482807_o 11136278_10206900920671001_2646215454145520046_o

10928875_10206900920270991_3324484118302109626_o 11038871_10206900918470946_5519343885696177238_o 10498666_10206900918150938_3950481469974060952_o

10857125_10206900917750928_3903461156096907039_o 905800_10206900916630900_2233640371615944561_o 11063787_10206900915110862_9080542436092203219_o

11203587_10206900912190789_7751342634190351131_o 10629506_10206900911790779_8839106698044066666_o 10827978_10206900911350768_2009159779291526227_o

1417812_10206900911110762_35440315247549911_o 11244923_10206900909990734_3922076812826579878_o 10481336_10206900908870706_3656158960671152526_o

11194437_10206900908310692_4606472750149348430_o 11164766_10206900907710677_1969022603727250801_o 11165140_10206900905310617_7033948703631683011_o

11174357_10206900904670601_2291844741638721355_o 11203657_10206900903710577_2311887553755852402_o 11164628_10206900903190564_8737476635329826822_o

11059872_10206900901910532_5671954621732208876_o 11206497_10206900901150513_883798144139649702_o 11194615_10206900900590499_3818909562644505329_o

11163103_10206900899990484_8698046921133815750_o 11182701_10206900899270466_5807062956214969978_o 11169637_10206900897430420_431656281130829985_o

10514200_10206900896950408_9081356481432352840_o 10631172_10206900895950383_3941686259119315349_o 11090827_10206900891630275_6424286804881936129_o


  • I would ask myself questions like this
  • What would the relationship of ceramics be towards my work?
  • In what ways would I allow myself to be less strategic ?
  • Which types of artists and photographers could I look into towards the develop of my work?
  • What materials and processes would I like to try out next towards the development of my work?

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