Painting and methods workshop with George Blacklock

It was very inspiring going to the painting and methods workshop at Chelsea College of Arts yesterday because it allowed me to explain more about my work and ask other people’s opinions on it. By doing so it has allowed me to see in what ways I can improve my work. It was great doing the workshop with a range of MA and BA students because it helped me to see what other kinds of ideas they were interested in and in what ways I could interpret their work. Furthermore by having a range of discussions about our works which involved both finished and unfinished paintings it helped us to see in what ways our work could go in.

In addition by discussing the recent pieces that I have done for my second project by going to the workshop it helped me to expand my ideas due to the discussions that took place. Some of the ideas evolved by making more of the piece in the same sized canvas and setting the idea in a range of backgrounds. This could be seen through the idea of placing the human figure through the period of day, sunset and night and see in what way the marks and the painting of the human figure would instantly change due to structure and processes used. Also by having comments such as the work shows, energy in an electric way, like an explosion. By┬áreceiving a range of different comments it allowed me to look deeper into my work and have more of a critical approach towards it, rather than having a judgmental form and thinking that it’s not good enough. In my view by having a closer listen on what to do next for my work it allowed me to break my boundary of being so judgemental about my work. By doing this it has allowed me to experiment more with my work and allowing it to take it’s own form.

For my next project I’m definitely going to work more into ideas from this previous project I have done and see how I can develop it further. This is one of the images from my work that I’m going to work in more and see in what forms it develops into.

10577043_10206564294615560_2087070116212293575_n (1)

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